After Secondary School: Options for Your Future

People Studying at UniversityAfter secondary school, you may be wondering what path you can pursue. You actually have several options before you. If you pass your GCEs O Levels, you have the option of continuing your education and take your studies further.


In Singapore, you can choose from a multitude of academic courses in university. For many, the reputation of the university comes first in deciding where to pursue their education. However, you should also take into account the kind of course you want to take.

For most people, the course is the factor that makes it essential for them to finish their education, not the university. Here are some of the popular courses that students are now considering.


Psychology is now becoming one of the most popular degree courses in the world. James Cook University Singapore says that Psychology deals with the human mind and its thought processes that affect human behaviour and the surrounding environment. A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology offers a variety of career choices in many fields and industries, most especially in business where understanding client behaviour is a priority.


Business management degrees have always been popular courses. For many, it offers them the possibilty of working in large corporations, but also managing their own small business. Some even pursue MBAs in order to reach the highest echelons of the business world.

Polytechnic Courses

For tose who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and the arts, polytechnic courses offer many the option of practical and hands-on education before pursuing their university degrees. In Singapore, you can take a polytechnic course and then go on to pursue a university degree. These additional experiences offer any student the chance of a brighter future.

You have a multitude of options  after secondary education. The more you know what you can pursue or do, the better you can make your future dreams a reality.

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