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50 Shades of Grey: How to Pick the Right Grey for Your Home

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grey homeGrey is hot. No, not Christian Grey; grey, as in the colour grey.

Grey is in. The colour has risen in popularity and is now preferred by many over its neutral cousins, ivory, taupe, and beige. Long gone are the days when grey was associated with gloom, lifelessness, and seriousness. The classic and neutral colour now exudes a sense of style, sophistication, and glamour .It is quickly becoming a must-have in most modern homes.

If you are thinking about adding this trendy shade in your home, chances are you will find yourself overwhelmed with the many choices available. Find out how you can pick the right shade of grey for your home.

Silver Grey

Lighter shades of grey actually appear silver. They are perfect for complementing a well-lit living area. Silver-grey paint is the way to go if you would like to illuminate a space even further. Experts from say that when you pair this shade with white, it will create a stunning space that also produces a soothing effect.

Medium Grey

Medium grey goes perfectly well with yellow shades. Many people are hesitant to pick the yellow paint because it’s too bright or too vibrant. In fact, colour psychology dictates that yellow sometimes agitates and causes anxiety. If you love yellow, but are hesitant to add it your room, pair it with a mid-tone grey. It will tone down the bright vibe of the yellow.

Blue Grey

Greys with blue accents can give your space a cooler vibe because of their steel-like appearance. Apply blue grey paints to living areas that usually receive more sunlight. You may also choose this shade for the nursery to keep a calm vibe.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey or more commonly known as smoky grey also has a soothing effect. This is why they are a popular choice for bedrooms. The deepest greys bring a sense of elegance and match white or vivid colours perfectly.

Greys are the perfect neutral shades. They bring style and sophistication to modern homes. Choose grey for your next painting and renovation project.

3 Good Reasons to Increase Your Water Intake

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water intakeWater is the basis of all life. Without it, life would simply not be possible. Beyond it being a basic necessity, though, it comes with more benefits than you could ever imagine. providers of soft water in Utah lists the following benefits of drinking more water:

Water Boosts Metabolism

This is good news for those looking to lose weight. Drinking abundant amounts of water can increase the body’s ability to burn fat. Also, studies show that drinking a glass or two of pure water can make you feel full quicker resulting in eating much less.

Water is Good for the Heart

Drinking a healthy amount of water can help to reduce the risk of heart attack. A study which was conducted over a six-year period in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that individuals who drank more than 5 glasses of water daily had a significantly less chance of heart attack.

Water Prevents Headaches

Another great benefit of water is that it helps to prevent the occurrence of headaches. In addition, it can even help to alleviate the pain of even the most debilitating kind of headaches: migraines. That should give you more than enough reasons to keep you hydrated and drink more water.

Water Boosts Your Mental Faculties

The brain needs quite a lot of oxygen in order to perform at its peak. By drinking generous amounts of H2O, you give your brain all the oxygen it needs. Research show that low levels of dehydration can decrease your mental performance.

Water Keeps you Alert

Daytime fatigue is one of the most common ailments that workers suffer during working hours. One of the biggest factors that contribute to this is dehydration. If you find that you keep dozing off at work, give yourself a good glass of water. You will end up more alert and focused on your work.

If the threat of dehydration is not enough for you to chug down on more water, then these reasons should. Water is a basic necessity. Make sure you get enough of it. You will enjoy a better, healthier life that is free from health problems.

Becoming a Model: Do You Have What it Takes?

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modelIt is easy to see why shows like America’s Next Top Model, Supermodel Me, and The Face Australia, continue garnering so much attention. People are addicted to shows that explore the world of fashion and love seeing beautiful people glam up for a photo shoot or fashion challenge. These shows deliver drama and excitement, while serving as a launch pad into the fashion and entertainment industries for aspiring models.

Flawless skin, a shapely body, and a pretty face are commonly associated with the idea of a supermodel. These qualities certainly help, but they are not the only features needed to become successful. It is important to remember that it is not just about being beautiful. You need to handle the hard work that comes with the job and be able to pull off every challenge that comes your way.

Pure Models discusses the qualities that every model should have:

Perfectly Imperfect

It is a common misconception that you need to have a perfect body or perfect face to become a model. According to Karl Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer and photographer, the secret to modelling is not in being perfect. You need to have a face that people can identify in a second. It is about creating something unique and interesting for people to look at and think about.

