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SAF Women: An Opportunity to Volunteer into Military Service

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Women in Military ServiceOver the last few years, SAF has been recruiting women into the military and 140 women joined the SAF women team in 2014. This is twice the number of women who have been recruited in the past years. Currently, there are 1500 uniformed women in the SAF, constituting 7% of the total SAF population.

Training for the Women

The SAF women’s program was created by fellow women to address the concerns of having a firearm both off-body and on-body. The women’s program consists ofwomen’s defensive handgun 1 and 2 which targets safety and concealed carry.

At SAFTD, the staff and instructors are committed to offering sound firearms training to equip the females with proper skills needed to protect themselves and their loved ones. Currently, women for the fastest growing field in the firearms sector. This has motivated the SAF Training Division to support ladies in the mission of learning defence mechanisms for security and personal safety.

More Women Involvement Due to Technology

The major challenge to higher recruitment rates for women is the perception that military roles include the frontline combat roles and responsibilities. Well, thanks to technology there has been an introduction of mechanisation and unmanned systems allowing women to actively participate in the SAF. There are now other career options in the SAF that are being advertised. Through advertisements and open fairs, more women are made to understand SAF more and the different vocations present they can all take part in.

No Women-Defined Roles

Women who serve in physically demanding jobs can serve as naval divers, commanders or guards. Nevertheless, there are no roles in the SAF that are defined and set apart for women. Any woman can serve in any position so long as they are in the capacity to.

More women are climbing ranks in the military and it is a good thing as more parties are getting encouraged. SAF insists that they need more women to recruit without a specific target to meet.

Experience the Rodeo with Bull Riding

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Bull RidingThe Wild West and the western lifestyle continue to arguably be romanticized by the American people. You may be fascinated by it yourself, and you aspire to embrace the western lifestyle fully. Even if you are already born in a town steeped in western culture, you may still have much more to discover about the western lifestyle.

Face the Bull

Perhaps one of the most iconic components of the western lifestyle is the rodeo, and what better to represent the rodeo than bull riding? Bull riding may be considered as one of the most dangerous sports. People have been injured, and people have died, but people still ride and watch those who ride. It continues to be a popular sport that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.

Aiming for Recognition

Recently, the sport is trying to grip an even wider audience around the country and even around the world. Professional Bull Riding is striving for wider recognition of the sport. Just like any other often underappreciated sport, PBR seems to try to become as big as the NBA or the NFL, for example.

Practice Bull

Now, you may be interested in riding a bull yourself. You can ride a mechanical bull, which is safer than the actual thing. You can have your cowboy or cowgirl outfit ready, and yeah your way through a good time. You will have to take time to prepare yourself if you want to enjoy a real bull ride, however.

Training and Protection

You first have to practice your riding. Once you think you can hang on for eight seconds — the goal of bull riding — you can pick out your protective gear next. You need a bull riding helmet, a protective vest, and a glove for your riding hand. Other things you need are rosin, chaps, bull rope, boots, and spurs.

Under the supervision of an instructor or an experienced bull herder, you can have a taste of real, terrifying, exhilarating bull riding. Hold on for dear life!

3 Western Australian Attractions for Nature Lovers

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Nature TripWestern Australia is a wonderful destination for all kinds of tourists because of its many attractions and sights to behold. If you are a nature lover, though, then you’re in for a treat because of the many places you can visit that will give you unforgettable experiences involving nature. Here are some of those beautiful places you can go to for rich and one-of-a-kind experiences when you visit Western Australia.

Whale Watching

Whale watching in Western Australia is considered by most tourists as one of the most memorable moments you can have during your trip. The Southern Ocean offers one of the longest seasons for whale watching in the entire world, so you can definitely see it for yourself. Get close to these playful gentle giants and take pictures alongside them. You can also hop of a whale watching cruise for a luxurious experience. These are available in Augusta, King George Sound, Busselton, Dunsborough, and more.

Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus is the largest monolith in the entire world, making it a must-visit for mountaineers. You can access its 49-kilometre picturesque base trail using a four wheel drive and you can see the sky change from greens to blues to gold when you reach the summit at 860-meter high. With native trees and shrubs, Mount Augustus is a haven for kangaroos, emus, goannas, honeyeaters, and kookaburras.

Kariini National Park

Visit one of Australia’s most breathtaking national parks that serves as a playground for all adventure hunters. With challenging hiking trails, crystal clear waterfalls and rock pools, massive gorges, narrow tunnels, awesome landscapes, and some of the oldest rock formations in Australia, you’ll definitely never run out of pictures to take and adventures to experience.

These are just some of the most amazing attractions you can visit when you go to Western Australia. If you’re a nature lover who’s eager for adventure, then you will definitely be more than satisfied.

Buying & Selling of Gold: Is It Worth It?

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Gold InvestmentGold has been of great value ever since ancient times. There are, in fact, evidence citing gold’s role in representing status and power. Until now, it still holds the same value it has since. That’s why it is not surprising to see people getting worked up about investing in one.

Before you even start towards this path, however, you must learn a few valuable things about it.

Determining the Price

The value of the gold item depends on the process it has undergone. Be informed that trade of bullion coins are at a lower premium compared to spot gold price. This is because they have been minted by sovereign governments that usually charge a fabrication fee. Moreover, the price may vary depending on the size, quantity, and type.

Identifying Bullion from Collector Coins

Whether you’re selling or buying gold coins, learn to distinguish the difference between bullion, which is generally cheaper, and rare coins, which possess historical significance and are scarce in terms of supply and demand.

Choosing the Dealer

Gold coins are not hard to find, Atkinsons Bullion says, especially if you’re buying. Most of them, you’ll notice, are readily available in the market. It can be from a private dealer, standalone jewellery store, antique shop, pawn shop, or government mints. In the end, however, you still need to buy from a trusted source to get precisely what you need.

Learning the Trade

Test your trading skills before you get involved in any of this. Entering and reading some information about the whole industry will improve your understanding, or join online message boards and learn from people or experts in the trade. This is so you can be fully aware of how the whole industry works.

While gold investment has its own complexities, a little effort in learning the basics will certainly save you from its pitfalls. It is difficult when you’re starting, but as you continue, things will be much easier to handle and negotiate.

Reasons for Choosing Clear Span Tents

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Clearspan TentAre you planning an outdoor event? Then, you should start your preparation now as an event outdoor needs more time when it comes to preparation. You should research on the venue and the equipment to use as early as you can.

Know that Clearspan tent rentals are great for any major event — conferences, reunions, debuts, proms, and weddings, among others. These tents are ideal for many events and there are a number of reasons why. Although they can be slightly more expensive to rent than the average tent, they give a classy ambiance and are definitely more stable than other tents. Not to mention setting up lighting and speakers to top it off is significantly easier. Even though this type of tent may take slightly longer to set up, the final outcome in terms of the view and acoustics is worth the trouble.

Beautiful atmosphere

The acoustics usually depend on the venue where you set the tent, but clear tents give a nice natural background that really sets the mood. To top that off, evening events are more interesting with these tents as the clear roof allows you and your guests to enjoy gazing at the stars in the night sky or fireworks display without even having to leave the tent.

Lighting and sounds are gorgeous

Since this type of tent is generally more stable than the average types, installation for lighting and sound systems are relatively easier to do. For the sounds, the acoustics are beautiful because the music resonates through the whole tent. For lighting, the clear material refracts and reflects the lights to give the party a very energetic vibe.

Whether you are planning a wedding, debut, prom, reunion, or any other major event, clear tents is definitely the way to go. All you really need to worry about is how you are going to use it. Nevertheless, with a little creativity and innovative thinking, you can definitely make the best of it. Your only real limit is your imagination when it comes to this kind of tent.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Early Signs and Symptoms

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Signs of Alzheimer’sMemory loss that affects daily life may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s, a brain disease that causes a decline in memory and reasoning skills. While the number and degree of signs and symptoms differ for every individual, it is important to identify the early signs.

