3 Essential Elements That Should Guide Your Cartoning Machine Choice

carton packagesPackaging products serve as the final part of the manufacturing process. Today, only a few packaging options match up to cartons as a material. Cartons are cheap, handle the pressures of transportation incredibly well, and are eco-friendly.

An automatic cartoning machine is an essential part of many successful production processes. This shapes a carton, folds it, introduces a product, then wraps and finishes it for transport. Here’s a short guide you can use when looking for such a machine for your business:

Production Speed

Your machine’s production speed will depend whether your operation is online or offline. Online speeds are affected by the machine’s maximum possible rate divided by the quantity of products per carton. Offline speeds are based on your production’s weekly, daily, and monthly quota. Make sure to factor the machine’s surge capability for online speed and realistic production numbers for offline speeds.

Nature of Your Products

The nature of your product will dictate whether you’re using a horizontal or vertical machine. Cartoning machines are typically horizontal loaders, giving you more flexibility at lower costs compared to vertical ones. If your products can load both vertically and horizontally, then a horizontal-style machine is the better option. If your product were granular, then a vertical-style would be a better option.

Carton Material

The carton material you use should be suitable for your machine. To ensure that the material matches a broad range of machines, it’s best to go for recycled material or virgin board. You should also consider the glue patterns and flap designs of your package. Test your material at your cartoning machine vendor before buying it to ensure that it will be able to handle your choice of material.

By basing your decision on the above pointers, you’re sure not to suffer from buyer’s remorse. Regardless of the machine you go for, get one that’s user-friendly and safe. The safety features might increase the cost of your machine by a small margin, but they will be worth it in the end.

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