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Dehydration: Symptoms and Treatment

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woman thirsty and dehydratedDehydration happens when your body loses more water than you take in. It may be due from not drinking enough fluids, excessive sweating on a hot day, or vomiting or diarrhea. As your body loses water daily through sweat, urine, and stool, it’s just important to replace what’s lost to avoid dehydration and associated symptoms.

Is Your Body Dehydrated?

When your system doesn’t have enough water, it’s also likely for the cells and your body to not work properly. You’re also likely to experience exhaustion, extreme thirst (with dry mouth), dizziness, or headache. Urgent care centers in Lehi share the other symptoms of dehydration:

How Do Your Treat Dehydration?

The treatment for dehydration will depend on the cause, age of the patient, and the severity of dehydration. In general, the most effective treatment is to replace lost fluids by drinking water or sports drink. Other following precautions to take include resting in a shade or cool place and bathing your neck, wrists, and ankles in cool water.

When Should You See a Doctor?

With basic treatment and precautions, the dehydration symptoms should improve after an hour. If they do not, it is best to visit an urgent care facility or a clinic for evaluation and treatment. You should also see a healthcare provider if you notice the following symptoms:

  • A fever of 101 degrees F or above
  • Increased vomiting
  • Diarrhea for more than two days
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive confusion

To figure out the cause and degree of your dehydration, a healthcare provider may perform blood test to check your electrolysis levels, including potassium and sodium. Urinalysis may also be needed to check your urine and look for signs of a bladder infection. Severe dehydration may require IV fluids (delivered through a vein) for a faster recovery.

If you have severe dehydration and notice the aforementioned symptoms, don’t hesitate to visit an urgent care clinic. This is to regain your strength and avoid dehydration-related conditions.

5 Fascinating Facts About Divorce in Washington State

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Divorce lawyer with clientsDivorce is common that you think you know everything about it. However, if you have never gotten a divorce in Washington State, you may be in for some surprises. A divorce law firm in Kent can set you straight with some fascinating facts about divorce law.

1. No instant divorces

You have to wait at least 90 days for a divorce to be final. This is true even for a simple divorce, where both spouses agree on everything and there’s no property or children over to fight for. In most cases, it will take more than six months for it to be final.

2. Half-and-half

As a community property state, you and your ex-spouse will have to divide anything you acquire while married equally in Washington. This includes both assets and debts. If you want to keep it out of court, you can agree in writing on how you want to divide them.

3. Cheating does not count

It will not matter if your spouse cheated on you during your marriage. It will not help you get a bigger share of the marital property or custody of your children.

4. Alimony is not automatic

If you’re worried that your divorce will leave you penniless, you don’t have to worry. Alimony is not a given in a Washington divorce. The court will look at factors to see if alimony is appropriate. These include how long you were married and how much you earn at the time of the divorce. It’s entirely possible that your ex-spouse will have to pay you alimony instead if you get a good divorce lawyer.

5. Unemployment is not an excuse

Child support is the responsibility of both parents. Unemployment is not an excuse. If your ex-spouse has no income, the court might still order them to pay child support. That is if the court finds that your ex-spouse can find work, but chooses not to. The court will also look at whether your ex-spouse can get a better paying job, but does not do so to avoid paying more child support.

These are fascinating facts about a divorce in Washington. However, they’re far from all you need to know. Divorce is a complex legal matter. You need to consult with a divorce law firm to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Finding a Home You can Afford with Your Disposable Income

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Modern Home at nightHouse prices never stay the same. There are so many factors at play. Even if you checked houses on the market a year ago, your data would not be accurate anymore. That’s one thing home buyers who have delayed purchase may learn the hard way.

What you get for your salary a year ago may not be the same as what you can afford in this year’s market. Here’s how to make sure you only get what your budget can accommodate:

Use a Loan Calculator

In Utah, lenders like American Loans often have a home loan calculator on their website to guide you in your search for a property that falls within your price range. But don’t just consider your take-home pay for the mortgage. You also need to factor in your other loans, as well as your spending money for basic necessities. It won’t make sense to own a house when you barely have enough for living a decent life in it.

Know the Cost of Living

The mortgage is just one of the expenses you will need money for every month. You also have to allocate money for food, bills, and miscellaneous expenses. The price of necessities depends on where you are. In an urban setting, prices may skyrocket beyond you can imagine. Meanwhile, in less developed areas, your dollar can go further due to prices being lower.

Consider Accessibility

The price of transportation is also a big consideration when looking for a house within your budget. You may think a less expensive but bigger house is a catch, but how much will you spend to go to work and back home? Transportation costs, whether in the form of bus fares or gas money, sneak up on you and add to the household expenses, which you could have used in a smaller but more accessible home.

When looking for a house, you want it to be perfect for your family’s needs. More importantly, it should be perfect for your financial capacity.

Three Things to Consider When Buying Door Handles

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Keys inserted in a door knobWhen building your dream house in Australia, have you thought about the design and style of the door hardware that you are going to use? Door hardware such as knobs, locks, and hinges may seem insignificant details to you now, but you should not neglect them as they play an important role in helping you achieve the overall design of your home. Here are three things you need to consider when choosing the right door handles for your home.

