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Introducing New and Improved Hay Rakes

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a traditional hay rakeJust a few decades ago, raking hay used to be done by hand. It was a slow and laborious process involving dozens of people and required a lot of muscle work and sweat. Fortunately, this task has been improved and made more convenient by industrialisation. New and industrial scale hay rakes are being used, and they get the work done at a fraction of the time it would take human hands.

Impressive New Farm Tool

Rakes are farm equipment used for making hay, which in turn, feeds farm animals like horses. Commercial hay farmers are dependent on these machines so they can produce large quantities of hay within a given amount of time. There are various kinds of rakes: wheel rakes, rotary rakes, v rakes, and parallel bar rakes. There are some rakes which are pulled behind a tractor. The more efficient the rakes are, the better the quality and moisture content of the hay produced.

These modern rakes are in the same category as harrows, ploughs, and cultivators. All of them can do farm work faster and more efficiently than if human hands did it. This allows farm owners to work on vast amounts of land at a fraction of the time. It also saves them money on labour costs because they no longer need to hire dozens of workers to clear patches of land or make hay.

A Worthwhile Investment

Naturally, modern pieces of equipment such as industrial-scale rakes cost money. It can be considered as a good investment for farm owners and commercial hay producers. With a more efficient money, they can expect to get a return on their investment in just a short amount of time. Additionally, the machines are built to last for years with proper care and maintenance.

There are tractors, loaders, backhoes and v rakes for sale online. You can browse through online catalogues and compare styles and models to see which one suits your needs and budget the best.

Why Reusing Grey Water Helps Reduce Your Water Bill

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Water being poured into a glassMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment administer the government agency that offers sustainable advice on several home concerns. By reusing grey water, households can be less dependent on water supply from the main system, as well as cut wastewater discharge to public sewers and water gardens.

According to experts, grey water systems for homes in New Zealand serve as a good way to recycle wastewater with the right technology, which may help reduce your water bill.

Defining Grey Water

Water discharge from kitchens, laundry machines and bathroom showers are considered grey water. Homeowners will need a building permit for a system that collects this type of water. You need to make sure the system undergoes proper installation and maintenance, as well as far from direct human contact.

Whilst you can reuse recycled grey water to water your plants, you should not use it for washing clothes or for drinking purposes. Any unused grey water must also be discharged to a wastewater system after 24 hours, so your system should be able to detect or follow proper schedules.

Home Design

An Auckland couple seek to achieve three green building certifications for their rammed earth house project, which features a grey water system. Rochelle and Joel Payne already clinched a 10 Homestar Design for their design.

The two aim to get a 0 Homestar Built rating and Living Building Challenge certification for their sustainable home. Some of the sustainable designs of the property include its own power generation and zero waste disposal. The couple is no stranger to such initiatives, as their Beachlands family home gained a 7 Homestar rating following a renovation.

Sustainable water systems at home have become more relevant as people become more conscious about the environment. A grey water system could be the answer to your increasing water bills.

Keys to a Long-Lasting Container Shed

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A shed with gardening toolsModern technology has brought about new ideas of building shelters without using a lot of resources. Various container sheds in Australia, for instance, continue to increase daily. This increase has come about because such structures can now be constructed to suit human comfort and needs.

To improve the durability of your shed, observe the following maintenance procedures:


To ensure that the container shed does not degrade quickly, you should repaint it regularly. Container sheds are more likely to rust, which could reduce its efficiency. On top of that, shelters that do not get frequent repainting are not attractive. That appearance could reduce the commercial effectiveness of the structure.

Check for insect attacks

Insects such as termites are the leading cause of short life in majority of shelters, especially those made of timber. The good news, however, is that insect attacks can be controlled by carrying out regular maintenance of the shed. Seeking a professional opinion will help you choose the best material to use while building the shed.

Use shelters for the right function

It is not a wonder to find people storing heavy materials on top of container sheds or other shelters. While this may seem convenient, it nevertheless leads to the quick degradation of the structures. Using shelters correctly, therefore, helps to ensure their durability.

