Here Is What You Should Know About Portable Generators

portable generatorA portable generator is perfect for camping trips, RV trips, weather issues, or even when your electricity provider is just not that reliable. Before buying one, however, here is what you should know.

Fuel Capacity

Check out how much fuel the tank can take and how long the generator will last with a full tank. If you feel as though the running time is not enough, you can try industry approved diesel fuel tanks to help store additional juice for the generator.

Figure Out Power Capacity

This refers to the wattage of the generator or the kind of appliances it can power while running. While most generators can keep lights on, you might need something with a bit more power to operate the heater or the cooler as the situation demands.

Fortunately, most appliances in the house come with a wattage reading, so all you have to do is compare it against your generator.

Operational Features

Some generators run at a flick of a switch — such as cars having their own batteries to start creating electricity. Others, however, are a bit more primitive in that you will have to start them with a rapid pull of a string.

Choose the kind of switch you feel would be most effective according to your needs. Fortunately, some generators have both of these.


Do not forget to make sure the warranty is extensive and exhaustive. Also, consider the availability of a maintenance team in case of problems. The brand is also an important factor — choose a name with an excellent reputation.

Of course, those are just some of the things to keep in mind when using a portable generator. Keep in mind that generators can be quite loud so try to put it in a place that can mask the sound.

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