5 Things You Need to Do After Filing for Bankruptcy

A man filing for bankruptcyHaving to talk to a bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City is not what most people in debt want to do. In fact, it’s the last resort for most of them.

If you don’t file for bankruptcy right away, Utah Bankruptcy Professionals notes that you might lose years of income just paying for your debt instead of putting it into your retirement plan or sending your children to college.

Believe that you made the right choice, filing for bankruptcy. Now that you’ve filed your case, what do you do next? Most people think it’s a long and rough road to travel, but most of the heavy work is through. You’ve signed, read, and submitted the paperwork.

You’ve answered a lot of your lawyers’ questions, and you’ve filed all the court schedules for your case. What you need to do now is just stay in touch with your lawyer. Here are a few tips for you to stay on top of everything while waiting.

1. Review all the paperwork you’ve signed. Your answers must be true and complete, and you must fully understand everything.

2. Read your mail without delay. You should update yourself all the time since most of what happens in bankruptcy is on paper.

3. Make sure you attend the first meeting of creditors. This is the first and only meeting they’ll require your appearance.

4. Keep your lawyer in the loop. Let them know if you changed jobs, moved, inherited something, became sick, or of any major event that happens. These could all affect your bankruptcy. Don’t hesitate to ask questions you might have. They’re paid for times like this.

5. Keep a sense of urgency. If the court or your lawyer requires information from you, respond right away. A delay from your side can be harmful.

Trust that your lawyer is doing everything to help you with your case. Keeping a good and open communication with them is key.

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