Effective Advertising: The Old But Proven Art of Signage

Restaurant Arrow SignageWhen articles, or even experts, talk about advertising and marketing nowadays, they usually refer to the online or mobile kind. In spite of what they all say about online and mobile marketing, you can still rely on dependable physical signage for your business.

Until today, simply physical signage can still quickly grab people’s attention, which makes them great tools for you.

Signage Dos

You can easily obtain signage products such as core flute sheet materials from an Australian supplier. Before you purchase any materials, however, you first have to know what your signs will be. You can consider the following guidelines to improve your signage design and ensure that customers will notice.

Colour and Contrast

You can easily attract customers when you use colour and contrast well. With colour, you can easily establish your brand by consistently using one specific colour much like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s. Besides colour, you can also use contrast to make your signage readable.

When you have chosen a brand colour, you can use that shade’s contrast to achieve sign readability.

Large Format

For signs, unlike online or mobile advertisements, the bigger the letters, the better the sign. The size makes your sign readable and noticeable from afar. When you have signage like that, coupled with an intriguing message, you will attract more customers.

Of course, when you need to place more information on a sign, you still have to limit your font size.


Now, you may be tempted to fill your signs with images and text. When such a feeling creeps up your spine, you can discard it for the better. Minimal designs help readers understand signage messages easier. Minimalism also encourages readers to read your entire sign instead of just browsing it.

With the given tips above, you can obtain those core flute sheets or other signage supplies and design signs as you see fit. When you have a physical outlet or store, signs can be effective assets in engaging customers or even just passer-by.

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