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Buying & Selling of Gold: Is It Worth It?

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Gold InvestmentGold has been of great value ever since ancient times. There are, in fact, evidence citing gold’s role in representing status and power. Until now, it still holds the same value it has since. That’s why it is not surprising to see people getting worked up about investing in one.

Before you even start towards this path, however, you must learn a few valuable things about it.

Determining the Price

The value of the gold item depends on the process it has undergone. Be informed that trade of bullion coins are at a lower premium compared to spot gold price. This is because they have been minted by sovereign governments that usually charge a fabrication fee. Moreover, the price may vary depending on the size, quantity, and type.

Identifying Bullion from Collector Coins

Whether you’re selling or buying gold coins, learn to distinguish the difference between bullion, which is generally cheaper, and rare coins, which possess historical significance and are scarce in terms of supply and demand.

Choosing the Dealer

Gold coins are not hard to find, Atkinsons Bullion says, especially if you’re buying. Most of them, you’ll notice, are readily available in the market. It can be from a private dealer, standalone jewellery store, antique shop, pawn shop, or government mints. In the end, however, you still need to buy from a trusted source to get precisely what you need.

Learning the Trade

Test your trading skills before you get involved in any of this. Entering and reading some information about the whole industry will improve your understanding, or join online message boards and learn from people or experts in the trade. This is so you can be fully aware of how the whole industry works.

While gold investment has its own complexities, a little effort in learning the basics will certainly save you from its pitfalls. It is difficult when you’re starting, but as you continue, things will be much easier to handle and negotiate.

Doubling Property Value: How Long Does It Take?

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Doubling Property ValueBuying properties is an investment, and in order for investments to work, there should be a return. One of the greatest mysteries for investors, however, is pinpointing with exact precision, when will be the best time to cash in on their investments. The volatile state of global economics makes it difficult to predict where property prices would fall in the future, which is why many often find themselves suffering from the pitfalls of making uninformed predictions based on observations that are limited to the present time.

There are financial experts that suggest property values double after 7 to 10 years. They base their assertions on observations drawn from past and present examples that consistently show the same growth trend in properties.

The Magic Number

Reports indicate that Australia’s commercial properties are enjoying upward momentum due to robust demand from investors. This growth may serve as an indicator for some to consider buying or selling properties. But before doing so, it will be helpful if they determine first how long it has taken for a property in a certain area to double its value. A simple way of doing this is dividing it by 72 by the estimated annual growth rate. For instance, if you think that a property will grow by 10% every year, divide 72 by 10 and that leaves you with 7.2. The result is the number of years it will take for a property’s value to double.

Other Influences

Other than growth rate, other factors also help determine how long it takes for a property prices to double. Global supply and demand, interest rates, consumer – business confidence, financial availability, and government incentives are examples of external factors. There are also physical factors, as Resort Brokers Australia enumerates. These include improvements done on the property, appearance and presentation, location, accessibility and overall marketability.

Cases Where the Rule Does Not Apply

Considering that a large number of factors affect growth, the 7 to 10 year rule is not always accurate. This is because property growth occurs in phases. Some properties will grow faster than others will. Australia’s disparate housing market is a perfect example that illustrates how certain areas enjoy tremendous growth while others remain subdued.

When trying to determine the amount of time it would for property prices to double, it is important to consider the factors involved. Understanding how growth rates, external and physical factors affect property valuation will help a lot in coming up with more accurate predictions that can be used in making informed decisions.

Bookkeeping Essentials: The Art of Making Accurate Financial Statements

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bookkeeping servicesTo be an effective entrepreneur, you need to keep track of all your financial activities. An accurate financial report will help you make good decisions for your business. Creating financial statements is part of the entire bookkeeping process. Here is a list of things you need to do and have to improve your financial reporting process:

Access to All Available Information

Timeliness is key to eliminating disputes on your financial statements. You need to gather all information and record it immediately to avoid delays and inaccuracy. You can do this weekly or monthly, depending on your needs and preferences. A local bookkeeping services provider in Brisbane can help you organise all the information.

A Reliable System

You are probably missing out a lot if you’re not using an innovative accounting system or software. Most business owners today use it to streamline their bookkeeping processes. If you think not upgrading your accounting strategy is the reason you are having trouble making accurate financial statements, then it’s time to talk to an experienced bookkeeper. Some companies offer the most reliable accounting software packages today. Working with the right provider will help give your business a great boost.

