iOS Upgrade: Apple To Change How iPhone Users Chat

ipad-iphoneTech giant Apple Inc. has introduced its latest update to the iPhone operating system, which would bring big changes for how users send and receive messages.

Smarter features

The new iOS 8 now has a bunch of new messaging features, which includes interactive notifications, a keyboard that predicts what users will type, and a Snapchat-like self-destruct button.

“You don’t want to have to clean these up. Audio and video messages can take up space,” said Greg Joswiak, head of iOS product marketing, in a statement. “So they’re set to self-destruct unless you choose to keep them.”

New tricks of its own

With iOS 8’s new notification system, users would be able to respond without having to open and switch apps.

There is also a new video messaging system, which allows people to easily send video and audio messages. Users can record by lifting the Apple device to their ear and the message will automatically end if they lower the phone to send it.

The new operating system will be available this fall, the company announced during Worldwide Developers Conference.

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