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Bye, Bye Clutter! Five Pieces of Furniture You Don’t Really Need

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Pieces of Furniture in PerthFirst time homeowners tend to be impulsive when it comes to purchasing furniture for their houses. Sometimes, the space they own appears too big, which leads them to add more things they don’t really need.

In the end, excessive furniture will only turn into useless junk. This will eat plenty of space, which you will eventually need for reasons that are far more important. Do you know that apart from saving space and money, houses with fewer objects have higher property value? This is why more homes aim to be minimal in terms of furniture and design.

Here are five pieces of furniture you don’t really need, plus the reasons why you should throw them away.

Work Desk.

This may sound extreme, but a separate work desk isn’t necessary. If you primarily work on a laptop, then you can substitute your dining table, sofa, or lounge chair as a workspace. If you cannot let go of this, a number of self-storage services in Perth come in prices based on your furniture’s size. Keep it there for a while, and reclaim only when necessary.

Display Cabinet

If a huge area of your living room is full of figurines that have no value, then it’s time to throw them away or give them to someone who wants them. Don’t forget the cabinet you use to display these items. Of course, it’s nice to recall events those mementos represent, but you’ll also like spending less time dusting off these souvenirs.

 File Cabinets

File cabinets are expensive, huge, and heavy. Get a scanner and convert your non-essential paperwork to digital files. Apart from saving space, it will make file searching easier and faster. For important and confidential documents, a storage box that you can keep at the bottom of your bed is a good alternative.

End Tables

Apart from holding your lamp and picture frame, what are the other uses of your end table? These extra little tables at the far end of your couch are just clutter in your living room. However, if you really need that extra light, think of getting a stand lamp instead.

Buffet Table or Sideboard

You don’t really need a buffet table to serve food every day. Only parties and gatherings that cater to plenty of guests use sideboards. If ever the need for one arises, you can always rent from event suppliers and caterers.

Let go of the furniture you don’t need and which only cause clutter in your home. It’s okay to have a small number of things as long as you have everything necessary within your reach.

Exhibits & Conventions: 3 Absolute Essentials in Organising Events

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Organising Events in Perth Event organisers know that conventions and exhibits are highly complex events that require the most extraordinary effort. They need coordination, logistics and manpower to succeed. These events can only be successful with the cooperation of many stakeholders such as the exhibitors, the organisers and even the guests.

If you are in the event organising business in Perth, you have to know the basics. For starters, here are three fundamentals you should always cover.

The Program

Although exhibits and conventions are usually open, there must be a main attraction. In the event venue, you will have several exhibitor booths, but they should be on the sidelines. You must have something that will take centre stage, a program of main events. For example, you can have certain demos, contests, and even promos of different exhibitors at the centre for people to watch. The program must have a time table, with the type and amount of resources allocated for each component and teams responsible.

The Stakeholders

The stakeholders are the exhibitors. Now that you have your main attraction, centre stage program already ironed out, the next thing you need are the exhibitors. Exhibitors are the event’s partners who pay to become part of the event to market and sell their products or services. If the event is a food festival, restaurant exhibits will be there. You must secure the attendance, support, sponsorships and commitment of your exhibitors to beef up the event.

The Logistics

You need a lot of materials to support all the operations from security and crowd control, to the production of the stage events. In this part, the tasks must be delegated to the event committees in charge of matters such as food, security, sales, marketing and the like. Take stock of your resources as you will have to procure a variety of event materials such as tents, awnings, scaffoldings, first aid kits and possibly, portable toilet hire, as suggests.

Now that you have the basics, start working with the team. Learn everything you can, and make those event plans huge successes.

For Car Owners: Unlocking the Secrets of Car Thieves

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AutoYou park your car in front of your home after a hard day’s work. You thought it safe to park on the kerb, as you live in a gated neighbourhood anyway. The next morning, as you rush through breakfast to avoid the early morning traffic, you find that your car is gone.

Vehicle theft may happen even if you live in a secure location. As long as your car has market value, thieves will find a way to steal part of your car or even the entire vehicle. Understanding how car thieves steal will help you know the ways to deal with such problems.

Scavenging Car Parts

Given the technological advances in vehicle manufacturing, they know they might not be able to steal the whole car. Instead, they go for costly car parts they can steal easily.

Think catalytic converter, rims and tires, even side mirrors, as these are the most common victims. and other garage door specialists in Perth suggest installing or reinforcing your garage doors to deter thieves, and never leaving it at the mercy of the elements and burglars.

