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4 Tips for Setting Up a New Warehouse

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Warehouse with a good setupSo, you’ve finally chosen the perfect warehouse for your business’ storage needs and you’re now excited to set it up with heavy duty long span shelving, floor markings, and all that good stuff. You probably know by now, however, that it’s not going to be an easy job.

You don’t have to lose sleep while thinking about what your warehouse layout should be, though. Here are some tips to help you get started on a setup that’s conducive to productivity.

1. Create an Extra Large Receiving Area

Your receiving team has one of the most important functions in your operations. If anything goes wrong, the whole process is affected. Having enough space to work in when counting and reconciling items to a list or breaking down pallets makes work easier and less confusing.

2. Receiving and Shipping Must Be Separate

Preferably, these two areas must be on separate ends of your warehouse. Like receiving, shipping also entails double-check counting and building pallets that all need to be recorded. Peak seasons won’t be friendly if you had these processes in the same area.

3. Dead Stock Must Have its Own Area

You can’t continue to keep your dead stocks with your moving stocks. Create a separate area for them, so when liquidation comes, you won’t rely on the numbers but on the actual products as well.

4. Put Frequently Picked Products Closer to Shipping

This is an ultimate timesaving tip. Imagine having your most popular products stored the farthest from shipping. Efficiency would be lost right away. If they’re stored closer to shipping, it would take less time for everyone to finish the process and you can have them shipped out in a shorter turn-around time.

Remember that as your business grows, your warehouse needs may change as well. Choose shelving and racking systems that are easy to customise based on your inventory, and train your staff well on these possibilities. Once all these are checked off your list, you’ll be ready to get down to business.

Steel or Plastic Water Tank: Which Is the Better Option?

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a man working on a water storage tankWater storage tanks come in different varieties. In terms of placement, there are above-ground and underground tanks. Regarding purpose, some tanks store water from a household’s water line and tanks that harness rainfall.

When it comes to composition, there are steel tanks and plastic tanks. If you are considering outfitting your house with one of these storage tanks, it is important that you know a thing or two about the options available to you.


For years Steel has been the favored option when it comes to water tanks, and that is for good reasons. For starters, steel scores high in terms of durability compared to plastic. Its ability to postpone wear and tear is exceptional.

Furthermore, steel proves cost-efficient in the long run since they are easy to clean and maintain, and, more importantly, their hygienic composition disallows spoilage of your stored water supply.

Lastly, steel is considered an environmentally-friendly material given how it causes the least production and consumption-related carbon footprint. It is also easily recyclable.


Perhaps the biggest selling point of plastic as a water tank material is the fact that it weighs less than steel. This means that they are more portable and thus less demanding come installation or relocation.

Plastic tanks also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes compared with steel, which is normally circular topped with a cone cover. These varieties allow you to pick a tank that can best blend in with your house’s design. Lastly, plastic does not rust.

While many advocates for plastic tanks’ sheer dependability, others remain wary considering how most plastic products nowadays are made from materials with known health risks, such as Polyethylene (PE), Bisphenol (BA), and Polypropylene (PP), among others.

To make the most out of your water tank, start by ensuring that you make the right purchase. With all the options out there, it pays that you thoughtfully decide which ones will best suit your needs.

4 Benefits That Will Empower Your Employees

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employees giving a high fives gestureToday, more and more offices are recognising the importance of empowering their employees by supporting not only their careers but also their personal interests.

Apart from benefits like pension, childcare vouchers, life insurance or gym memberships, there are other ways employers can boost employee morale. You can install features like cycle shelter for those who ride their bikes to work. Or surprise employees with a game room, where they can release some work stress on an Xbox or a game of billiards.

Here are more ideas on how to take better care of your employees:

Spa or Yoga Benefits

The health and well-being of your employees should matter to you. Giving them discounts or vouchers to spa treatments or yoga classes will show that you care about their health, too.

Single-Parent Benefits

Statistics shows that there are 1.6 million single mothers in the UK with dependent children as of November 2017. These single parents work twice as hard to provide for their family. If you have single parents in your workforce, you can treat them to benefits like extra paid vacation leaves or additional allowance.

Annual Sports Tournaments

Almost all offices have a sports buff or two. Hold an annual sports event for everyone. This is not only for morale-building, but also for forging relationships between different employees and departments.

Educational Loans

If given the chance, some employees wish to continue or enrich their education while working. Allowing loans with lower interest rates will show them that you also support their personal and educational growth.

The work-life balance has never been more important than now. These are just some of the ways that you can give back to your employees for being the backbone of your business. Remember that happy employees produce high-quality output. Keep yours in an environment conducive to employee satisfaction.

Three Things that You Need to Improve Your Catering Kitchen

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Head chef posing with the team behind him in a professional kitchenAnyone who works in a kitchen knows what hustle and bustle can go on. A catering kitchen will have a lot of demand for quick and quality food. Thankfully, it is possible to stay on top of the game and satisfy the demand without compromising on the quality. Your catering kitchen must have state-of-the-art equipment and other similar upgrades. Here are three things that you must have in your kitchen to ensure its success.

