Audi A3: Drive Your Way to Living Your Dreams

audi dealerLuxury without compromise; this slogan of the 2015 NY Audi A3 says exactly what every enthusiast wants to hear when buying the car of their dreams. Are you among these people who have finally decided to live the lifestyle everybody has hoped for since forever? Continue reading to know more about this new sedan from Audi that will surely sweep every dreamer off their feet.

A small car that breaks the rules

Audi knows how to give car buyers that smart, stunning, and agile vibe. Their recent offering combines visionary technology, design, and luxurious performance. With innovation at the forefront, it features more space competitive to its larger rivals and supple leather stitch to achieve the highest standard of refinement.

LED light technology for shining distinction

Audi A3 offers full LED headlights to defy night and give off daylight. This vivid LED lighting is effective for driving both night and day. Surely, you would never be driving in the dark with this car that exceeds expectations from its small size.

Audi being omniscient

To say this new car from Audi is a gift to mankind is an understatement. It now presents an advanced touch-sensitive scroll wheel, plus handwriting recognition. As a smart driver, it would be effortless for you to access the latest weather updates, traffic news, and even nearby fuel prices. All these flashed on the car’s ultrathin, 7-inch retractable MMI screen.
Sound system that echoes triumph

Audi A3’s audio system is truly a winner with its Bang & Olufsen sound system. Every journey on the road is a booming experience with this small car’s 705-watt, 14-speaker symphony. You can hear the sound as precisely as the artist wanted it to be, as the speakers are strategically placed in the cabin. The audio system is intended to overflow A3’s cabin with acoustic balance, according to sound engineers.

Great things come in small packages, and that’s for sure. The 2015 Audi A3 has everything you would need to live your dream in this challenging new world.

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