Overhaul Your Office on an Affordable Budget

office overhaulingWhen planning to give your office a much-needed facelift, you often worry about the budget. Sometimes you even worry how you can do it effectively and efficiently, without affecting your work.

If you want to create a simple but cost-conscious solution for your office makeover, the experts at Formline Group recommend these basic methods that can assist you in redesigning your workspace without disrupting your work flow.


Sometimes, you might think that there is not enough space in your office. However, you don’t need to expand your office area. You can use the space you have if you buy compact office chairs and desks. Replace your bulky office furniture and use slim desks and chairs with a sleek professional look. You should also place these strategically to maximise your work area.

Light and Colour

These design elements affect your productivity. Use warm colours, like orange and yellow, to promote creativity and positivity. Use cooler hues, such as blues and greens, to give your office a clean and efficient appearance. Spotlights and lamps could also lift mood and reduce stress.


You can enhance your office decorations in a subtle and affordable way. Use wall décor that gives employees the positive motivation they need. Motivational posters, abstract paintings, and even creative wall patterns could lift your office from dull and boring, to active and inspiring.

Indoor plants can also give your workplace a connection to nature. Psychology tests show that people are more calm when natural objects like plants, rocks, or even scenic nature scapes are in their field of view. If your office window only gives you a view of the parking lot, you can place a curtain and some indoor plants and make it a welcome sight.

Creating a lively and engaging office space does not need to involve high costs and expensive furniture. You can improve your office environment with the smallest changes, and sometimes it all starts with a positive attitude.

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