How to Prepare Yourself Before Taking a Master’s Degree

MBACongratulations on your decision to take your education a notch higher with a master’s degree! Whether it is a master’s in Singapore, UK or your own country, preparation is a crucial aspect of the process. Do the following things ahead of time:

Get your documents ready.

When you arrive at the campus for registration or consultation, it would be embarrassing to discover that your records or forms are incomplete or missing, especially in front of the registrar or bursar. Fill out all the forms you need and submit them on time.

Settle the required payments early.

Go to the bursar’s office and settle the required fee so you can begin with setting up your student account. If possible, pay the tuition fee as early as possible so you can avail of the early bird or discounted rates.

Research the curriculum.

Visit the school’s website and download the course syllabi so you can have a clear grasp of what and how the discussions will go. Through this, you will also learn the available electives based on your chosen course and prepare the textbooks and other materials as early as possible.

Meet your would-be adviser.

If possible, make an appointment with your would-be adviser and professors. This is a welcome gesture from all incoming students, familiarising themselves with the campus and its residents. You may also feel more at home come the start of the class.

After finding the right school and program and registering your name on the course you want, you should start the preparation. Going to the campus itself in advance is highly recommended so you can get yourself acquainted with the university and the people you would get to meet there regularly once the school year starts.

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