Cooling Therapy Halts Brain Damage In Babies, Study Shows

newborn-babyThe treatment of cooling newborn babies suffering from lack of oxygen at the time of birth significantly increases their chance of survival without neurological abnormalities to later childhood, a new study has claimed.

‘Remarkable’ study

The research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that infants given with the therapy survived with a higher IQ at school age, compared to those treated with standard care.

“What is remarkable about this study is that 20 years ago people thought nothing could be done for this group of patients who can suffer devastating brain damage,” said lead researcher Prof David Edwards in a statement. “Now we have shown that something can be done.”

“This is crucial research – without it we could not have been confident this is a long-lasting and worthwhile therapy,” he added.

Long-lasting therapy

For the study, the babies were placed on a special mat and cooled for at least three days to determine if it may help reduce brain injury.

Edwards and his team think cooling works by slowing the production of harmful substances in the brain.

They said the findings confirm the cooling treatment has long-lasting effects.

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