3 Types of Moldings for Ceilings

A ceilingMany property owners assume that painting their ceiling is enough since they believe it’s not a point of focus for most visitors. The ceiling, however, is a crucial part of your interior décor. It crowns the overall look of your rooms, and one wrong element can make a huge difference in their appearance.

Good thing, there’s a way to transform your ceiling into a masterpiece. That’s with the use of molding between the ceiling and your walls. Miskas Wood Products and other known companies in the industry noted that there are different types of ceiling molding that wood trims and molding manufacturers have in stock, so it could get overwhelming. Don’t fret, though. The key to add style and flair to your rooms is to match the molding to your existing décor. Here are the most popular options used today:

Crown Molding

This is the leading choice for most people. It comes in various decorative finishes, ranging from ornate to simple. It serves as the ornamental cap on your wall and is installed at an angle between your ceiling and walls. Cornice molding is a variation of crown molding, which comprises a single piece that can be used in conjunction with other molding types for customization.


This type serves a functional and decorative purpose. L-molding is used to cover electrical wires and cords. It’s L-shaped to fit over pipes and cables easily.

Frieze molding

This is often used with bed and cornice moldings to create a three-piece molding. Frieze molding sits at the bottom of the bed molding and between a cornice cap. It features intricate inlaid patterns and designs and is wide-set, making it ideal for large rooms.

You can paint the above ceiling moldings in various colors to match your décor and include different patterns to boost their elegance. Most design experts recommend fewer contours for moldings so they don’t look so busy. Minimal contours have fewer flaws compared to moldings with a lot of contours.

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