Floor Mats

As part of the food industry, it is important that the kitchen is sanitary. One of the things that many people overlook is the floor. The floors of a kitchen can be the perfect house for all sorts of germs. A way to make sure that your kitchen is as clean as can be is by getting excellent kitchen floor mats. There are floor mats that keep mould, mildew and bacteria from thriving. That way, you will know that there will be an extra safety measure to keep your food from posing as a health risk.


If you have a catering kitchen, you will have a lot of food orders that must be delivered to a certain location. Using your own car can be fine for small orders, however, it can damage your car with stains and odors and won’t be a long-term solution, especially for larger orders. Make sure that the vehicle is large enough to support all of the food, supplies, etc. This will make sure that the more delicate food and items will not get crushed and be able to satisfy any order no matter what the size is.

Fridges and Freezers

Of course, every kitchen would require a fridge and freezer. However, you can upgrade these necessities. You can get more space-saving options by getting counter refrigerators and under counter freezers. You can take advantage of these options since they allow more room for more countertop space for prepping the food.

If you want a successful catering kitchen, then there is no need to worry. You can add things and upgrade items that will help you achieve a more efficient kitchen.

Small Additions that Add Elegance to a Home

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Plant decor in the houseIt’s important to dress your home up as you please for maximum comfort. The following are some techniques you could try out to make your home look better without too much effort.

1. Pine Tongue and Groove

Pine tongue and groove make a huge difference in any home. Placed in strategic locations, they add a touch of elegance that would work in practically all themes. The beauty of such paneling is that it has a universal appeal. Plus, there are lots of designs to choose from.

2. Contrasting Pillows

Add a few pillows on your sofa to add contrast to the overall look of the home. Throw pillows usually come in different shapes and sizes, and as such, it is easy to mix and match as the season warrants. For example, use red pillows for Christmas and something green for Saint Patty’s Day.

3. Fresh Flowers

It’s really amazing how fresh flowers can liven up a room so quickly. No need to spend so much on fresh flowers, however — even everyday flowers you can pick off the garden can add a bit of happiness indoors.

Make a point of putting some in your home, especially during days when you’ll be staying indoors.

4. Natural Light

There’s really no need to spend hundreds in order to boost the beauty of your home. In many cases, all it takes is to take off the drapes or clean the windows to allow natural light in. Open the windows and breathe in fresh air, you’ll thank yourself for it.

5. Odd Groupings

Most decorators follow the ‘rule of three’ technique wherein they usually display multiple items in threes. This is actually more satisfying to the eyes and therefore more relaxing in homes.

Of course, those are just a few of the changes you can make to have a fresher home. In time, you’ll learn how to experiment to achieve the results you want.

3 Genius Tips to Accelerate Your Plumbing Projects

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Plumber fixing a faucetWhen your plumbing business starts to expand, you need to find ways to cope with the increasing number of projects. One way to do so is to increase the number of your staff. But, what if there was a way to handle more projects without necessarily having to add more people on your team? That would mean more profits for you.

The secret, of course, is finding a way to handle projects faster while still maintaining top-notch quality. Here are easy tips to go about it:

Choose parts smartly

Some of the parts you use in plumbing projects require less time to fit than others. When using press fittings, for instance, you can save up to two-thirds of the time you’d need to work with brazing. Opt for prefabricated plumbing parts too, as these reduce the amount of time you’d need to spend on the field.

Upgrade your project management

When involved in a large plumbing project, it’s likely that you’ll be working with various individuals. To keep the project running like a well-oiled machine, it’s important to focus on great project management skills. That includes efficient communication, choosing the correct technologies, and preparing for problems in advance.

Digitise processes

With the Cloud and other useful technologies, you need to have gone paperless by now. Do away with paper forms to keep track of every little detail of your plumbing projects. Going digital can streamline important activities like ordering, invoicing, tracking labor, and creating estimates. That alone can slash the amount of time you spend doing administrative work.

In an industry where your reputation depends on your ability to deliver excellent results in the shortest time possible, knowing how to fast-track your plumbing projects is a great asset. Fortunately, that’s something you can easily achieve by adopting a few strategies.

US Spending on Home Renovations to Increase in the Next 2 Years

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House renovation in progressAmericans will continue to spend more on home remodeling and renovation work in 2018, as total spending by September will reach $333 billion, according to Harvard University’s Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA).

The LIRA attributed the significant jump in spending to an 8% increase in costs. Hence, it estimated annual gains from different home development projects to rise 7.7% by the third quarter of 2019, up from 6.3% in the last quarter of 2017.

Professional Experience

There are certain projects that you can do yourself, but some home improvement services require expert work. For instance, if you want an intricate design for kitchen cabinets done by a wood laser engraving machine, professionals are more than capable of doing this.

Safety serves as another reason for contracting professionals for most of the job. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that more than 500,000 people suffer from related injuries.