Car Cloning

Car cloning involves stealing multiple cars of the same model and registering them with a different Vehicle Identification Number from other vehicles. You could be a victim of car cloning if you see signs of tampering on the car’s VIN or receive unpaid traffic tickets without incurring them.

Park your car in areas with people and lights. Install car alarms and immobilising devices like pedal jacks to prevent thieves from getting away with your car.

Using proximity keys

Just as car manufacturers create more sophisticated security devices, thieves come up with gadgets to make them ineffective. Some use hacking technologies to bypass keys. Others use amplifiers to boost the signal coverage of proximity keys, allowing them to enter the car from a distance.

In such cases, vehicle specialists advise owners to store their keys in freezers or any aluminium or steel container to shield them from radio frequencies used by thieves.

Good-ol’ Carjacking

The traditional breaking and entering into cars is still prevalent. Thieves use steel bars, guns or knives to force their way in. They even threaten drivers to open the doors for them. In such cases, it’s better to let the thieves have their way and let the police handle the situation. Installing a tracking device will also help the authorities find your car faster.

Thieves will use every tools and technique to steal cars. All they need is the opportunity to do so. Don’t give them an opening. Guard your car against the threat of vehicle theft and burglary.

Problems Prevented by Properly Mounted and Maintained Gutter System

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Maintained GutterRainwater is a natural element that brings a lot of benefits to your garden plants and trees, but definitely not to your house. Water can cause damage to the structure and foundation of your property; even the strongest concrete could eventually breakdown when continually exposed to this powerful element.

Good thing, gutters were invented. These are narrow troughs or ducts attached beneath the roof edges. They work to funnel water off of the roofing system and away from your property. As water is carried away from the structure, its potential damaging effect is prevented.

Thus, there is a great need to keep your gutters well maintained, damage-free, and properly working. Here are some of the problems you can prevent when you have new rain gutters, according to

Foundation Damage

A good gutter system saves your property from damages and cracks in the foundation, which can negatively affect the stability of the entire structure. When this happens, not only the physical condition of your house is affected, but also the safety and security of your family.

Exterior Damage

Siding, doors, windows, and wall paint are also prone to water damage. With properly working gutters, however, such damage can be avoided. Siding replacements, repainting, as well as door and window repair can be costly. This is why it’s wise to pay attention to the condition of your guttering system, so damaging rainwater is well taken care of.

Landscape Damage and Erosion

Imagine the rainwater is just pouring from your roof down to the side of your home. This could lead to soil erosion and damage to your property’s landscaping. With gutters diverting away the water, you will never have to worry about these things.

Home and Basement Flooding

Heavy rains that last for days can be a total headache. What more if it caused flooding right on your property. It is never fun to clean a flooded basement, too. Thanks to well maintained gutters, you will never have to experience such.

Many homeowners recognize the need for reliable gutters when the rainy season comes. New rain gutters in homes help families feel assured that their property is safe from rainwater damage and the costly projects it entails.

The Myth About Teflon/PFOA Exposure — Busted!

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TeflonIt used to be that home cooks loved Teflon just as much as bakeries, restaurant chains, and companies in the food industry did. It was one of the miracle products of the post-war era, freeing cooks, chefs, and bakers from the long-standing task of scraping burnt food from a pan.

Everything changed when US scientists announced that Teflon contains Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) — a chemical said to increase the likelihood of tumours of the liver, pancreas, and testicles (according to tests on laboratory animals). The research also linked the chemical to reduced fertility.

Now, as if serving good food and ensuring customers are highly satisfied were not already hard enough, food businesses also need to consider the products they are using and avoid Teflon.

Back to Teflon

All of this, however, happened a few years back. Teflon is back in the scene, and Consumer Reports, including other trusted sources like Siltech Industries Ltd, verified that the health risk of non-stick pan use is actually very low — and getting lower.

Researchers from Consumer Reports experimented on non-stick pans to test the safety of new and used pans at temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 204 degrees Celsius. They found that PFOA emissions were actually minimal.

Low Levels of PFOA

According to the research, the highest level was only about 100 times lower than the levels shown in the studies that tested animals. Even Health Canada has said that non-stick coatings are actually safe to use at temperatures under 662 degrees Fahrenheit or 350 degrees Celsius.

