Here's How to Take Care of Your Skin During Winter

We all want clear and amazing skin; there's no doubt about that. It can instantly boost your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Different types of weather can take a toll on your skin, though, especially winter. Read more

Weekend Wanderlust: Embracing the Elements in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

A weekend road trip is a perfect way to unwind after a long week of hard work. When the wanderlust hits, self-drive rental car options in Manila, Philippines allow you to explore the hidden gems and not-so-hidden retreats the Read more

The Right Way to Do a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange is a tax-deferred method of selling one qualified property and acquiring another like kind of property within a specific time frame. It is a tool to let go of a property today and exchange it with Read more

Here’s How to Take Care of Your Skin During Winter

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Caring for your skin during the winter seasonWe all want clear and amazing skin; there’s no doubt about that. It can instantly boost your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Different types of weather can take a toll on your skin, though, especially winter. It can dry your skin up and make your skin flaky and even rough at times.

Below are ways to take care of your skin during winter and why you should start using natural professional skin care products exclusively.

Use lukewarm water to wash your face.

Whenever you are washing your face, make sure to do so with lukewarm water. This will help with keeping your skin soft and will help retain the natural oils in your face. You need those oils to make your skin properly moisturized, thus avoiding it getting all dry and flaky.

Make sure not to overdo it though, as hot water can harm your skin. Just keep it lukewarm, and you are all good.

Drink lots of water.

Drink at least 8–12 glasses of water each day to make sure that your skin will be properly hydrated. Water naturally refreshes your skin and your whole body, which is why it is important to drink proper amounts of water every single day.

Lessen your coffee, tea, or juice intake and replace it with water instead. You will be surprised at how your skin will look if you do!

Never skip the moisturizer.

Use the right type of moisturizer for your skin every morning and during the night. You want to use a moisturizer before putting your makeup on and before sleeping at night. If you have oily skin, then you might want to use water-based moisturizers.

If you have extremely dry skin, then go ahead and use cream or even oil-based moisturizers. Ask your dermatologist what type of moisturizer would be best to use for your skin just to be sure.

Use the right type of products and you will be all set for the winter. Good luck and enjoy the cold and crisp air!

Weekend Wanderlust: Embracing the Elements in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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Ocean with Blue WaterA weekend road trip is a perfect way to unwind after a long week of hard work. When the wanderlust hits, self-drive rental car options in Manila, Philippines allow you to explore the hidden gems and not-so-hidden retreats the country has to offer.

Driving yourself gives you more freedom to explore compared to when you’re on a guided trip or sticking to familiar bus routes. You don’t have to limit yourself only to places around the capital. You can even drive as far north as Ilocos Norte.

Pagudpud, in particular, is a small coastal town in the province famous among local and foreign travelers for its beaches and other natural wonders.

Enjoy the Sun at Saud Beach

Saud Beach’s white sand beach and clear waters is a great way to relax after a long eight- to ten-hour drive to Pagudpud. As one of the town’s main tourist attractions, it’ll be easy to find inns and restaurants near the beach. Apart from beach resorts, the locals also open their doors to tourists for affordable homestay options.

Moreover, Saud Beach serves as a perfect jumping-off point to the other must-see tourist attractions.

Feel the Wind along the Bangui Coastline

The 20 huge windmills dotting the coastline of Bangui Bay is a popular tourist spot. It attracted over 191,300 visitors in 2010 alone, and the figure has only gone up since then despite not having been built as a tourist attraction.

The Bangui Wind Farm is the first wind power plant in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It was built to minimize the region’s energy consumption. The 70-meter tall windmills now provide 40 percent of the electricity in the entire Ilocos Norte province.

Explore the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation just west of the Bangui Wind Farm is a must-see destination, especially for hikers. After a short drive on a dirt road, you’ll need to hike (or ride a horse) for several minutes before reaching the rock formation along the Burgos coastline. The picturesque beauty of the creamy white limestone formations makes the trip worth it.