Regular cleaning is important

As with all buildings, cleaning is fundamental to ensure their durability. Be sure to clean the roof because if tree leaves and branches accumulate, they could cause the destruction of the roofing material.

Semi-permanent shelters are meant to save you cost. However, lack of maintenance eventually leads to cost overrun. To avoid such a scenario, shelters should not be left for a long time without checking for any degradation.

Benefits of Using a Mortgage Planner When Seeking a Refinance

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mortgage payment written on a plannerGetting a mortgage is simple. Both banks and private lenders have less restrictive requirements that everyone needs to meet to qualify for first time home financing. However, the bubble of leniency often bursts when it is time to seek refinancing.

A reliable mortgage company in St. George such as City Creek Mortgage could come to your rescue. Lenders are always in the business of providing grand deals, and you are likely to find it easier to get refinancing if you work with seasoned mortgage planners. Such experts understand the industry in-depth and could work on ascertaining that you meet your ultimate goals.

Here are three more benefits of using mortgage planners.

Know Your Options

Lenders often have a range of programs that are already in place. If you do not know about these programs, then knowing the alternatives you can consider can be a tricky affair.

Your loan officer could help you understand the details of these various deals and help you make a choice that is right for your particular circumstances.

Industry Expertise

With both banks and lenders adopting tight requirements, most people seeking to refinance find themselves stuck in hard places. If you were in this kind of situation, then seeking the expertise of a professional with extensive industry experience would be essential.

Mortgage planners have a holistic skill set, and they could make your refinancing process more manageable and with better chances of success.

Get Personalized Assistance

Loan officers are like the right-hand men of lenders. They serve as the bridge between borrowers and mortgagees. That said, they could focus on providing personalized assistance that will not put you in credit risk.

They could inform you of just the right steps to take to qualify for refinancing without necessarily breaking a sweat. Your satisfaction means everything and they will hence work on giving you the best possible experience.

When seeking to refinance, your credit score determines a lot. Mortgage planners understand this, and they could assist you in quickly raising your score. The majorities of lenders are always happy to offer the best deals to borrowers who seem financially credible.

Here Are Insider Secrets That Will Make Your Oil Business Successful

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a profitable gas stationIf you’ve been thinking of investing in an industry that could make you a fortune within a relatively short time, then you may want to consider opening a gas station. People will always need oil, regardless of the state of the economy. Here are four simple tips that can contribute to your success from the start.

Buy enough equipment

To offer quick service, you’ll need to have enough equipment. No one likes to wait at a gas station for a long time. Determine from the start what you need to buy, and make a budget for that. Most of this equipment is easily available online, from transportable diesel tanks to nozzles and pumps.

Choose a location with lots of traffic

The location of your business, more than any other factor, will determine how many clients you can get in a day. You want a place with as much traffic as possible. You can choose to locate your gas station in a town that’s beside a busy highway, for instance. Choose an area that does not have many gas stations.

Follow legal requirements

Before opening your business, find out what your state requires you to do. Your local authorities should be able to offer insight on what environmental, occupational safety and health requirements you need to comply with. Apply for relevant business permits as early as possible, too.

Be decisive

While it is understandable that you want your business to succeed, you need not take too much time every time you are deciding to make a move. It is not humanly possible to know about every little detail regarding the consequences of your decisions. The fact is every entrepreneur makes a mistake at some point. Move swiftly and make adjustments later.

Your success in the oil industry will depend on the moves you make on your investment. If you master a few simple trade secrets, you can boost your chances of making it big in this competitive sector.

The Harsh Truth About Binge Eating Disorder

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Binge Eating DisorderBinge eating sounds like your daily binge watching activity on Netflix. Yet, this is more serious than it sounds. It is an uncommon eating disorder, but it’s more than just overeating. Binge eating disorder (BED) is a condition where patients have recurrent periods of consuming massive amounts of food hastily. They usually do this until they don’t feel comfortable anymore.