Rejecting and Standing Up

The Face mentor Naomi Campbell and her fellow supermodels Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha agree on one thing about modelling: rejection is a reality. You have to learn how to deal with rejection while still putting yourself forward whenever you have the chance. This is often a deciding factor in a long-term career as a model instead of just being a one-time catwalk wonder.

Confidence Matters a Lot

Modelling is considered as a form of silent acting. You have to express the best emotions in your eyes, pose, and gestures. Supermodel and mom Karolina Kurkova says it is important to be confident but still be sensitive and real. It is important not to come off too strong that you become arrogant and conceited. Coco Rocha, meanwhile, said that it is fine to be quirky, as long as you are comfortable doing it.

It is true that the modelling industry pays great attention to good looks. You need to remember, however, that modelling involves so much more than that. Taking good care of your skin and body is necessary, but you also need to be hardworking and confident.

Top 3 Property Advertisement Sites in the UK

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Property AdvertisementAre you planning to sell your property? Then you have to prepare for the challenges you may encounter in the UK property market. As you have to compete with other properties for sale, you have to make sure that yours stands out. If one of your strategies is to advertise online, here are the top three sites you should take note of:

Rightmove PLC

This site is a joint venture between the largest property agents in the UK, namely Countrywide PLC, Connells Limited, Halifax, and RSA Insurance Group (formerly Royal and Sun Alliance). Founded in 2000, Rightmove PLC offers a list of estate agents and additional advertising products. They release a House Price Index each month, which specifies any changes in the asking price of houses in England and Wales.

The site does not allow individual private property selling, though. Interested sellers should hire online property estate agents to help them put up their residential properties for sale.


Founded in January 2008 by Alex Chesterman and Simon Kain, this London-based property site allows users to access different information. This includes area trends, sold houses, statistics, and value estimates of properties in the UK. It is the second biggest property site – gathering about 1.6 million visitors in March 2010 – next to Rightmove PLC. Even The Telegraph lists it as one of the top 10 property sites for buying and selling.


Founded in 2001 by a large group of estate agents, this London-based property portal accepts listings from estate agents, property developers, and letting agents only. It focuses on upper and middle property markets and high-end estate agents, such as Hamptons International, Savills, and Knight Frank. The site receives five million visitors per month. Apart from properties in the UK, PrimeLocation lists properties from more than 60 countries as well.

These are only some of the leading property sites in the UK. Many others are available online, such as FindaProperty and homes24, if you want to reach a wider audience. If you can’t access them, then hiring an online estate agent might help you establish connections.

Why Does Your Carpet Stink?

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carpetDoes your home reek of a terrible stench? If you have already cleared out the fridge and trash bins, but still cannot pinpoint where this odd smell is coming from, then chances are it could be coming from the carpet. Yes, the innocent, floral carpet might be the culprit behind the lingering stench in your home.

Here are some common reasons why carpets often end up smelling bad:

Severe Moisture

The most common problem among household carpets is the musty smell. Experts from Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning explain that the fine fibers on carpets make it easier to hold dust and moisture. The moisture that gathers underneath the carpet and its pad can lead to mildew growth, thus the bad odor. Water leakages and flooding can also cause the smell. Most homeowners get professional cleaning for this type of problem.

Pet Urine

Your furry friends and babies like to lounge on the carpet; unfortunately, there is also the likelihood of them accidentally urinating. This is something that is especially true for older or untrained pets. Sometimes, dogs mark their territory because they feel threatened, perhaps by the addition of a new baby, pet, or furniture. The odor of animal urine has a strong ammonia smell that can make the entire house stink. The smell is sometimes so terrible, that it won’t go away even after scrubbing the carpet with cleaning solutions. Steam cleaning is the most effective way to remove the strong odor of urine.

Food Particles

Just like water spills, food particles can also gather in carpets. These organic deposits are a favorite of bacteria. The bad smell starts once bacteria begin to break down. If you haven’t cleaned your carpet for the longest time, it’s likely that any crumbs from the pizza, burger, and fries you have eaten all these years have become remnants stuck in the carpets, making your home stink.

If there’s a mysterious smell lingering inside your home, the culprit may be your carpet. Restore the sweet smell of home by cleaning your carpet properly and thoroughly.

