Boat Covers 101: Various Types of Covers

Covering and protecting your boatAre you a boat owner who is looking for tracker marine boat covers to protect one of your most valued assets? It is no doubt that you understand the importance of a boat cover; however, do you know the variety of covers for protecting your boat? It is essential you get to know various boat covers to help you make the right selection.

Below are common types of boat covers in the market:

Boat Dodgers

Also familiar as the spray-hoods, these covers use canvas and frames to protect the entrance of boats and a portion of your cockpit area.

Mooring Covers

These covers are useful in covering a boat for a long time of no use. These covers are quite big to cover the body of your boat.

Boat Awnings

These structures are almost the same as the shutters in a building. The awnings cover portions of boats such as the cockpit or the deck. The main purpose of these awnings is to protect the boat users from direct sunlight.

Bimini Tops

These covers are especially for the cockpit area and can either use the canvas material or any other special type. These covers use a metal frame, and you can install the cover or remove it when need be.

Enclosure Curtains

Unlike the Bimini tops that cover the top area only, these curtains are longer and extend to cover a larger portion of boats.

Regardless of the kind of cover that you get for your boat, you should choose the fabric carefully because it will determine the service you will get from your cover. A lightweight fabric that is easy-to-wash, and UV resistant will make both a functional and durable boat cover.

An understanding of the different types of tracker marine boat covers in the market helps you to identify the right cover for your boat. However, first ensure that you verify the validity of your covers supplier to be sure you are getting a high-quality boat cover.

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