Whether it’s a solo adventure or a bonding activity with friends, grab the chance to go on a road trip and leave all your stress behind. Take time to enjoy nature and reset your mindset for a strong start on your next work week.

The Right Way to Do a 1031 Exchange

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propertyA 1031 exchange is a tax-deferred method of selling one qualified property and acquiring another like kind of property within a specific time frame. It is a tool to let go of a property today and exchange it with one you want tomorrow.

If you are considering a 1031 exchange for your land or property, consult an advisor or an expert to clear up further misconceptions and complications.

1031 exchanges that are done strategically can minimize risk to a real estate portfolio and reduce tax cuts. They can be used for investment properties but not for personal residences or properties that are primarily held for sale.

Delayed 1031 Exchanges

The sale and purchase of a property do not have to co-occur, as the chances of finding someone with the exact property you want and who wants the exact property you have are slim to none.

This explains why most 1031 exchanges are delayed. You can sell an investment property to anyone who wants it at the time and then wait to get an exchanged property you want.

The Qualified Intermediary (QI) or Accommodator comes in here. They serve as a middle-man who holds sale proceeds for you and later uses them to buy your chosen replacement property.

Permitted 1031 Exchanges

Exchanges are not just for big investors. Anyone who owns investment property should consider this kind of exchange, provided they have a good set of advisors.

Keep in mind that you cannot do a 1031 exchange with a property you hold only for personal use. You cannot, for instance, exchange your personal residence for another. There are, however, certain parameters you can use to exchange mixed use rental and vacation homes.

Consult with a QI or with your advisors to know if your land qualifies for a 1031 exchange and learn how to maximize its use.

3 Quick Tips on Applying for a Second Mortgage

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Tips for applying for a second mortgageSo you urgently need some money and are looking to apply for a second mortgage. That’s a wonderful idea, given the numerous benefits that come with such a loan. Not only do you stand to avoid paying PMI, for instance, but also qualify for a significantly larger loan amount.

Having said that, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you apply for a second mortgage. Here are three of them.

1. Get a few quotes first.

Some homeowners don’t know this, but you don’t necessarily need to take a second mortgage from your current lender. It’s best to shop around and find what another mortgage company in St. George has to offer. Ask your real estate agent for recommendations. Get quotes from online lenders too.

2. Get the timing right.

There are a few factors that should determine when it’s best to apply for a second loan. The equity in your home will determine how much money you can borrow, so it’s best to apply when home prices in your area are highest.

Also, refrain from applying for a loan when interest rates are high. Wait till the interest rates decline, then try to lock in a fixed rate.

3. Prepared for the fees involved.

Applying for a second loan can involve a lot of paperwork and charges, so get ready for that. Typically, the lender will require that your home is appraised afresh to determine its value and how much equity you have in it, and that attracts appraisal fees.

Applying for a second mortgage can be a smart way to raise some money when you are in need. As you go through the application process, it’s a good idea to know what is involved, so you make the best decisions.

Three Tips for New Store Owners

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female retail store ownerOpening a retail store is very rewarding. Any business owner knows that a lot of hard work and stressful days have to be endured to get to this point. Having a physical retail shop poses a new set of challenges that you must prepare for. Here are three helpful tips:

Train Your Staff

The lifeblood of any brick and mortar retail store is its staff. Retail sales coaching is vital to employees who will spend the majority of their time dealing with customers and handling the daily operations of a store. Scrimping and failing to implement an effective training program can make or break a retail operation. From customer service to sales techniques, training is essential to the success of your store.

Set Aside a Sizeable Contingency Fund

For new businesses, it’s imperative to set aside a fund to cover expenses in case of a slow start. Nobody wants to anticipate a poor initial return, but it’s smart to make sure that you won’t need to cut costs on the essentials right when your business is just taking off. It’s best to refer to your business plan and be conservative when forecasting the store’s traction. This ensures that the store runs efficiently while also not being a source of unnecessary stress during lean stretches.