For this reason, it seems more cost-efficient to look for an insured contractor, especially if you want to upgrade your roof, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Renovations and Repairs

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies research Abbe Will said that the LIRA model has not fully taken the effects of the recent hurricanes into account, but the series of reconstruction work in Florida and Texas could support the increase in spending until 2019.

US homeowners have decided to pursue improvement projects partly because of strong home equity growth and a strong economy, according to LIRA. This bodes well for professional contractors, as several owner-occupiers will seek more of their services.

It makes sense to upgrade your house, whether or not you plan to sell it in the future. Remember to acquire the necessary permits, particularly for large-scale improvements. While do-it-yourself work could save you money, hiring professionals are important for other complicated services.

3 Ways to Improve Your Farm’s Productivity and Efficiency

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a woman harvesting carrotsIn the modern age, farming is not just a way of making food and tending to animals. It is a huge industry; a lucrative business that will not only feed your family, but also your employees and customers.
Like any other type of business, farming is result-oriented. There are goals to be set and achieved. If you want results, you should first focus on the operations and efficiency of the business.

Planning the future of your farm may require you to be attentive to details, but it will all be worth it in the end. Here are some pointers you may want to keep in mind.

Improve practices

If you want to advance, you should get rid of practices that prove to be costly and ineffective. This may require you to look at the entire operations plan of the business. If you are not yet invested in soil testing, now may be the right time to get into it. You may want to explore other ways of digging planting holes and ridging to ensure the fast growth or your crops.

Streamline the operations

Bureaucratic business operations have many layers and point persons. If you have lots of layers, there is a room for corruption that some of your employees may take advantage of. As such, you need to streamline your operations. A streamlined set of protocols will promote transparency and honesty.

Invest in good equipment

Your old farm equipment may be the thing that keeps your business from advancing. It’s time to get rid of it (or sell it). Invest in newer and much more efficient pieces and devices, whether they are tractors or wireless LED trailer lights.

Improving farm operations will help you achieve your business goals. If you wish to know more, you should seek the advice of a consultant specializing in this industry.

3 Smart Ways to Save Money While You’re Young

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coins in a jar, concept of savingWhen you’re young, you’re full of energy and expectations. You want to live your life to the fullest. However, it’s prudent to start putting aside some cash for your future. Saving can seem challenging to begin with, but once you set your goals and you’re enlightened on where to start, it all becomes easy and fun.

Set a budget

This is the cornerstone of all your financial planning. Draw up a budget depending on your needs, wants, and saving plans. Be sure to put aside the amount you intend to save before spending the money. Thanks to technology, there are many banks with mobile banking services that allow you to deposit your savings quickly and conveniently.

Take advantage of discounts

Before shopping for anything, take your time. Make price comparisons and check out if any discounts are being offered for your type of purchase. Also, take advantage of the seasonal discounts and make your purchase during this time. Consider buying your groceries in bulk for you to enjoy the economies of scale that come along with it. This way, you will be a savvy buyer and will end up saving a significant amount of cash.

Monitor your bills

Bills are recurring costs. They are there every month and take up a significant chunk of your cash. These are things like your power bills, cable TVs, Internet packages, water bills, etc. The good thing is that they can be monitored. Have an energy audit performed in your house and heed the recommendations given on how you can cut the power bills. Also, practice safe and waste minimization habits like putting your lights off when not in need, and fixing all the leaking faucets.

Your mindset plays a significant role when it comes to achieving your saving goals. The above tips are only meant to enlighten you on how to go about it. Therefore, they should not be viewed as restrictive. Rather, see them as means through which you will achieve your saving goals.

Understanding the Types of Strapping Machines

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WarehouseStrapping machines are ideal for keeping packages, bundles, and boxes tightly together. The machine creates straps, coils them around the package, and passes the tied packet into a strapping and sealing area. Heat is then used to seal the package according to a pre-set tension.

Strapping machines are important to all companies looking for the appropriate packaging equipment and solutions. There are various machine types you can get, depending on your task. Read on to learn about them.

Tabletop Machines

These are small, entry-level semi-automatic machines, approximately 30’’ high x 24’’wide x36’’ long. Semi-automatic strapping machines have strap rates of 10-15/minute, depending on the operator’s skill. They are relatively cheap depending on the features and brand and can be flexible. Tabletop strapping machines can be used as back up or the primary machine for low volume operations and off-line packaging tasks.

Arch Machines

These machines are more automated compared to tabletop ones but still require a worker for package positioning and pressing the activation button. The size of an arch machine is one of the essential considerations since the package’s size is restricted to what fits under the arch. The strap rate for arch machines is 30-70 straps/minute.

Fully Automatic Machines

Like arch machines, fully automatic strapping machines have built-in conveyors that carry packages through it. These machines need no operator, as they are activated by an automatic device, typically a photocell. They have a similar strap rate to arch machines. The conveyor speed of the machine must be fast enough to prevent bottlenecks in product flow.

Not all strapping machines are created equal. Getting the right manufacturer or distributor is key to ensuring the efficiency of your business operations. Buy your strapping machine from a company with well-designed products built to high standards of engineering for long-term operational reliability.