Gardening 101: Are Your Orchard Ladders Functional Enough?

Woman picking an appleYou cannot overstress the importance of using the right tools in every task. Gardening is no different, and using an appropriate ladder, for instance, is critical for safety against falls. A ladder is a valuable tool for carrying out tasks in raised areas around the farm. However, regular ladders will not prove helpful in your garden such as in picking your fruits or pruning your plants.

The conventional ladder is not sturdy enough for tough jobs and is unstable on uneven grounds. Therefore, for your pruning or fruit picking needs, you need a special ladder.

Extra Support

Unlike the regular ladder that has four legs, orchard ladders have three legs and a flared base. A.I.M. Sales notes that the two legs act as side rails, and the extra leg helps create a tripod. The flared base is for additional support on the soft grounds. This allows you to access tall plants while standing firm on the soft ground on the farm.

Multiple Tasks

The ladder comes in different heights, ranging from 6 to 20-feet tall, which allows you to get to the topmost part of your fruit trees and harvest the fruits safely. You can also use the ladder to prune your trees or spray your plants against any pest infestation. When picking fruits, you can use a wearable fruit basket to minimise how often you climb and go down the ladder to pick and drop the fruits.

The ladder can be of either wood, fibreglass, or aluminium, but the most appropriate material for the ladder is aluminium. Not only is it lighter than wood and fibreglass, but also cheaper and highly durable. The maintenance of this ladder is also low, as all you should do after use is use a hose to remove any dirt on the ladder with pressure water.

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