This is because PFOA chemicals are only added at very low concentrations; manufacturers only use it to help the non-stick polymer powders adhere. During the “baking-on” step in manufacturing cookware, a huge bulk of the remaining PFOA emulsifiers go to a fume vent system.

There is a Risk — Regardless of Cooking Equipment Used

Teflon or not, cooking food at temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit heightens the risks. Normal cooking greases are at the ‘flash point’, creating serious risk of a grease fire. This can also denature foods and greases, which emit smoke and vapours that may be highly hazardous to your health.

The study above shows that it is high time to stop the Teflon/PFOA exposure myth. Focus on the real exposure risks instead.

Employment Prospects in the New Zealand Tourism Industry

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Employment in New ZealandAccording to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, New Zealand is one of the biggest employers in the world. This is especially true in the tourism industry, which has been experiencing fair growth and offering various career opportunities in recent years.

As the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment shows in its updated forecast on key tourism markets for 2014-2020, the long-term outlook is generally positive. In 2013 alone, the visitors spending in New Zealand increased. Records show a 5.2 per cent rise in profits, or almost $1,600 for every New Zealander.

This year, job seekers and career shifters may enjoy a range of travel careers, specifically in consultancy jobs.

Travel Consultancy

Being a travel consultant allows one to travel around the country and work with top brands. The benefits of these travel careers include competitive salary packages and in-depth training. Most of the positions available are inbound, corporate and retail consultancy jobs.

Inbound Consultant

An inbound consultant works with travel agencies overseas in arranging land content for incoming visitors in New Zealand. This job may require fluency in foreign languages, especially if the operators overseas speak limited English.

Inbound consultants are responsible for putting together package holidays for groups or individuals. This includes securing accommodation and transportation between different destinations. People who have plans of working in this field need to have good geographical knowledge.

Corporate Consultant

The main job of a corporate consultant is to deliver an amazing travel experience for business trips. They manage all of the travel requirements and organise the tour of every client. They arrange accommodation bookings and prepare transportation for the tours.

Retail Travel Consultant

A retail travel consultant arranges leisure or personal holidays. They deal directly with customers who drop by their offices, which are usually on the street fronts or in shopping centres.

A travel consultant job is for someone who loves challenges, as most of the workload deals with deadlines and communication with suppliers. It is never boring, though. If anything, this career allows you to peek into the travel benefits of New Zealand.

Common iPod Touch Problems and Ways to Troubleshoot These

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ipod touchAmong the members of the Apple family, the iPod series was singled out to be a music lover’s companion. Most would even agree that this is one of the best devices in the digital market.

When the worst happens to your iPod, what are you going to do? Are you the type of consumer that goes for an iPod repair? Do you replace the whole thing? If you think about it, replacement may cost you another NZ$ 679 for a 128GB iPod Touch. On the other hand, repair cost may depend on the damage.

You might want to troubleshoot the problem before sending the device to the repair shop:

Broken Screen

There is a difference between a broken front glass panel and a fully shattered one. Some people fix the broken glass by themselves, but fail to fully integrate the new glass because of the shards. The glass of an iPod attaches to the body with adhesive as opposed to screw types. It will require piece-by-piece removal of the shards. You can send the device for repairs if you are willing to pay for an OEM screen, but if the sensitive ribbons inside have damages, you may need to replace the entire screen.

Malfunctioning Home Button

Frequent use of the home button below your device may lead to damage. This is the reason Apple came up with the AssistiveTouch that mimics the home button for the iOS 5. If this does not function as well, send the device to a technician for checking and repairing.

Broken Touch

The touch function of the iPod Touch may be different from the other devices in the iPod series. For example, the glass cover, digitiser and LCD of iPod Touch 4th generation are inseparable. This means a broken glass panel can affect the entire display assembly.

Doesn’t Charge

There are times when the iPod rejects the cable connected to it, saying, “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”. Clean the cable tip gently and put it back, or use another charger to power up the device. If this keeps rejecting all working chargers, the problem may be the device itself.

If you have no technical knowledge, do not try to fix your iPod as this might only cause more problems. The best option is to let experienced technicians work on your broken device.

Leaving Your Safe Heaven: Ways to Push Through Your Plan of Moving Out

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boxesNo matter how tight you are with your family, there will come a time when you will feel the need to separate from them. It could be the day you will start a family of your own, or it could be becoming independent from dad and mum.

It, however, pays to be prepared before you bolt out of the door of your parents’ house. Before you hire that man with a van, here’s what thinks you need to know.

