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What Google Says, Goes: Why You Need Responsive Web Design Now

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Web DesignUsing various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for surfing the Internet is growing at an enormously fast pace. However, most websites are not optimised for mobile web. The question is—is your website mobile-friendly? If search engine optimisation or SEO is crucial to your digital marketing campaign, it is critical that you have a mobile-friendly site.

The issue with mobile devices is that they are usually constrained due to their smaller displays and will need a different tactic for displaying web content on their screens. The answer: responsive web design. Rather than build and optimise separate websites for your desktop and mobile users, responsive web design will allow you to build one website that you can optimise for both desktop and mobile devices.

When Google Says Jump, You Say How High

What Google says, goes; and whether you like or not, they are the authority on search engine optimisation. One of their vital recommendations to help websites gain higher search rankings is to use responsive web design. Coupled with responsive web design, using only one URL will make it crawling and indexing your site easier for Googlebot. It will likewise aid considerably in lowering instances of on-page SEO errors.

If your site doesn’t have a responsive design, you’ll have two separate sites to deal with: the desktop and mobile versions. The main issue with this is that you’ll need to roll out separate SEO campaigns for both site versions to get higher search rankings, says The Web Shop Design & Marketing. This will likewise lead to more work for your developers, managers, marketing staff, and Perth web designers.

On the other hand, with a website implementing responsive web design strategies, you’ll only have to focus on one website. This means that one SEO campaign will be sufficient to preserve your page rankings since the mobile version will be integrated into your main site.

Increase Conversions and Profits

Optimising your website for both mobile and desktop browsing by employing responsive web design will also help in gaining more visitors to your site and increasing your conversion rate. A well designed site that is user friendly will highlight your content marketing strategy, get visitors to convert, and in turn increase returns.

Busting Myths about Senior Living Facilities

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senior homeMuch like all other sectors of the health care system, retirement communities have made significant changes and enhancements in many different areas. Quality, clinical practices, technology, and the approach to the residents’ needs have all been improved. A lot of people, though, still have misconceptions about senior living facilities.

To choose the right health care option, you need to know the difference between truth and fiction. You should also have a checklist on what you need and want from a retirement community.

Here are some of the common myths about senior living and health care facilities:

Myth Number 1: Nursing and senior homes are much like hospitals

While it is true that nursing and retirement homes can offer extensive medical health care services, they are actually very distinguishable from hospitals. Many of the senior living facilities you find today are equipped with home-like comforts, such as in retirement homes. There are communities with a less-structured environment for residents. Choice and independence are two things that you have with such facilities.

• Myth Number 2: Once you get in, you can never leave

The services offered by these facilities are for the various needs of the residents. There are some who just require assisted living for a month or so, such as those who need to recover from an illness or an injury. There are also some who need to stay longer, sometimes for a year or longer, because of a serious condition. The truth is that residents and their families always have the option as to how long they want to stay in the facility.

• Myth Number 3: Residents seem to always be confused

As individuals become older, they slow down physically and mentally. They tire out more easily and sometimes, have trouble being able to express themselves as quickly as they once did. What is important is that the facility’s staff is quick to address the concerns of the residents.

Choosing to stay in a retirement community is not comparable to staying in a hopeless place. A good retirement facility not only offers good medical care, but different options for maintaining an active and engaging lifestyle.

Save Your Drain with Clog Removers at Home

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sinkDoes the water in your sink take some time before going down the drain? If so, your drain might have some obstructions that need unclogging. But before you dial the plumbers, you may want to try out these remedies first to save your drain:

Boiling water

General Trades says that blocked drains are due to grease build up, tree root intrusion or foreign object restricting proper flow. Pouring boiling water down the drain washes away hardened oil, grease and other things that clog your drain. Do it every time you use the drain to deter foreign object build-up in your drain and prevent clogging.

Wire Hanger

You can use wire hangers for simple clogs. Make a hook out of your hanger by unwinding and straightening the elbows. Then push and pull it repeatedly down the drain until the foreign object is taken out.

