5 Personality Requirements for Vocational Education Teachers

vocational teacherCompared to other teaching professions, teaching vocational courses might seem quite easy. You handle a class of adults, who are genuinely interested in the class and eager to hear what you have to say. Students tend to be cooperative, mature, and hard working. Of course, you also get to teach a trade that you are likely very familiar with and enjoy talking about.

Despite this, it’s not a career for everyone. It can be very challenging at times, and some personalities do better at it than others. Here are several traits that you should possess.

1. Confident – You have to be sure of yourself and what you’re teaching, especially since many students are likely to be older than you. Being able to project a professional and reliable image is crucial to creating an effective learning environment.

2. Willing to learn – Of course, anyone pursuing this career must have the right certification and educational background. A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a requirement, and many learning institutions will require you to keep studying. Many fields experience breakthroughs and industry changing news regularly, so you also need to keep up with the latest information.

3. Well-organised –As with any teaching job, being organised is a major requirement. You will have to maintain accurate records, prepare lectures and teaching materials, and keep track of everyone’s progress. You will also need good time management skills, as most classes are too short for any sort of wasteful activities, and deliver regular reports to superiors.

4. Empathetic – You must be able to relate to a wide variety of people, and know the best way to interact with them. Students will have different backgrounds, different learning styles, and will run into different problems. Being able to remain patient and adjusting the approach to meet their needs is not something that everyone can do.

5. Objective –As you will regularly have to assess and grade the students’ progress, it is important that you do not let personal opinions get in the way of a fair evaluation. You must be willing to give constructive criticism to everyone who needs it.

Being a vocational teacher is a demanding career, but it is also very rewarding. Apart from the financial benefits, you can also take pride in knowing that you are training people to become skilled members of the workforce.

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