Serious Forgetfulness

One common example of normal age-related memory loss is forgetting names or dates, but remembering them later. When it comes to Alzheimer’s, however, recently learned information is easily forgotten. It may also include asking the same information repeatedly, forgetting important events, and relying on memory aids or loved ones.

Poor Judgment

It is normal to make bad decisions once in a while, but those with Alzheimer’s make mistakes more often. Legacy Retirement and other memory care providers note that they may give large amounts of money when they normally wouldn’t or pay less attention to themselves. They may forget to take a bath or keep themselves clean because of their lapse in judgment.

Confused with Times and Place

It is typical for those with the disease to lose track of seasons, dates, and times. They may also find it difficult to understand things or situations if they is not happening right on. This why some with Alzheimer’s forget where they are or how they got to a certain place. Times and places are confusing for them, so they easily get lost.

Conversation Struggles

People with Alzheimer’s may have a difficult time keeping up with a conversation, so they may stop in the middle or repeat phases and words. They may also find it confusing how to answer back or have difficulties finding the right word. This causes them to avoid joining in conversation or calling things the wrong name.

Mood Changes

It is also common for those with Alzheimer’s to show changes in mood and personality. They may become depressed, confused, anxious, suspicious, or depressed. They may also be upset at home or in unfamiliar places. This may also cause them to withdraw from wok or social activities.

If you or your loved ones experience these early signs, it is important to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider. It is possible to get the most out of available treatments with early detection.

Organizing A Party: Get A Checklist Of Items Ready!

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Organizing A PartyBefore you begin to organize a party, it is essential that you prepare a checklist of items that you need. Party Suppliers in Minneapolis MN are often faced with sudden requests for party equipment because the organizers did not plan ahead. In order to avoid any such situations, party experts at Apres Party and Tent Rental suggest that you have a discussion with them regarding the theme, occasion and number of guests coming to the party.

Some Of The Common Party Equipment

Once you have fixed the date of the party, you should consider acquiring the following items:

  • Decorations: Based on the theme of the party you will have to choose the decorations. For example, the decorations for a birthday party will be different from a wedding. So according to the occasion and theme, you will have to select suitable decorative items.
  • Chairs and tables: Clearly discuss with the party equipment supply company the number of guests that you expect from the party. Based on that you will have to plan out the seating arrangement.
  • Decorative centrepiece: Most parties have a decorative centrepiece like a cake or a chocolate fountain as a point of attraction. Choose the centrepiece with care and have it installed much before the party begins.
  • Serving dishes: You will need to plan the party food well ahead of the event day. Based on that you will have to hire serving dishes, punch bowls, glasses, trays or any other serving equipment required to serve the food.

Keeping a proper checklist of items and equipment required to make the part a success is essential. This will help you keep a tab on the items that you need to acquire and the ones you can hire. After you have ordered the equipment all you need to do is enjoy the party.

Living Overseas: The Key Reasons People Seek Foreign Citizenship

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Migrate to Foreign CountriesNowadays, migrating from one continent or country to another is no longer a strange thing. People do so in search of different things to make their lives better, whether it’s for personal gain, education or business, or to be with their loved ones.

Here are some reasons people migrate from their motherlands to foreign countries:

Job Opportunity

Despite being educated in their home country, many seek jobs overseas. Due to higher pay, amenities and additional allowances, people decide to move to another country to raise their living standards. Whether you’ll work permanently or on a contract basis, and other immigration experts say that there are fees and requirements you need to meet depending on the applicable laws of the country you’re moving to.