You’re On Your Own

For one, you should be 100% sure that you can manage on your own. Plates don’t wash themselves—and the same goes for your laundry. Made a mess? Clean it up yourself. Unless you have a house helper at hand, everything about maintaining your home will depend on no one but you.

Money Really Matters

Of course, similar rules apply when it comes to overseeing your finances. Remember, using utilities comes with a price, so better gauge how you will budget your income for your expenses. Take note of your electricity and water consumption. Don’t forget to allot money for your daily commute to work, as well as the food you will put on your table. Keep in mind that your folks are no longer there for you to support you when it comes to finances.

Speaking of money, you should also have enough to spend not only for an apartment that you will call your own—but on furniture as well. What’s a house without much stuff, right? The fun part of moving out is having your own items and transforming a space into something that will fit you and your personality.

Your old stuff will seemingly always belong to your parents’ home, but you could bring them to where you’re going. The trick, though, is knowing what to bring—and knowing which ones should be left. You have to make sure that you only take what you really need.

If you read it this far and feel like you’re ready, better hire that a van and welcome your independent phase. But, of course, it always boils down to how okay you are from being cut from your safe haven, and how well you could adjust.

School Starting Soon? Back To School Activities To Do With Your Kids

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Back to School in  UtahWhen school is right around the corner, parents feel a mix of dread and excitement. On one hand, the house will be cleaner and much more peaceful with the kids in school most of the day. On the other, it will be too quiet and eerily peaceful. If you’re having these jitters, take advantage of the remaining weeks to connect with your kids!

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Do a short day trip.

This is one of the activities you need to do now because when classes start, you won’t have time. You and your kids will be too tired or too preoccupied to even consider spending a day at an amusement park — so better do it now! In Cottonwood Heights, you can visit the Butler Park or Skate Park and play some sports.

2. Take them shopping for school clothes and things.

For kids, the best thing about going back to school is the shopping. You know how excited they can get when they see all the new bag designs.

3. Take them to their checkups.

You don’t want your kids’ school year to be bogged down by flu or a toothache. Take them to their pediatrician and dentist a few weeks before school. If you haven’t found a kids’ dentist yet, there are great choices around the Cottonwood Heights area.

4. Do a big sleepover.

To your kids, school means sleeping early and waking up early every day. Plan a big sleepover just a week or two before school starts. Organize a fun slumber party with at least 10 kids. It’ll be a blast!

5. Plant a tree

Teach your kids about nature and conservation by planting a tree. Choose a low maintenance or no maintenance tree like cherry. Your kids will forget about it at some point; it will make for an amazing surprise when school comes to a close and the tree has grown!

These activities get you and your kids ready for school. Use this time for you to bond and create memories together.

Food Gift Guide: What to Give a Foodie Friend on Their Special Day

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Chocolate GiftFoodies have discerning taste when it comes to everything that involves food. You can’t just bring them to any restaurant or make them try a cheap food brand. So if you’re planning to gift them for their upcoming special day, you might want to take time looking for the best gift.

Here are some great gift ideas for foodies with a distinct interest in particular types of food.

For the Wine Connoisseur

The easiest gift idea would be a bottle or two of your friend’s favorite wine, but of course you want a more special present. If you want them to enjoy their special day, a wine tasting package is a great idea. These packages let wine lovers experience everything from white wines such as Riesling and Chardonnay, to red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Trips to vineyards and wineries are also a great option. This is a great idea if your friend loves to travel, too. Most trips also include wine tasting.

For the Sweet Tooth

A basket of sweets and candies is always the perfect gift for someone with sweet tooth. This is also a great option if you want to personalize your gift. Just toss their favorite candies and baked goodies in a basket, put some ribbons, and your friend will surely find it sweet, suggests.

You may also add California dried fruits, jellies, vanilla marshmallows, or the famous English toffee from Colorado for more variety of flavors. You sweet tooth friend will surely love the many choices they will receive.

For the Chocoholic

For someone who loves chocolate, the best gift will be an evening chocolate party. Throw a surprise party and invite other close friends to celebrate. Buy the best chocolate cake in town or some chocolate cupcakes. A chocolate fondue is never a bad idea, too. Just don’t forget to grab some fresh fruits that go the best with hot melted chocolate.

Never mind the calories for that day and enjoy all the chocolates. Remember that you’re there to make your friend feel special.

Whether you wish to send a gift basket or spend an evening together while indulging on their favorite food, the key is to make sure your present will be appreciated.

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