Natural mixtures

It’s not that difficult to look for clog removers. In fact, you only have to look at your kitchen cabinets to find natural clog removers. Salt will break up the clog effectively together with hot water. The combination of baking soda and vinegar produces the same results. If you can’t stand the sight or smell of both solutions, you may try lemon juice. Its acidic properties make it an effective way to clear out clogged kitchen sinks.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

In case natural mixtures don’t work, you may use chemical drain cleaners. Borax can clear out objects in your drain. You can try other chemicals but you have to use them sparingly, however. Artificial drain cleaners may cause damage to your drains or pipes and give you more problems.


Plungers are not just for toilets. In fact, they can work in sinks and bathtubs, as well. Make sure that you’re wearing a raincoat or other waterproof clothes so the dirt won’t get to you. Using a plunger for blocked drains can be messy.

Keep in mind that these things don’t always apply. For serious cases of clogged drains, you may have to contact a professional plumber. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to try out these home remedies first.

Looking Through the Glass: Glass Pool Fencing

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Glass Pool FencingInstalling a sturdy fence around your swimming pool in Perth is not just for display. Accidental drowning is the leading cause of death in Australia for children younger than 5 years old. The law requires homeowners with pools to have fencing and a childproof gate to keep unsupervised kids out. The regulations vary from state to state, so it is important to know what applies in Perth WA.

However, there is no reason that your pool fence cannot be pretty as well. Here is some glass pool fencing options available.

Why glass pool fencing?

Glass pool fencing is the fencing of choice mostly because it looks nice and you get an unobstructed view. However, it is also weather proof, durable and practically maintenance free. This offsets the relatively high cost of having one installed compared to other types of fencing.

Types of glass pool fencing

There are three main types of glass pool fencing, according to Perth City Glass. The nicest one is frameless fencing, which of course has no obvious frame. Spigots embedded on concrete support the glass panels so it gives the illusion of standing free. The main benefit of frameless glass pool fencing over other types of glass pool fencing is that of an unbroken vista. However, it is also the most expensive type.

Semi-frameless fencing is almost as nice and not as expensive as frameless fencing. There are metal frames between panels and on the ground, but the top has no frame. It is not as seamless as frameless fencing but it still looks nice, especially if you choose one with a design.

The same is true for framed fencing, which is the most affordable of the bunch. Having the designed glass completely framed makes it look almost like a mural is surrounding the pool. Clear glass still does the job, but it is good to know that you have the option to get one with a distinctive look.

Regardless of the type you choose, glass pool fencing is the best type of fencing in Perth, and probably in the whole country, as well. It offers unparalleled aesthetics with sturdiness, which you can’t find in other fencing materials.

What Happens to Retirement Accounts During a Divorce?

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RetirementDivorce can happen at any age, and while it is always devastating, it is often most financially harmful during the later years of your life. Imagine saving a small fortune in the hopes of retiring in comfort, only to lose half or more of it in court. Poorly handled, going separate ways with your spouse might set your retirement progress back by over a decade.

It is important that you know what your options are, and how to protect your assets. Having the right legal strategy can mean the difference between retiring on time and working until you’re past 70.

What You Need to Do

Unfortunately, the division of retirement accounts, pension plans, and even social security during a divorce can be extremely complicated. There are usually significant tax implications, and the specific laws can be hard to navigate. Your biggest priorities should be:

1. Get the right lawyer – It is crucial that you get the right legal counsel, as not all lawyers have experience dealing with this situation. Firms like can handle the case with minimal hassles, as they have dealt with many complex divorces in the past.

2. Know the differences – Courts need to adhere to federal guidelines when dividing 401(k) and 403(b) plans, but need to follow state laws when dividing IRAs. An employer pension plan is even more complicated, and it is here where most people lose a great deal of money.

3. Pay attention to the QDRO – A Qualified Domestics Relations Order acts as the agreement governing the distribution of retirement plans, including the terms. With a properly prepared QDRO, you might be able to create a more favorable arrangement, such as delaying a large portion of the payments until your actual retirement age or gain exclusive rights to certain funds.

4. Plan to negotiate – In many cases, you can easily come out ahead by giving up other assets, such as the house and car, to leave your retirement accounts untouched. While this is still financially painful, this usually leaves you with larger net worth and fewer headaches at the end of the day.

Your retirement accounts likely make up a large chunk of your net worth. Don’t hand over more than you need to; know your rights, and have a lawyer who is willing to fight for and uphold these rights in court.