Overall Style and Design

Although small and seemingly insignificant, door handles have a huge impact on the overall design of your home. Thus, it is important to find the right ones, but it is not as simple as that. The sheer number of door handle options available these days is enough to overwhelm anyone. This is why you need to have a clear idea of the theme and look that you want for your home so that you can easily find the right set of door hardware. For example, if you want your home to look contemporary and sleek, you may want to avoid brass knobs with a vintage look and feel to them.

Ease of Use and Comfort

When choosing door handles, you need to consider how they feel in your hands since you will be using them countless times each day. You should also avoid the ones that are tricky to use. You do not want to lock yourself out accidentally, do you?


When purchasing doors, it may come as a surprise to learn that they do not come with latches, handles, locks, and hinges. You can think of them as accessories that need to be bought separately. This is why you need to set a realistic and reasonable amount when budgeting for your door hardware.

You do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive doors and accessories. However, try to avoid buying the cheaper ones of very low quality as they tend to break more easily, leaving your home susceptible to break-ins.

Your First Car: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Making the Purchase

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Car salesman handing over keys to buyerOne of the decisions you have to make as a responsible adult is to buy your own car. Just the thought of it can be exciting enough to get you looking at different makes and models already.

You could start looking for ways to finance it, such as saving up or scouting for credit union loans in Fort Worth If you don’t trust your driving skills yet, you could take a few lessons first. But among all the things you have to consider before buying a car, below should be your top 5.

5. Your Priorities

Is this the best time for you to buy a car? If so, would the type of car you had in mind be appropriate for what you intend to use it for? Knowing your priorities is important when buying a car. You have to make sure you’re buying the right one that’ll meet your needs.

4. Your Budget

This might sound like a no-brainer, but your finances must be in good shape before you decide to make a big purchase such as this. It’s not only about having the money to make a down payment. You also have to think long-term and consider car maintenance costs, insurance, emergency funds, and loan payments.

3. Your Credit Score

The interest rates of your car loan will depend on how good your credit score is. So, if you’re in the process of preparing your finances for your first car, keep your finances intact. Don’t miss any payments and don’t make any late payments on any of your current loans or bills.

2. The Car

Once you’ve straightened out your finances, then you can go and do your research on the different types of cars you have in mind. Speed, handling, and fuel capacity are just some of the things you’ll need to find out. Luckily, you know have the internet for all that, or you can go out and just check out a dealer.

1. Test Drives

Buying a car without test-driving it is a bad idea. So, be prepared to do a few test drives once you’ve shortlisted your choices. Besides, it’s fun to sit behind the wheel of a few prospect vehicles and feel out if the car fits you like a glove.

A car is a big purchase decision to make. Don’t let your emotions make that decision for you. Being prepared will arm you in case the whole car-buying process becomes too overwhelming that it affects your decision-making powers already.

Make a list. Ask friends for advice. Do everything you can to learn about the process and soon you’ll be cruising downtown with your pride of a car.

The Mover’s Checklist: Simplifying the Relocation Process

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Couple bringing boxes down the stairsThe whole family must be excited to move into their new home. Everyone is thrilled to see their new rooms and make new friends. As the head of the family, you’re responsible for making sure everything is in order.

Moving to a new city requires enough preparation. The problem with some people is they only start fixing their valuables at the last minute. Cramming can only make things worse. This could make you overlook some of the important things you need to prioritize or even lead you to poor financial decisions.

Here’s a checklist for a smoother and more cost-effective home relocation:

1. Transportation Services

The first thing you need to do is to find a reputable transportation service nearby. Make sure they can accommodate all your belongings, especially for your bigger appliances and furniture. Compare the rates they offer from other service providers. Colonial Van Lines mentions that hiring a van lines moving company is a good idea. Many service providers offer flexible options and affordable rates.

2. Packing Items

There are many packaging items you can use for your valuables. Use recycled containers and boxes at home before buying new ones. Using old newspapers can also save some funds on bubble wraps. Label all the items, so it won’t be confusing when you start loading, unloading, and unpacking them.

3. Schedule

List all the tasks you need to accomplish and make a timeline for each. Mark your calendar and start delegating the tasks to other family members. This should make the whole relocation process more organized. Double check the inventory to make sure everything is ready to go.

4. Inspection

Consider checking the property a week before the relocation. Coordinate with the seller or the property manager. Remind them about the final date of your relocation. Inspect the house once again to ensure safety.

Following these simple steps should make the moving process easier and more convenient. Prepare as early as possible and relax until your relocation date.

CompTIA: Rescheduling & Canceling Tests

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a woman studyingYou must have considered the benefits of enrolling in a CompTIA A+ training program before you take the exam. After checking various A+ practice tests, you are now confident that you will pass the CompTIA test with flying colors. However, one task remains: finding the right test center.

You have probably heard your peers say that it takes much effort to find a test center for your Security+ program. However right that may be, starting off with the following things will make your search easier. Thus, ask the testing center whether you can:

Reschedule Your Exam Date

Some institutions have set dates in which you are to sit for your CompTIA exams. Others, however, give you the freedom to choose when you want to take the test. If you have a tight schedule at work or you are busy with other commitments, the latter option will work best for you.