Embrace Social Media

These days, having a brick and mortar store doesn’t mean that you abandon your business’s other “storefronts”. Each of your social media profiles should be treated as a digital storefront where prospective customers and regulars visit to check out what you’re currently offering. It’s also now a go-to for after-sales service and support. Make sure that you don’t neglect your store’s online presence.

These are just three tips to help you succeed in the world of retail. It’s challenging but definitely rewarding. Good luck!

Boosting the Efficiency of Your Hot Water System

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Plumber checking the water heating systemQuality is important when you are looking to buy a new hot water system. The way you shop, how much research you do, and the final decisions matter a lot.

Of course, you don’t want to buy one and replace it only after a month. However, your water heater’s service life greatly depends on the type of care and maintenance you give to it. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC, home of experienced plumbers in Park City, shares some of the smartest ways to keep your system performing at its best:

Reduce the temperatures

The good thing with modern water heaters is that you can always adjust the temperature of the water in the tank by some degrees. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know this, and they end up paying expensively on energy bills. Of course, you want to set the temperatures high to kill all the bacteria on the water. Well, you don’t need to raise the temperatures to the maximum. The manual provides conditions at which bacteria cannot survive. That is why you must read and understand it so that you can maximize energy savings.

Insulate your tank

Whether it’s during the winter or summer, the temperatures of the air surrounding your hot water tank are usually cooler than the water. This means some heat from the tank is gradually lost and more energy is needed to heat your water to desired temperatures. Fortunately, applying specialized insulation ensures that the heat is confined and high-energy demands by your heater are minimized.

Consider a tankless heating system

A tankless water heater is usually a good option, especially for a homeowner whose desire is to save energy. When you hire a plumber to regularly service it, you won’t need a reservoir to heat and maintain the temperatures therein at all times. The water is only heated when the need arises. This way, not only do you cut back on energy costs but also boost your heater’s service life.

With economic times getting tougher and harder to cope, it’s important to learn how to cut down unnecessary expenses as much as you can, more so on recurrent bills such as water and energy costs.

For Beginners: How to Water Your Greenhouse Plants

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Man watering a plant in greenhousePlants housed in closed ecosystems like standard greenhouses and geodesic domes require more attention and care than plants in outdoor gardens. For one, your garden plants could get some water from the occasional rain, but the plants inside your greenhouse would need to depend on you for water.

Here are some practical tips for watering your greenhouse plants:

When to Water Your Plants

Familiarize yourself with the humidity level of your greenhouse and get to know the basic watering requirements of every plant species. Water your plants ideally very early in the morning before the sun comes up or late in the evening when the sun has retired for the day because these are the times when the temperature is at its lowest.

For plants that require lots of water, regularly check them to see how they look, whether they’re fully turgid or wilting. If possible, lift the plant to check its weight. If it’s light, water it. Also, if the compost feels dry and powdery, water the plant.

No High Pressure

Greenhouse plants must ideally be watered with an easy, yet consistent water stream such as that from a watering can. Avoid a high-pressure stream as this could splash water around and then lead to the spread of diseases as well as fungi growth. Stop watering when you see water starting to on the soil or running out from the bottom of the pot.

Consider the Season

During the summer season, plants in your greenhouse would need to be watered more regularly than in winter, fall, or spring so keep a closer eye on them during hot weather.

Depending on the kind of plants you have, consider allowing them to dry out from time to time. While some plants require moist soil, a majority of common greenhouse plants fare better when allowed to dry out. To dry out your plants, resist the urge to water them several times (unless really necessary) a day and instead, only water them when you feel the topmost portion, about two inches, of the soil is completely dry.

The right watering technique is vital to develop quality and uniform plants, minimize the spread of diseases, and control growth. While it would take you some time to get that hang of it, your efforts would be worth it when you see your plants flourish.

Why Commercial Gardens Are Crucial for Productivity

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Building rooftop gardenThere’s something about gardens and landscapes that help people relax and unwind. That’s why many companies today opt to have a commercial or office garden to help their employees in many ways. Greenery can help companies attain their goals due to the increased productivity and the decreased absences of the employees.