Venturing into Aerial Photography: What You Need

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quadcopterAerial photography has become quite a popular trend. With the greater availability of cameras and drones, it’s no surprise at all. Plus, once you see aerial photographs of famous places, it’s hard to resist the temptation of joining the bandwagon and mastering the art. After all, who wouldn’t want to take beautiful photos?

This begs the question: how do you venture into aerial photography? To do that, you need three things:

The Attitude

Let’s make one thing clear: aerial photography isn’t easy. It takes a great deal of patience and skill to pull off a single shot, let alone master the craft. As such, you need the right attitude and mindset to hone your skills and practice your photography. Otherwise, you’ll struggle with this art – worse, you’ll give up on it.

The Gear

You can’t venture into aerial photography without the proper equipment – that is, a camera and a drone. If you don’t have any of these, it’s time to read up on the best quadcopter reviews you can find online. Learn the basics of drones and look for a product that best suits your goal.

It would help to start with a small UAV at first, just to figure out the basics of flying it. After that, you can start your search for the best quadcopter for GoPro and other high-end drone models. Some UAVs have built-in cameras, but you can also buy your own action camera to mount on the machine.

The Skill

Practice will make you better, even in aerial photography. First of all, you have to be aware of the rules when flying a drone. There are government-imposed legal measures you must observe. Second, it’s essential to understand how to calibrate your quadcopter and fly it in different conditions. Lastly, study the basics and techniques of photography to compose your shots well.

Aerial photography isn’t easy, but it isn’t something that’s impossible to master. With the right attitude, gear, and skill, you’ll be able to shoot photos while airborne like a pro.

A Checklist to Find Effective Acne Scar Treatment in Singapore

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Getting rid of acne scarsDo you want to get rid of your acne scars for good? Are you sick and tired of going back to the doctor because of it? Does acne keep coming back and destroying your beauty and self-esteem?

Below is a checklist that will put an end to your problems:

1. Does your doctor have a lot of experience in dealing with acne scars?

Look for someone who is comfortable with administering various kinds of treatment. That way, you do not have to feel like you are being experimented on and your doctor is not sure of what he or she is doing.

2. Has your doctor performed a thorough analysis of your condition?

To administer the right solution, your doctor must conduct tests and understand the source of your problem. That way, he or she will be able to come up with the treatment appropriate for you.

3. Is the treatment easy to administer and does not cause a lot of pain?

Acne scar treatment used to be painful and it usually takes time and multiple sessions before taking effect. People often did not follow prescriptions for topical creams. Nowadays, there are new treatment options that are almost pain-free and easy to administer, so you will not forget them.

4. Is the treatment safe and approved by authorities?

A Singaporean team is working on glaucoma treatment, which is still under clinical trials. It means it is not yet ready for public use. The same goes for acne treatments.

No matter how promising it looks like, ensure that it has passed all safety tests first. It must comply with government regulations.

5. Does your doctor offer solutions that will avoid acne breakouts in the future?

Even if your doctor from Thomson Specialist Skin Centre or other clinics is successful in removing acne scar, it will not matter if you suffer from another acne breakout which will leave new scars. Look for a doctor that can offer long-term prevention solutions.

If you answered yes to all the questions mentioned above, congratulations! You found a good treatment and clinic. Book your appointment now and look forward to a new and better version of yourself.

The Tough Talk: How to Explain Cremation to Kids

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explaining to kidsMost parents choose to dodge kids’ questions about cremation. They typically think the process may give the children the wrong impression. But you have to understand that while it is a tough task to explain it, making them know is an important part of coping with the loss of a loved one. Not making them understand may make their imagination wander to something more frightening than reality.

Do not hesitate to explain cremation to your kids. Here are a few tips on how to do ‘the talk’ if you are struggling.

Understand the Cremation Process Yourself

Most parents do not know what exactly happens during cremation. Although you will not be using technical terms in explaining, it pays to understand the whole process first before you talk to your kids. By understanding, you will know how much information is best to disclose to them.

Cremation services providers from explain that inside the crematory is a cremation chamber—a stainless steel vault that has a sturdy container, where the body is placed. The operators slide the container into the cremation chamber. They then close the door and regulate the heat. A gas jet at the back of the cremation chamber produces white heat.