Proper Accounting

It all starts with accurate recording of expenses and income. This will help you calculate the revenue and monitor the performance of your business. A bookkeeper can help your accounting team in preparing monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports.

Goals and Deadlines

Setting a deadline for any accounting job is a way to keep track of everything. It will serve as your guide in finishing your financial statements. Bookkeepers know the importance of getting things done on time. Work with the one who can provide you with timely and accurate results.

Financial statements will help you analyse your company’s financial performance. Keep the data accurate to get a clear view of your business’s bright future.

Top 3 Investments You Should Have At The Age Of 30

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As young and energetic as you are in your mid-20s, you can expect a slight change of perspective in financial undertakings as you get older. Some say that attitude to risk can change with age. You are more likely attracted to longer term and higher risk investment options when in a younger age bracket, compared to someone who is getting close to retirement.

With a stronger sensitivity to financial investments, here are the top investments you should have as you reach the age of 30:

investments you should have1. Just like for global investors, real estate properties can work for you.

Despite economic challenges, a number of global investors prefer Australian real estate, which serves as a safe haven for capital. They find these properties as a good investment in a well-regulated and highly transparent growth-oriented market for doing business.  With the introduction of the Managed Investment Trust Regime in 2008, global investors flock to the Australian real estate market as some foreign investors qualify for a concessionary rate of withholding tax.

At the age of 30, you can utilize one of your unit sites while benefiting from the economic advantages in the Australian real estate market. Whether with a duplex or multi-unit development, an estate company like and other property developers in Perth can help you grow your investment and expand your assets.

2. Classic cars are a golden investment.

Classic cars are a golden investment, they say, as they offer a surefire return. A survey from The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) in 2013 revealed that classic cars outperformed traditional collectable investments, including gold, jewellery, wine, watches and furniture. The report suggests that classic car asset value rises to 28% while the value of gold drops to 23%.

With a dynamic market like this, you can invest in vintage yet functional cars. If you can find an excellent vehicle, it’s a good investment and not a short-term money spinner.

3. Retirement plans

The younger you are, the less you can be thinking about your golden years, and the less you are saving for those years. At the age of 30, you should, however, start preparing your retirement plans. This can give you more time to prepare gradually for financial shifts along with other expenses, including your child’s education, daily expenses, and even luxury goods.

Engaging in exciting investments is an indication of a development in your life as you turn a year older each year. Make sure to put your hard-earned money in good investments which are secured and can give you real long-term benefits.

4 Timeless Financial Tips for Modern, Young Professionals

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hiring foreclosure lawyersWhen you finally get to earn your own money, it is easy to buy everything on a whim. After all, you can get your pockets filled again once the next payday comes around. Some, however, spend beyond their means and save nothing for a rainy day.

Young professionals usually fall into this trap. They find themselves working to pay off their debts, and not making the most of what they earn. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such circumstances.

Here are some of the timeless financial tips you can never go without:

Know which debt to deal first

Most new graduates welcome the new chapter in life with a financial obligation already, which is to pay off their student loan. There are some who choose to put off paying their dues and take on many other loans. This can have negative consequences, as the loans can snowball and become too much of a burden in time. It pays to prioritize which debt to deal first and move on to pay off the others.

Pay your debts as soon as possible

Financial experts agree that paying your debts as soon as possible is one key to better financial management practices. You will be more adept at handling similar matters in the future, mortgage for instance. While a foreclosure lawyer in Florida can be of great help, it is better if you can avoid arriving at a situation when your property is in danger of foreclosure.

Know where the money goes

Having a complete control on your expenses means knowing where your money goes. Think about any investment or expenditure you are planning to make. You will be surprised by how much you can save just by taking your expenses into account.

Live below your means

Ultimately, try to live below your means. Do not be a one-day millionaire; set aside savings as soon as you get your pay. Better yet, set a definite and working daily budget. For good measure, set up a savings account. Your money in the bank can grow in interest in time.

It is not bad to spend your hard-earned money for what you want. What is important is to curb your expenses and save for the future. Even though financial assistance and legal experts like foreclosure lawyers are always at hand to help you, starting with yourself is a step towards better finance management.