Improve Your Blood Pressure with These 5 Simple Lifestyle Changes

Blood Pressure CheckLowering or improving your blood pressure can reduce not just your risk of stroke and heart disease, but also your risks of cognitive decline, eye disease, and kidney disease. The good news is you don’t need major life changes to get your blood pressure in a healthy range. Apart from working with your doctor to develop a plan, you can also consider the following lifestyle tips

  • Maintain a healthy weight. If you’re carrying excess pounds, losing weight can do wonders in lowering your blood pressure. Regular exercise is one way to do it. Revere Health and other family doctors in West Jordan also note that lower elevated blood pressure can benefit the heart even if it doesn’t lead to weight loss.

  • Quit smoking. Cigarette smoking or using tobacco products can temporarily elevate your blood pressure by causing a constriction in the blood vessels. If you smoke or use tobacco products, it is best to quit to lower your blood pressure, as well as your risk of heart disease and heart attack. Furthermore, quitting can benefit most parts of your body, including your brain, skin, lungs, and DNA.

  • Take it easy on sodium. A diet high in sodium can contribute to high blood pressure. This only makes it important to lower your sodium intake by avoiding adding extra salt to your food and checking food labels for sodium. You should also be aware of the common foods with a high amount of sodium.

  • Limit alcohol. While you don’t have to completely give up alcohol drinking, be sure to limit it to no more than a single drink each day for women and two drinks daily for men. If your blood pressure increases every time you drink an alcoholic beverage, it’s advisable to stop drinking.

  • Manage stress. Too much stress can constrict your blood vessels and result in a temporary blood pressure increase. It can also trigger unhealthy habits, such as poor sleep, overeating, and misuse of drugs and alcohol — all of which can compromise your heart health. You can try yoga, relaxation techniques, or ask a family doctor to lower your stress levels.

To find out if your efforts are paying off, you may want to consider buying a blood pressure monitor. You can ask your doctor for recommendations if you don’t know what to choose.

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