Individuals who have BED generally do not vomit after an episode and nearly half of them are obese or overweight. This is why getting help for eating disorders is extremely important.

Overeating vs. Binge Eating

Unlike overeating, BED is more serious and less common. It is connected to substantial psychological and physical issues, which people who overeat do not experience. When on a BED episode, patients lose their self-control. They feel like they cannot handle the amount of food they eat. Otherwise, they simply cannot stop themselves from eating more.

After each episode, they usually feel disgusted, embarrassed, and guilty, which is why they binge alone to conceal it. Most people with BED cannot function professionally and personally. Based on estimations, around 80 percent of people who have BED have a life history of at least one psychiatric condition.


In the United States, around two percent of men and 3.5 percent of women will acquire BED at any point in life. The condition usually develops in early adulthood, yet people can get an eating disorder anytime.

If you or one of your friends has BED, seek the assistance of a psychologist or psychiatrist immediately. They will be able to help with treatment options, such as medications, behavioral weight loss therapy, and psychotherapy. The sooner you act, the greater the chances of preventing the dangerous consequences of this condition.

Make It Smooth: Practices for Efficient Warehouse Management

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Warehouse ManagementIf you are running a business in logistics, you would know how vital warehouse management is. Just a single missing detail can affect how the supply chain will run. As such, it is essential that the manager is detail-oriented.

When managing a warehouse, certain things need to be on your list, most of which will be useful in developing a contingency plan. If you are new to the business and are just starting to learn the ropes of it, here are some of the pointers that you need to take into account.

The Shelving

In warehousing, the organisation should be a constant. If the warehouse is disorderly, chances are you are going to waste a lot of time looking for items. That lost could have been spent on more important things and core areas of the business.

The business needs to invest in high-quality shelves and components, such as pallets and long-span racking. The items should be organised based on their nature, category, and delivery schedule.

The Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the harmony of the elements in a workspace to ensure safety and convenience. Make sure that the facility is ergonomically smart to avoid injuries and untoward incidents. One of the things that you can do is provide specific instructions when handling equipment and packages. Lighting should be systematic. The pathways should be free of obstruction.

The Safety and Security

Safety and security are of utmost importance in warehouse management. You need to set up security measures to prevent theft, burglary, and vandalism. Other than having in-house members to man the area, you can also work with a reliable security agency.

Running a warehouse is a big task. The supply chain heavily depends on how you manage the facility. To learn more about how you can effectively and efficiently run it, you can always seek the service and advice of a logistics consultant.

Film Deepwater Horizon Prompts Discovery of Gap in Hazard Management

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Oil Rig on FireFollowing the release of the Deepwater Horizon, a 2016 film based on the Gulf of Mexico BP oil rig disaster, a series of seminars were held to look into the factors contributing to the explosion.

The University of Sydney’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Foundation and the Safety Institute of Australia examined relevant resources, including discussions from the Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) and the United States Chemical Safety, to fully understand the nature of the disaster. Experts aimed to gain new insights that will aid them in making recommendations to prevent situations similar to Deepwater Horizon from taking place.

The organisations found, among many things, that a gap in hazard management may have caused the incident. The alarming thing is this void is present in the processes of many organisations across the globe.

Work as Imagined vs. Work as Done

Experts say that a common theme among disasters such as Deepwater Horizon is the difference between ‘work as imagined’ and ‘work as done,’ or how companies claim to handle and respond to similar situations versus what they actually do.

The experts noted a gap between the responsibilities of companies and their workers on paper versus what they do in practice.

For instance, a plant’s policies may indicate that they’re taking measures to store chemical-laced liquids effectively, but a tour of the facility would reveal a lack of consistent spill containment processes or even portable bunding systems.

Proactive Risk Mitigation Should Be in Place

Spills are one of the most significant challenges in many industries. While spills are often seen as a potential hazard, many times the actual mitigation steps are either very generic or ineffective, mirroring the often-cursory nature of risk assessment and hazard analysis in such areas.