Office gardens are a rising trend among many businesses. The gardens allow employees to take a break from work, relax, breathe fresh air, and get a little dose of sunshine. Hence, many businesses hire lawn and landscape companies to create dashing and beautiful lush green gardens in the company’s vicinity. Here are the benefits of having an office garden for employees:

Stress Reduction

One of the worst enemies of employees is stress. Corporate gardens encourage employees to relax and take a break from work. In some instances, they can water the plants and pick up weeds. This way, they are feeling relaxed and distracted from work. They can divert their attention to something stress-free. Companies with stress-free employees will see them becoming more productive and healthier.

Improved Memory

Many studies have shown that staying in a garden or gardening can improve memory. For employees, this is a perk since they can enhance their memory and help in boosting their productivity. In fact, spending time in a garden or in a place with plants could increase memory retention by 20%. Employees can have an increased attention span, too.

Employees Become Healthier

When there are many plants in the company’s vicinity, these clean the air employees breathe. As a result, respiratory diseases are prevented. Employees become healthier and absenteeism is reduced. Furthermore, the plants and trees reduce pollution.

Garden spaces in the workplace can help both the company and its employees. Employees will have increased productivity that can help the company attain its goals.

4 Distinguishing Features of Good Web Design

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Web designer planning his designWhat makes a well-built web design? Well, the variables may be numerous, depending on the industry or type of business. However, there are certain specific features that all good designs give in common. Here are four of those features:

Clean, professional design

There’s a reason people opt for a creative agency in Salt Lake City that is expert in web design services. They know that it takes a lot of experience to come up with a simple, sensible design that drives visitors to it and converts them into buying customers.  An oversimplified design delivers a hundred times better user experience than a complicated and confusing one. That being said, it’s always important to be wary of making your website bland.

User-friendly navigation

A top characteristic of a superb web design is that it has a very user-friendly navigation scheme to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. All essential links are easy to find and understand due to their simple and logically arranged labels. The content is very well-organized, even if it’s a lot.

Topnotch web content

When people browse the web, they’re doing so to look for information. Everyone wants the best content they can find, whether that information is for education or entertainment purposes. That’s why websites with superior content are frequently visited, especially if good SEO is part of the websites’ marketing strategies.

Reasonable speed

You wouldn’t enjoy visiting a website that takes ages to load, and the same goes for your visitors, too. Generally, people are inherently impatient. They want information, and they want it fast. If your website takes ten seconds to load a page, few people will stick around that long to view your superb graphics and high-quality content. So take control of factors that may slow down your web content.

When building your website, it’s important to know what really defines a good web design. It’s the only way to attract and retain visitors in a highly competitive online world.

Pallet Racking Safety Tips for Your Warehouse

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Interior of warehouse with stacked boxes on top of palletWhen it comes to your workers’ welfare, it is essential to keep in mind proper safety tips for your warehouse pallet racking system. Simply relying on a yearly rack safety inspection might not be enough to ensure everyone’s protection. To help you ensure that you are compliant with the safety protocol, here are a few tips that you might want to consider.

Check the Rated Capacity

It is always best to check the rated capacity to make sure that you will not go over it. It is separated into two various rated capacities, which are the total rated capacity for each separate bay and the maximum unit load. The information stated in these rated capacities should give the people who use the racks an idea of the limit of each shelf.

Check the Label

Another factor that you need to watch out for is the label for each pallet racking. You have to ensure that everything has proper labels so that the workers will know all the details of the items that are in the racks. It will also inform them of the racking system’s strength and capacity.

Check the Frame Components and Accessories

Most pallet rack systems are composed of several parts and accessories. Although most parts can sustain damages, it is still vital to thoroughly check them for any damages. You should also check the beam locks when doing your inspections and replace any of the locks that are either missing or broken.

Pallet racking safety precautions are essential for every worker’s well-being. As such, your warehouse managers should thoroughly check the racking systems to prevent any accidents from occurring. Getting your storage supplies from a reputable company can ensure its quality.

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