Beatles’ ‘Help!’ Coats Sell For £115,000

Memorabilia jackets that Ringo Starr and George Harrison wore in 1965 have sold for £115,000 at an auction.

Past estimated value

Harrison’s jacket bagged £54,000, while Starr’s possession fetched £61,000, both of which include buyer’s premium. The final price of the items went past the estimated value during pre-sale valuations, which pegged the items between £20,000-£30,000.

Image by United Press International | Wikimedia

Image by United Press International | Wikimedia

Both jackets were from the 1965 film “Help!,” in which the members of the Fab Four wore the clothes for five days during filming. The apparel also appeared on the album cover.

A South American collector acquired a piano that Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon used for £57,500.

The piano was used to write songs found in “Help!” and the hit piece “Yesterday.”

American director Richard Lester sold the items at an auction in Liverpool.

Nothing from McCartney

A few of Sir McCartney’s belongings, however, were pulled out of the auction after his lawyers challenged the legality of selling them. The contents included a sheet of handwritten lyrics, a suit, and a cape.

“Unfortunately the lawyers have claimed that Paul would never have given any clothing away,” said auctioneer Paul Fairweather.

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