CSB investigator Cheryl Mackenzie stresses the importance of learning from incidents like Deepwater Horizon. She says as organisational levels and practices become increasingly complex and more interwoven, stakeholders should continually advance their understanding and learning of these events to prepare themselves for such incidents.

Is America Ready to Be a Country of Smart Cities?

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Woman kissing her adopted daughterThe increasing rate of adoption for smart technologies in the U.S. has piqued the interest of Americans, as six out of 10 said that they would live in a smart city, according to a Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) survey.

CompTIA based its findings on 1,000 people and 350 government officials. Liz Hyman, CompTIA executive vice president of public advocacy, said that almost 75% of surveyed officials are positive about launching smart city projects despite many challenges.

Digital Security

The development of a smart city almost instantly brings the concept of digital technology into mind. Hyman said that cybersecurity represented the “most mission critical component” of any project. Smart cities will need to employ a new generation of digital experts, amid the growing demand for IT professionals.

Jobs in the IT industry generally pay well and for those who want to secure a higher salary, applying for certification serves as one option to achieve it. A CompTIA network+ practice test, for instance, helps aspiring professional to gain accreditation. Even without experience, CertBlaster further explains that interested parties can gain the required IT skills with various training programs.

Determining Factors

The survey’s respondents admitted that money remains the biggest concern for developing smart cities. Out of 10 municipalities with a smart city plan, seven reported that they need to upgrade their telecommunications infrastructure beforehand, which requires money.

Aside from cybersecurity, the survey listed the use of “bridge technologies” to raise awareness on smart cities, a shift from digital to smart concepts and accurate data as the other factors that will determine the future of smart cities. These factors will be contingent on improving IT expertise among government staff and expanding their workforce, said Tim Herbert, CompTIA senior vice president, research and market intelligence.

The development of smart communities comes with associated risks, particularly those arising from digital technology advancements. Are you interested in the idea of living in a smart city?

Skin Cancer: Common Types and Risk Factors

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A patient suffering from cancerThe most common form of cancer is skin cancer. There are several types of skin cancer, so it is important to see your physician if you notice any abnormality or growth on your skin. Only your doctor can tell you what type of skin cancer you may have and how to treat it.

How can One Get Skin Cancer?

There are several risk factors for skin cancer.

  • Exposure to chemicals such as arsenic, which is known to cause cancer, may result in skin cancer.
  • There are some types of wart viruses transmitted through sexual contact that may cause skin cancer.
  • If you’ve had skin cancer before, you have a higher likelihood (up to 20%) of developing a second skin cancer within the following two years.
  • Immunosuppression, or when the immune system which is chronically suppressed, can lead to skin cancer. Some medications and even chemotherapy can cause immunosuppression. HIV/AIDS and other diseases also make the patient more prone to skin cancer.
  • Seniors are more susceptible to skin cancer.

The most common cause of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds. Some people are more vulnerable to skin cancer due to ultraviolet light exposure. If you have fair skin and blue or hazel eyes, or blond or red hair, you may be particularly susceptible.

Major Types of Skin Cancer

Three types of skin cancer are considered to be the major types. The most common types are: first, basal cell carcinoma, and second, squamous cell carcinoma. The third type is less common: melanoma. Skin cancer treatment in Salem may differ with every type.

The head, arms, and neck are the areas commonly affected by basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer, as they are usually the parts of the body exposed to the sun. These cancers may, however, occur in other areas of the skin. Fortunately, these cancers are also usually highly treatable.

Melanoma is rarer than basal or squamous cell cancers, but it is more likely to spread. It is not as easy to treat melanoma. What’s important is the patient gets treatment as soon as possible to prevent the cancer from growing and spreading.

Most skin cancers respond to treatment. If you have any abnormal marks or growths on your skin, or already suspect that you may have skin cancer, have your doctor check.

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