Political Wars

When people are fighting over political power, it can be a bad thing for the country. What political leaders fail to agree on affects common citizens in different ways. This means that the war between political rivals could lead to citizens losing properties, family members as well as their natural heritage. If political differences are not resolved in good time, citizens seek refuge in other peaceful countries.


Finding a partner to marry is something that most people don’t take for granted. In fact, many rise above tribalism and racism when looking for someone that could take their heart for keeps. Some even influence their partners to migrate with them. This means that they’re ready to leave the country and relatives just to be with the one they love.

It’s not possible to migrate in to a foreign land without the necessary documents and citizenship permits. To know the requirements you need to migrate to a different country, it’s crucial to visit any nearby immigration office for more information.

Metal Roof vs. Shingles: What Should You Install?

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Metal Roofing in Salt Lake CityAs a homeowner, knowing which type of roofing to install is essential. After all, the roof is a lifetime investment that keeps your home safe. If you’re planning to replace or install one for your new home, you’re likely to be torn between asphalt shingles and metal roofing. This can leave you confused over what to choose and what to forego. Here’s a comparison:


Builders recommend asphalt shingles, as they are appealing and easy to install. Having been in the industry for years, asphalt shingles are economical for people on a budget. Shingles come with warranties that can last for over 20 years. This depends on your maintenance and location, though.

Metal roofing, on the other hand, comes in different styles, shapes, and colors. Many people see it as boring, not knowing that it’s available in different options. If you’re looking for a roof that combines appearance, longevity, and performance, this might be the ideal choice for you.

Weight and other roofing contractors in Salt Lake City noted that there is a huge misconception that metal roofs are heavier when they are in fact lighter than asphalt shingles. A metal roof weights approximately 1.4 pounds per square foot, while shingles weigh 5 pounds per square foot. This is why metal roofing is easier to install compared to other materials.


Many people may be installing composition shingles, but this doesn’t reflect their permanence or reliability. In fact, some shingles often need replacement way before their warranty expires. Metal roofs resist heat from the sun, making it durable against severe weather conditions. Rest assured that your roof would last for a decade or two.


You’ll find asphalt shingles with over 20 years warranty, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof will last that long. You’ll find that product defects and lifespan are two different things. The warranty for shingles is about defect and not deterioration as most people think. If you’re looking for a durable roofing system that guarantees excellent performance even in harsh weather conditions, a metal roof is still a good choice.

Know which roofing material suits best for your home and you won’t regret your decision. Invest only in what you think can provide value for your money.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition in Caring for Horses

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Caring for HorsesEven with all the dissimilarities between horse and man, there are still things that connect the four-footed mammal to its master other than being a favoured method of transportation in the past. And this has a lot to do with food; horses need nutrition as much as you do.

For starters, you can’t expect to feed your equine friend with just about anything you can get your hands on. The stomach is key to developing a superior horse.

As Diverse as People

If you think all horses deserve the same food, then you may as well think every person on planet Earth just needs French fries and burger to survive.

As a certified equine nutrition specialist detail, each horse has its own distinct proper diet to function best. Like people, this depends on key things such as breed, age and the horse's recent activity. A racehorse would have a different dietary need compared to a quarter horse, which gets but an occasional trail ride.

You can’t expect to get superior performance for your equine prizefighter if you do not feed it well. On the same token, putting your thoroughbreds in dismal living conditions may trigger depression; they may refuse to eat even when fed.

The Earlier the Better

Giving nutrition a priority early on is vital in a horse’s life. Supplemental nutrition through a calf meal, for instance, could be what a young horse needs to grow up as healthy as possible. High in quality protein, a calf meal would provide key nutrition for growth and development.

As the pack is complete with needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids, you will have given ample nutrition for your speedy mammal for optimal health and well-being. Additionally, the product is digestible, so your young equine friend would not have a problem absorbing it into its system.

As a result, you produce faster thoroughbreds or better farm horses, whichever the case may be.

By giving your horses a great start early in life, you give your equine endeavor greater chances towards its eventual success.