The Dog Days Aren’t Over: How Heat Affects Dogs

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dogDogs may have certain childlike appeal and qualities, but these won’t compensate for what they lack as animals. They don’t sweat, making their heat system inefficient. The only way they can exhaust heat and cool themselves down is through panting. Their system’s inability to efficiently manage heat makes them vulnerable to heat stroke.

Heat stroke is one of the many causes of dog deaths. As summer is drawing closer, it is to review the indications of heat tension and keep your dog’s health in shape. Listed below are some important things you need to know about heat stroke among dogs and how you can prevent it.

More on Heat Stroke

Heat stroke occurs if a dog’s temperature goes beyond 104 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperature stirs up the dog’s metabolic system. And when this happens, certain chemicals are released, which may kill some cells.

Furthermore, the heat can cause the blood to coagulate. A dog’s heart may get overworked as it pumps the thickened blood. When the blood stops circulating, it will stagnate, which will then lead to clotting. Heat stroke is an emergency situation, and you need to carry out immediate action to prevent it from getting worse.


Heat stroke symptoms are easy to identify. Observe the behaviour of your pooch during hot seasons. Is he frantic or restless? Does he vocalise violently for no clear reasons? Other common indications include vomiting, seizures, weakness and diarrhoea. If your dog drools excessively or doesn’t proceed with activities he used to enjoy, it means your dog can’t keep up with the heat. Don’t forget to check his heart rate.

Treatment and Prevention

Heat stroke is fatal to dogs. You need to take immediate actions to circumvent its effects. Once the signs are recognised, move your pet to a cooler place. Wet the dog by putting him in a tub of water. If the temperature is neutralised, bring the dog to a veterinarian immediately. To prevent such cases, Apex Airconditioning suggests installing residential air-conditioning system to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Don’t push your pooch to exercise during times of the day when the sun is the hottest.

These are only some of the things you need to know about the effects of heat on your dog. Consult a veterinarian to learn more about heat stroke.

Four Simple Rules to Successful Letting

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RentingRenting out property is one of the most rewarding sources of steady income. While it is a relatively low-stress business, there are certain responsibilities that come with the territory. Every property owner and rental manager should know some essential pointers.

First, be aware of the rights of your tenants and your own management rights Brisbane companies may discuss with you. It is one of the top cities in Australia to get into the business of managing rental apartments and accommodations.

Below are four important tips about how to protect your property while keeping your tenants satisfied, along with a few suggestions on how to deal with rental issues that may arise during a lease:

1. Screen Your Tenants – Bad tenants are the main source of a property owner’s problems. Avoid them at all costs and do so as early as possible. It is important to screen potential tenants. This phase allows you to separate the bad apples from the rest, thus reducing the potential for management headaches in the future.

2. Respect Your Tenants – You do not necessarily have to like your tenants. You give them a place to stay because of business, not out of friendship. Put yourself in their shoes and think of how you want to be treated. When you treat them with respect, they will reciprocate this attitude. This way, problems are easier to avoid.

3. Treat Business as Business – Many property owners are terrible at what they do. This is due largely because they see letting as a source of money without paying mind to the management aspects. When you approach leasing as a business instead of a hobby, good things will happen.

4. Get Everything in Writing – Official documents regarding the lease details can save you from legal woes. Be clear about all aspects of rental details, repairs and maintenance, what is expected of your tenants, as well as what they can expect from you. Covering all the bases means worry-free management.

Being a successful property owner need not be so stressful that you feel like pulling at your hair every time a tenant rings. Instead, it means looking forward to the beginning of the month when rent starts coming in. Taking these simple steps is a cost effective way to save you time, effort, and money in the end. Keep them in mind and you will be able to lease out your property without any difficulties.

When Tots Wet Themselves…and It’s Daytime

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cloth wipesIt may be a cause for concern to find out that your little one has wet himself while you’re at the park. Some even consider this a pressing concern.

Diurnal enuresis, or daytime wetting as most of us know it, occurs in more than three percent of healthy kids. Many parents, however, think that daytime urinary incontinence is caused by laziness or other behavioural issues. Having to bring extra nappies and cloth wipes every time you go out with your child may become a hassle after all.

Doctors, however, explain that this case may have more serious causes. Below are some of them.

