Monthly Archives: June 2016

Monthly Archives: June 2016

Reasons for Choosing Clear Span Tents

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Are you planning an outdoor event? Then, you should start your preparation now as an event outdoor needs more time when it comes to preparation. You should research on the venue and the equipment to use as early as you can. Know that Clearspan tent rentals are great for any major event — conferences, reunions, debuts, proms, and weddings, among others. These tents are ideal for many events and there are a number of reasons why. Although they can be slightly more expensive …

Buying Vs. Renting Ski Equipment

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In the past, beginners usually rent ski equipment; however, this trend has changed. With better terms from ski rentals companies, high costs of traveling with skis and availability of state-of-art ski rentals in Vail, more skiers now prefer renting skis on-site. Die-hard ski fans are hell-bent on owning new ski equipment, but is it a sound investment for recreational skiers? Here are important factors that help determine whether skiers should buy or rent. Do you have enough experience? Experts recommend …