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Reflect Your Brand and Your Wine in Your Bottle Labels

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Wine bottles stored in a shelf People consider wines as premium or luxury beverages in spite of the existence of cheap wines. Price may have contributed to such a conception, but labels seem to have contributed much more. When you look at the labels of existing wines in a store, all of them likely have labels that present a sense of luxury or sophistication. It seems to be the labels that attract buyers to a bottle of wine, no matter the price.

Wine Standout

When you are a winemaker yourself, you may most likely want prospective customers to be attracted to your wine enough to purchase it without any regards to price. To be able to do this, of course, your wines need to stand out above the rest of the wines in the wine section. How can you accomplish this?

Label Power

Of course, you will need to have an excellent wine offering, but customers see the wine bottle and the label first before they can take a sip. You will then have to get attractive wine bottle labels from for your wines. “Attractive” can mean many things to different people; you can design labels that have a classic, casual, modern, or an old school theme.

Elements to Consider

The label design you choose will reflect what your wine is and what your brand stands for. Before you go to a print specialist, you can first determine who you are as a brand now, and then what you want to be in the future. Once you outline the previous two, you can start asking what winemakers are presently doing and not doing with their wines.

Brand and Product Based Design

When you know the three elements previously mentioned, you can design a label that can be truly outstanding. Your label will be able to tell customers how different your wine and your brand are from the others. At the same time, they can know what your story is and what your product stands for.

With everything you now know, are you ready to design your wine bottle labels?

Bring Success into Your Business with the Right Marketing Agency

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marketing agencyWhether you own a large or small business, having a marketing agency to help you out with brand development and ad campaigns will help you get a strong exposure. After all, competitors are also doing their best to outrun your business.

To ensure you have the right marketing agency in Utah, the experts of provide the following tips:

1. Look for marketers who are results-oriented. Great marketers should know how to produce significant outcomes for clients. Their work should consist of valuable research to determine the target market. They should also have a string of products or brand partners under their name.

2. Choose an ad agency that knows its functions very well. For instance, ad agencies do not directly sell products. They may ‘create’ the need for your product or help you reach your target audience.

3. Make sure the agency has a good track record. They do not have to be a long-time running agency, but they should have impressive results tied to their establishment.

4. The agency should align with your targets. The right agency should be able to understand your goals as a company. From the onset, they should be willing to work around the mission and vision of your business.

5. The marketing agency should be transparent. It is always better to have an honest and open relationship with your partners in business. This way, you can communicate better; you don’t have to hesitate in telling them what you really want for your business.

6. Narrow down your choices to three. Conduct a background check. Learn about their work culture. This will help you determine the differences in beliefs early on.

7. The right agency puts premium on time. They know that you value your time and money as much as they do theirs. Great marketers do not dilly-dally; they are eager in translating ideas into results.

When it comes to your marketing success, trust only the best. The image of your business relies on the efficiency of your marketing agency.

The Quality Obstacles SEO Contends With

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Working in SEOFor anyone working in SEO, the Panda and Penguin updates will go down as two of the most headache inducing shifts in the industry’s history. The changes put all the emphasis on making search better for the user by focusing on content quality, completely turning the tables on a profession that lives by numbers and code.

The Quality Challenge

The changes hit certain websites hard, and some of them are yet to recover. But, aren’t there web design companies in Denver and the rest of the country that provide solutions for this kind of thing? It’s not all about the failure of these sites to adapt to the changes; for some of them, the very nature of their business goes against their chances of getting better returns on their SEO efforts.

For example, a company that specializes in manufacturing drills needs to include plenty of measurements and industry jargon to appeal to their target audience. The information they provide might be useful to people in the know, but it’s complicated for everyone else. This is the reason some companies experience more difficulty in improving their standing on Google.

It might seem unfair to some people, but the changes were made with the interests of users in mind, and most companies understand the need to discourage black hat tactics as much as possible. One of the few reprieves websites are hoping for is that Google come up with a set of whitelist exceptions to help the strain on technical companies.

Whitelists and Blackhats

Whitelists are exemptions Google can grant specific websites that get flagged by the algorithm even if they don’t necessarily fall under the category things that need to get hit. For example, Safe search will sometimes label a site as “adult,” when it’s actually talking about something completely different. A whitelist exemption will allow such a site to avoid the negative effects of the algorithm.

Panda and Penguin don’t have such exemptions, because they deal with the quality of a site, which isn’t dependent on the industry of the site. If Google doesn’t hold websites to an objective standard on quality, it’ll open the door for possible black hats to get through, rendering the updates useless.

Fortunately, the updates imposes rules on what they think a quality piece of content looks like, which should make it easy for any competent SEO company to rank a site regardless of its nature. A competent SEO company will let their clients know about the difficulties in raising a brand, but should deliver results anyway.

A Guide for Homeowners: Things You Must Know Before Building a Granny Flat

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Granny Flats HomeThere are many advantages when you’re living near your family members. You can rely on each other during emergenciesand build better relationships. That’s why sometimes, an additional residential area or secondary dwelling is necessary. If this is the case for your family, then building a granny flat may just be your next construction project.