Cancel Your Exam Date

You can choose to cancel your exam altogether and not provide a date for when you plan to sit for the test. If you have an emergency or other deadlines are pressing hard, this option will work for you. However, confirm whether the test center will refund part or the total sum of your fees.

Assessments matter, but while it is crucial that you prepare adequately for your CompTIA A+ exams using practice tests, you must find the appropriate test center. Knowing whether the test center will allow you to reschedule and cancel your exam dates will spare you from the inconvenience of having to pay for another test. You will also enjoy the privilege of preparing for the exam.

3 Types of Moldings for Ceilings

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A ceilingMany property owners assume that painting their ceiling is enough since they believe it’s not a point of focus for most visitors. The ceiling, however, is a crucial part of your interior décor. It crowns the overall look of your rooms, and one wrong element can make a huge difference in their appearance.

Good thing, there’s a way to transform your ceiling into a masterpiece. That’s with the use of molding between the ceiling and your walls. Miskas Wood Products and other known companies in the industry noted that there are different types of ceiling molding that wood trims and molding manufacturers have in stock, so it could get overwhelming. Don’t fret, though. The key to add style and flair to your rooms is to match the molding to your existing décor. Here are the most popular options used today:

Crown Molding

This is the leading choice for most people. It comes in various decorative finishes, ranging from ornate to simple. It serves as the ornamental cap on your wall and is installed at an angle between your ceiling and walls. Cornice molding is a variation of crown molding, which comprises a single piece that can be used in conjunction with other molding types for customization.


This type serves a functional and decorative purpose. L-molding is used to cover electrical wires and cords. It’s L-shaped to fit over pipes and cables easily.

Frieze molding

This is often used with bed and cornice moldings to create a three-piece molding. Frieze molding sits at the bottom of the bed molding and between a cornice cap. It features intricate inlaid patterns and designs and is wide-set, making it ideal for large rooms.

You can paint the above ceiling moldings in various colors to match your décor and include different patterns to boost their elegance. Most design experts recommend fewer contours for moldings so they don’t look so busy. Minimal contours have fewer flaws compared to moldings with a lot of contours.

It is Supposed to Be That Way: Making Your School a Child-Friendly Environment

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kids gathered around sitting on the grassSchools are supposed to be child-friendly. They should possess the basic elements that will facilitate learning, socialisation and personal development. However, some schools forget to implement programs and activities for the betterment of the students.

Whether you are a headmaster or a teacher, it is important that you come up with effective methods that will make your school a safe and friendly place for all the stakeholders: children, parents and employees. It is important that you conduct a survey to get the right insights and ideas for your project. Below are some tips you should keep in mind.

Comprehensive Facilities

Your school should have facilities that promote comfort and learning. A library with an Internet connection may seem like a simple feature, but it can foster learning outside conventional means. School shelters may seem like a basic structure, but Kensington Systems Ltd notes that these venues can serve as a hub for socialisation among students and their parents.

Activities that Promote Inclusion

Gone are the days when children were often segregated based on their talents and intellectual capabilities. Learning today is focused on inclusion. That said, you should have programs that promote this idea. There should be activities that respond to the needs of students despite background differences. School clubs, cultural presentations and the likes are among the many ways to do it right.

Protective of the Children

While the students are within the perimeter of your school, they are your responsibility. That is why you must have a fool-proof security system. There should be security cameras installed at the key areas of the school. Fire alarms and sprinklers should be present as well. You should also hire qualified security staff to guard the school.

Making your school child-friendly should always be a priority. After all, isn’t it the reason parents entrust you with their kids? Do everything to protect the students and promote their health and well-being.

Debunking Common Hard Money Loan Myths

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a hand dropping a coin into a piggy bankIf you want money to invest fast, then a hard money loan is the answer. Private hard money lenders are experts in this type of financing, which offers investors the quick capital they need for their investment projects. Unfortunately, hard money loans are surrounded by misconceptions, probably because of the little information available.

Read on to discover the truth behind the common myths about hard money loans.

Myth #1. Hard money lenders are loan sharks

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding hard money lenders is that they are criminals who have shops at the pool hall to service loans through violent henchmen. This is far from the truth because private hard lenders in Florida and any other state are successful investors and entrepreneurs. They are experts in the field; therefore, they understand the financial needs of borrowers.

Myth #2. Hard money loans are difficult to obtain

On the contrary, hard money loans are easy to apply for and secure. Unlike the conventional loans, these loans focus on investment opportunities as opposed to your credit score and bank account. But that doesn’t mean every borrower can access the loans. It means hard money lenders overlook some issues that conventional lenders pay attention to, such as your income statement.

Myth #3. No cash is required

Most potential borrowers have this misconception that they don’t need money as long as they fall under a specific loan-to-value ratio. Most lenders will require the borrower to provide their general financial situation, which is essential in knowing that the borrower has enough financial reserves and capabilities.

Hard money loans are a lifesaver to investors who need cash immediately. Having understood the truth about these loans, you can now rely on them to buy investment real estate. It’s important to research about the lender before getting into business with them.