3 Ways to Earn Cash from 3D Printing

Closeup of a 3D printing in processYou have the opportunity to earn money from 3D printing as the concept of designing and printing 3D products is still relatively new. Here are creative ways to make money with this new technology:

Rapid Prototyping

Another way to earn from 3D printing is to provide rapid prototyping, a 3D printing service that is in demand among businesses and professionals in the engineering, architecture and construction industry.

3D printers are used by engineering firms and manufacturers to make realistic prototypes sans the time and cost, as well as potential mistakes that may be committed when using traditional methods.

With reliable 3D printing filament suppliers, you can produce scale prototypes that can be used to test the viability of a new product, provide conceptual presentation and showcase designs.

Homemade Products and Crafts

A growing number of entrepreneurs sell 3D-printed arts and crafts online. The market is particularly profitable for those with CAD or modeling experience who can easily create unique designs. Think outside of the box to offer something different.

For those without know-how in this department, you can still use existing designs or buy royalty free models. Another option is to learn from CAD tools that you can use for free.

Many beginners are actually surprised how easy it is to whip up seemingly complex designs after just a few tutorials. Take advantage of available online tutorials and online communities where you can glean ideas and help.

3D Printing Services

You can also offer 3D printing as a commercial service. There are businesses and individuals who need 3D-printed objects but do not have the equipment needed.

You could enlist your printer in commercial 3D printing sites so potential customers in your area can easily find you. You could take orders from these people and get paid for your services or the items that you produce.

Now is the perfect time to earn money with 3D printing. Your next cash cow could be from designing and printing 3D products.

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