Is it Possible? Making Mining More Environmentally-Sustainable


Mining operations are among the most contentious issues that hound every advocate of the environment. In fact, whenever there is a proposition to set up a mining plant in a location in the United States, organizations always spring into action. Due to some misunderstandings, as to how such venture can exist together with the environment, these mines end up shutting down. There are certain solutions, however, that could help minimize its effects on the environment.

Reducing Energy Consumption

The processes undertaken in mining operations require extensive energy use. This means that as mining operations go on, it also consumes a large number of diesel fuel and even electricity. According to Mining Facts, these operations, extracting fossil fuels, constructing the mining infrastructure can create an impact in the environment. One way to avert this is to reduce the consumption of energy so as to minimize greenhouse gas emissions brought about by burning of fuel. Aside from reducing greenhouse gas, it also extends fossil fuel life.

Treating Mine Water

Mining operations produce waste like mine water. This water is highly contaminated, which when left untreated can wreak havoc to the ecosystem. At the same time, it could leach into the ground and thereby also contaminate groundwater. This is why a water treatment system is necessary for mine water before releasing it into the environment. It now becomes the responsibility of the mine owners to ensure that the water treatment facility follows exacting standards. Check the clarifier parts continuously, as they play an important role in removing solid waste particles from the water. Treated mine water has less effect on the environment during mining operations after all.

Recycling Resources

As mining operations consume resources, recycling those materials can help in avoiding waste. Mining Global suggests that mining companies must aim to provide goods and services using less amount of resources like metal, wood, stone, etc. Durable goods should be in use during operations, such as those that are recyclable, reusable and even re-manufactured.

These are only some of the ways mining operations would be able to co-exist with the environment. Yes, there would always be waste, but the right treatment facilities and the right waste disposal can reduce the impact of these mines.

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