Be Careful with Choice of Words

Do not use technical words when explaining the cremation process to kids. It might lead to more confusion rather than clarity. Use simple words. Moreover, avoid using words like “fire” or “burn” as this may scare the kids. Instead, just tell them that grandma or grandpa’s bodies were placed in a room that was very hot that their bodies turned to soft, small particles, like sand. Ensure the kids that their grandparents did not feel any pain in the process.

Help Your Child Prepare Before This Event

If it is possible, give your child some time to say goodbye to the deceased before proceeding with the cremation. Be there as your child says goodbye, though. If done correctly, this will help children embrace the reality of death, or at least adjust to the reality that is beyond what they know from stories and fairy tales. Understand that kids have unique ways of dealing with their emotions. So be sure that they are comfortable saying goodbye, knowing about cremation, etc. Always ask them before you let them do anything.

Explaining cremation and death to kids is difficult. But it is important in helping them in the healing process. Do not be afraid to open up about this reality of life. With honest and open communication, kids will feel safer and more secure as they cope with grief.

4 Ways to Find a Tenant without a Traditional High-Street Letting Agent

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letting agentsFor landlords, the most critical part of the job can also be the scariest: finding tenants. No matter how much work a landlord puts into finding and creating the perfect apartment, if those units are not occupied, it can and will cost money to maintain over time.

Most landlords turn to traditional letting agents for help with finding and managing tenants. Wiser property owners, on the other hand, try to get all the work done without help from high-street agents.

Here are a few ways landlords can maximise chances of finding tenants efficiently and cost-effectively:

Sign Up with an Online Estate Agent

Signing up with an online estate agent is the best way to find tenants, no doubt.

High-street letting agents get most of their enquiries through big property sites. The problem here is that private landlords cannot directly put their vacant property on these sites. The solution here is to find an online estate agent. London agents, in particular, are often the most flexible with clients.

Use Social Media

Social media actually works. This is not the most effective strategy by a long shot, but sending a tweet or posting on Facebook at the right time can bring in possible tenants.

The great thing about these platforms is that they are free and easy to use, and they provide a quick way to connect with potential tenants.

Ask the Neighbours

Asking the neighbours around might sound odd, but it can be incredibly effective.

Approach the neighbours and enquire whether they know of anyone interested in renting out the place next-door. Like using social media, this method is quick and easy to execute. The downside here is that there are considerably lower chances of actually finding a tenant.

Find DSS Tenants

DSS tenants are those who receive housing benefits from the government, which means much of their rent is covered by the government. The beauty with DSS tenants is that they are easy to find at no cost. The downside is that these people are dealing with financial restraints, which makes them high-risk tenants.

It is your call. A buy-to-let investment is a business, which means it is about keeping the costs down wherever and whenever it makes sense.

Secure Your Home Using Various Methods

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Electric roller shutterHave you ever been a victim of a crime, like a burglary? You know how traumatic it can be, especially if you don’t handle pressure well. Even if you lost something valuable, compared to your life, the stolen item or items were nothing.

Still, if you were not present during the crime, you might have felt a slight annoyance that nothing stopped or even just delayed the burglar from picking your house to rob.

Widespread Crime

Home security is important. You should take care of it, or else you would just invite more burglars to enter your home and you may lose not just your valuables. In Perth, a reported number of 20,797 home burglaries happened in 2013, which is equivalent to 400 burglaries a week!

Imagine how much is missing. No one wants to be part of that statistic, so it is high time to start securing your home.

Preventative Measures

One of the ways you could do to keep your home safe is to place an alarm system that will sound off if anyone breaks in. You could even install CCTV’s if you can afford them. Otherwise, simply lock doors and windows tight, and to keep your valuables in a safe place, like a safe, or cabinet with a key. Have a direct line to local police, as well.

For glass windows that can easily shatter or pried open, you may want to get electric roller shutters, suggests Those are metal doors that you see employees of stores pulling down over windows or entrances of their shops. But for a home, you may want to get electric roller shutters just to lessen the work of pulling down each one over every window, as these feature remote control and fully automatic mechanisms.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure your home is safe and secure. Invest in the latest home protection systems and keep up to the date with the crime rate in your area.