Bladder Problems

An overactive or underactive bladder can cause urinary incontinence. A bladder that is not performing its function properly has trouble holding urine. The bladder’s function gets affected when kids become occupied with play and other activities that they forget to go to the bathroom. When they hold their urine for too long, it may cause them to wet their pants.

Dysfunctional Urinating

You know that some kids deliberately suppress their bladder, as they’re preoccupied with certain activities. Suppressing the urine may stress the bladder and the outlet valve. And when it’s time to empty the bladder, the stressed outlet valve keeps the bladder from emptying completely. The remaining urine will only leak when the valve is relaxed. The habit must be addressed immediately, as it may lead to infections.


Stress triggers also cause daytime wetting. This is more of a psychological issue, and it usually happens when the child is faced with anxiety-inducing situations, such as the first day of school, meeting a bully, or moving to a new place.

The first step to helping your child is to reassure him that it’s normal. Don’t punish him, as it will only induce higher levels of stress. If there’s no improvement under your behavioural modification techniques, consult a specialist. This is to determine if the problem is medical in nature.

For the Young Professional: Where You Should Move in London

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property salesLondon continues to paint a beautiful picture of a diverse community with thriving opportunities. Government figures show that the employment rate of domestic workers has risen to 72.8%, a few digits higher than the statistics for non-UK citizens, which is at 69.5%. Indeed, the UK capital has been teeming with young professionals in the past few years.

But for those who are about to join this population, there is one problem: where would you live in London? To help you with that, here is a short list of the finest places in the UK capital for the young professional.


Brixton may seem like a dull, busy area, but it is actually ideal for young professionals. The rent in this location is not as expensive as most people think, not to mention that the area is home to posh restaurants, shops, and cinemas. Transportation is easy, too, given the many bus and tube connections in Brixton.

Shad Thames says rental properties in Shad Thames have reasonable prices, given the location and charm of the area. The place has many apartments and warehouses, not to mention that it is very close to the City of London. With this charming appeal on top of the many attractions in the area, it is the perfect location for the young professional who wants a calming retreat after every busy work day.

Dalston and Shoreditch

These two locations are perfect because of their eclectic, bohemian lifestyle. Dalston is quite new in being one of the top locations for professionals, but it has become quite popular since the Italian Vogue named it as the coolest area in London. If you want to go a little more high-end, consider Shoreditch. This is where bankers, entrepreneurs, and fashionistas all intersect. It is, in a sense, the hub for creative and financial centres in London.

Move to any of these places and enjoy what London has to offer. Surely, these locations will tickle your fancy and give you the best living experience possible whilst you climb up the career ladder.

Radiation Nation: The Health Repercussions of Exposure to UV Rays

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window filmUltraviolet rays, more commonly known as UV rays, are an integral component of several biological and chemical processes in the environment. For one, the radiation plays an important role in the skin’s production of Vitamin D, which is among the important vitamins essential for strengthening the immune system. It’s also used in sterilising medical equipment. Animals with developed eyesight can see UV rays and use them to their advantage. Reindeer, for instance, utilize UV rays to look for lichens.

Despite its wonders, overexposure to this type of radiation has many repercussions. Some of them can be serious. Realising certain hazards, many have found different ways to ward off the rays or minimise their effects; they’ve formulated special lotions and redesigned solar film windows. To understand why you need to invest in these things, refer to the list of the UV rays’ consequences below.

Eye Diseases

Regardless of the length of your exposure to UV light, your eyes will suffer from different diseases. The radiation may damage the retina and increase your chances of developing macular degeneration. It may also affect your eye’s natural lens and increase your odds of having cataracts, which may lead to blindness.

Skin Disorders

UV rays may cause your skin to age prematurely. Sunburns may seem like a typical problem, but they may pave the way to skin cancer, as UV rays can alter the DNA structure of your skin. Developing melanoma is the worst-case scenario. Other than those who go sunbathing, people who frequent tanning salons are at risk of developing these skin diseases.

Impaired Immune System

As UV rays hit the skin first, your body’s natural defences in this organ are impaired. When this happens, your body becomes more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and other organisms. This may lead to infections, cancers and other forms of diseases.

Exposure to UV rays, whether the source is natural or not, can take a heavy toll on your health. Protect yourself by putting on sunscreen when going out. Rest under the shades during peak hours of heat. At home, coat your windows with anti-UV film or change the tints of your cars.