What are Granny Flats?

Granny flats are practically self-contained residential spaces that are usually near or beside a main property. Although it’s called ‘granny flats’, you can rent this place out or let any relative stay in it. Certain rules apply, though. It has to have its own living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, bedroom, and a separate entrance.

How Can I Build a Granny Flat?

To build a granny flat, you just have to secure a corner block. This is the most economical location for this type of property because you can maximize the space more. Essentially, the main house and the granny flat should have entrances in opposite directions. This is important to minimise privacy concerns, especially if you’re planning to rent the flat out. For more granny flat design ideas, suggests visiting online galleries to see the latest construction projects.

What Rules Apply?

Please take note of the following rules to decide whether a granny flat is for you or not:

• Granny flats are only for Residential Zone property. You can’t build them on unoccupied property or for commercial use.

• The granny flat must have a separate, unobstructed and clear pedestrian access.

• One property can only contain one granny flat.

• You must own both the primary residential area and the granny flat.

• Depending on your preference, it can be attached to the prime dwelling or stand on its own.

Once you’ve made the final choice, make sure you hire the right construction company to do the job for you.

Going Local and Mobile: The Paths to Marketing Success

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going local and mobileOther than the growing call to go mobile, marketers are directing their attention and resources to you — the consumer.

Consumers drive almost every decision businesses and marketers make. For companies, this means the need to connect with the audience in every manner possible becomes more important. You are more likely to have a hard time succeeding if the customers are not getting what they want.

Local and Mobile

Experts agree that local and mobile searches are slowly overlapping. To succeed in mobile marketing, you need to step it up with your local SEO efforts, as well. Success in mobile has become synonymous with success in local, at least according to a study.

This is because customers are already integrating mobile and local. Almost everyone is becoming mobile and tech savvy. They want information delivered to them in a customised, contextual, and location-specific manner.

Facebook, for one, already sees this convergence between local and mobile, with its updated app and location services. The social network is changing the way users search by showing them results based on their location, all while browsing using the mobile app.

Mobile and Responsive Design

Even with all the numbers and predictions, not all major brands have jumped on the bandwagon for design responsiveness. MTV, for one, just recently learned the value of remarketing and responsive design.

SEO company Digitise My Business (DMB) explains customised strategies (the redesign and remarketing) help companies reach their goals because it takes the businesses directly to customers. Apart from performance, websites are also about setting the benchmark for trust and reputation. Do well in these and you get a strong online brand and following.

The company recently integrated responsive design onto several of their web properties, and they’re immediately seeing great results so far. These few changes resulted in increased site visits, increased time spent on the site, as well as increased social referrals.

In the end, it’s still the consumers who rule. The simple solution to success is still to give them what they want, when they want, and how they want.

The Ideal Customer: A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Right Audience on Social Media

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social media trafficIs your business struggling to connect with the right customers on social media? Social media marketing platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are constantly changing. This simply means there are more things to learn, more features to use, and more audience to approach.

Let’s face it: you cannot be everything to everyone. But, you cannot afford to ignore all the people on social media right now either. As a small business owner, focusing on the basics and starting with the easy ones are key.

Let this article help you find your social media audience.

Be Specific About Your Target Market

After you are done establishing your social media marketing goals, outsourcing company suggests starting by defining your target customer. This is the next step you should take to know what your audience likes and dislikes. Many startups and small businesses think they already know who their clients are. Most of them, however, don’t have a clear understanding of the bigger picture. Demographics are a must, as they can guide you in creating compelling content. It’s worth spending time, money, and effort thinking about who you need to connect with.

Identify Key Influencers

This is a great way if you’re looking to expand your business in the near future. Your influencers could be people who take quick action and can help you stand out in a crowded market. They may not hire your services or buy your products, but they can promote your brand and let you attract more customers. They could be bloggers, friends of current customers, thought leaders, and suppliers.

Listen and Engage

Once you are done with developing an effective social media strategy, you need to create a strong relationship with your target market. To create meaningful conversations with your audience, you have to listen and engage with them. Bring them closer to your brand, so you can earn their trust and loyalty. For instance, have a Q&A or organize a contest.

For your small business to succeed and grow, you need to have a clear and deeper understanding of who you are targeting. Creating social media goals is one step, while knowing how to use them to your advantage is another.

Startup SEO Business: Risks and Rewards

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reliable seo servicesThe search engine optimization (SEO) industry seems to be a vast sinkhole for startups and a vault of money for the giants. What you might not know is the distinctive combination of risks and rewards that might get you to where you want to be.

The Risks

The initial risk that most startups encounter is the crucial step of establishing their brand identity. They need to become part of the reputable company listings of leading SEO review sites like

As a startup, your company needs to blend in with the key players in the arena to boost your reputation. Become the go-to source of your audience to earn a good position in the industry. This, however, may take a lot of time and effort. Along the way, you might find your company lost and intimidated by the SEO giants. The status quo might eat at you.

The Rewards

Bursting with vigor and passion, you can direct that positive attitude towards work. When the experts are busy thinking about how to enhance their arsenal, focus on the possibilities and work towards them. Don’t let your mind travel alone. Back up your imagination with hard work and research. Encourage your team to explore fresh possibilities. You’ll never know, but this might be your edge in the market.

As you continue reaching the peak, don’t let go of your aspirations. Toil and toil until you reach another business horizon. Use your fresh market disposition in ignoring risks and negativity that may ruin your business, even when you’re just starting.

Why it is all worth it

The SEO landscape might crush the faint-hearted, but it surely welcomes the brave soldiers. There might be algorithms that strike down low-quality web pages, but you don’t have to fear them. Take it as an ongoing challenge as you put your business in a better position. Continue delivering intelligent content, effective web design, and reliable customer service, and see where all of this takes your company.

When you’re losing motivation, remember that the most innovative breakthroughs come from startups. They have insufficient resources, experience, and money, and yet they manage to produce top notch quality that the giants cannot.

Designing for SEO: How Web Design Affects Your Search Engine Rankings

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web and graphic designingSome business owners are the last to learn about the newest search engine optimisation practices. With many marketing strategies and an entire business to manage, it’s no wonder. SEO support is, however, important for companies that want to remain competitive in major search engines.

Every website needs to have certain design aspects to achieve the desired results of an SEO campaign. If you are planning to update your website, let this article guide you.

Avoid heavy graphics site

To be a true king of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you are going to need more than just a search-optimised site. You can achieve big wins with good graphic design, but keep in mind that large size images and flash animations can be slow. Not only will this create a problem for viewers using mobile phones, it can also be terrible for search engines. Heavy graphics can be a great tool to add some flare to websites, but it can also hurt your rankings. It’s better to have a website that has a combination of text and media, and a good design.

Proper use of HTML

When done properly, HTML designs can be interactive and amazing. If you want to represent calls to action as images, use HTML so that search engine spiders can crawl them. Make the robot and human like your site. It’s important to understand that design should not be a problem for your SEO.

Size of your site matters

You might think that design is all about pictures and aesthetic. SEO is primarily about text and keywords, as search engines love content. So it pays to have a site with many pages of quality content, rather than keeping it to a minimum number of pages. The size of your website has a significant impact on your rankings. You can write blogs, but include videos or infographics that sparks the interest of visitors.

The major challenge most business owners face is building good websites that also have good performing SEO tactics. It’s best to also focus on designing a site that wins attention and creates an engaging user experience.

Social and Personal: Social Media and Its Impact on Trade Shows and Events

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social mediaSocial media has changed – and is still changing – the way people interact with each other, both online and offline. It has made connecting with audiences easier, whether you’re part of a news outlet, a marketing department, or an event management team. For businesses, social media has become a powerful tool to get messages across.

Social media can also do a lot to help boost your brand and improve the impact you make during conferences, trade shows, and other events. Here are a few easy tips on how to make it possible:

Tweet It

Hashtags and trends such as #SXSW, #Oscars2014, #OscarSelfie, #Grammys, and #WorldCup are perfect examples of how social media can greatly boost an event’s coverage and a business’s brand. Twitter has become an important marketing tool in trade shows. You can use this platform to influence the industry, journalists, and consumers by simply posting tweets about the events, exhibits, and programs that excited them the most. An even better option is to let them do the tweeting and have them tag you via hashtag or mention. No matter how they post, it’ll positively reflect on your business.

Reach Out

Most trade shows tend to focus their attention only on a certain audience group, but you can take it to another level by reaching out to people outside the trade show. You not only bring more people in, you also expand your network.

With the help of social media platforms such as YouTube and trade show sales experts like, you can reach out to markets that couldn’t make it to the event. A simple video that emphasizes your display and sales pitch can generate enough buzz and interest beyond the venue.

Get Feedback

One trade show objective you should achieve is finding out what your potential customers and partners think about you. Get feedback from the participants who visit your trade show booth by doing a quick mobile poll. Ask those who you meet and connect with to answer a survey on Twitter or Facebook.

You can then use this information to improve your products, services, strategies, and sales pitches to get more traction in future marketing plans.

Using social media for your trade shows and the like does more than just help get your message across. It also shows participants and consumers that you’re interested in connecting with them and learning more about them. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms create mutual relationships. By connecting with others, both socially and personally, you promote your brand and expand your network. It’s a win-win.

Amazon Raises Prime Membership Fee

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amazon package

Image by kalleboo via Flickr

The cost of an Amazon Prime membership was increased, a service which provides members free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items.

Price increase

Amazon announced the annual membership will now cost $99 every year, up from $79, while a student membership will cost $49 annually.

In its nine-year existence, this is the first time Amazon has decided to increase the annual fee.

Prime members get two-day shipping at no extra cost, apart from the right to access Kindle books and stream more than 40,000 movies and television shows.

Fuel and shipping costs

The e-commerce giant blamed the increase in fuel and shipping costs.

“Even as fuel and transportation costs have increased, the price of Prime has remained the same,” Amazon said in an e-mail statement. “If you consider things like inflation and fuel costs, a Prime membership valued at $79 in 2005 would be worth more than $100 today.”

Amazon also sent this statement to some Prime customers to explain the increase.