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SAF Women: An Opportunity to Volunteer into Military Service

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Women in Military ServiceOver the last few years, SAF has been recruiting women into the military and 140 women joined the SAF women team in 2014. This is twice the number of women who have been recruited in the past years. Currently, there are 1500 uniformed women in the SAF, constituting 7% of the total SAF population.

Training for the Women

The SAF women’s program was created by fellow women to address the concerns of having a firearm both off-body and on-body. The women’s program consists ofwomen’s defensive handgun 1 and 2 which targets safety and concealed carry.

At SAFTD, the staff and instructors are committed to offering sound firearms training to equip the females with proper skills needed to protect themselves and their loved ones. Currently, women for the fastest growing field in the firearms sector. This has motivated the SAF Training Division to support ladies in the mission of learning defence mechanisms for security and personal safety.

More Women Involvement Due to Technology

The major challenge to higher recruitment rates for women is the perception that military roles include the frontline combat roles and responsibilities. Well, thanks to technology there has been an introduction of mechanisation and unmanned systems allowing women to actively participate in the SAF. There are now other career options in the SAF that are being advertised. Through advertisements and open fairs, more women are made to understand SAF more and the different vocations present they can all take part in.

No Women-Defined Roles

Women who serve in physically demanding jobs can serve as naval divers, commanders or guards. Nevertheless, there are no roles in the SAF that are defined and set apart for women. Any woman can serve in any position so long as they are in the capacity to.

More women are climbing ranks in the military and it is a good thing as more parties are getting encouraged. SAF insists that they need more women to recruit without a specific target to meet.

Movie Swords: The New Type of Collectables

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movie set swords
Are you fascinated with the swords heroes used to fight with demons and villains in the movies? For movie lovers, you can now get a hold of your favourite movie swords from the character you like best. Today, movie swords, used, original or replica, are in demand especially among movie geeks.

Whether they are completely original or used in a movie, they still have some value in them that avid fans would always want to get a hold of them, no matter how high their prices are. What are the types of swords that are popular among fans?

Samurai Swords

Do you remember the best samurai or Japanese movies and animes you watched growing old? An expert from Global Gear says some of the samurai swords used in these movies are being sold in auctions and collectible stores across the globe. Movie sword for sale is one thing that would remind you of the thrill of watching these action-packed movies.

Modern Action Movie Swords

Do you remember Kill Bill? The action movie star used a sword that marked the success of the movie. There are many replicas, which closely resemble the original one, sold in various stores on the internet. Some superhero movies like Batman also used swords in some of its episodes.

Fantasy and Rare  Swords

Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings swords are the bestsellers when it comes to collectibles. Aside from the fact that these are very rare, they sold like hot potatoes because they have millions of avid viewers and fans from all ages.

The fun of collecting these movie swords is an innovative hobby and for some individuals, collecting relaxes them amidst the chore. For movie geeks and kids at heart, these swords will most likely provide a glimpse of the past and their childhood.

Experience the Rodeo with Bull Riding

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Bull RidingThe Wild West and the western lifestyle continue to arguably be romanticized by the American people. You may be fascinated by it yourself, and you aspire to embrace the western lifestyle fully. Even if you are already born in a town steeped in western culture, you may still have much more to discover about the western lifestyle.

Face the Bull

Perhaps one of the most iconic components of the western lifestyle is the rodeo, and what better to represent the rodeo than bull riding? Bull riding may be considered as one of the most dangerous sports. People have been injured, and people have died, but people still ride and watch those who ride. It continues to be a popular sport that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.

Aiming for Recognition

Recently, the sport is trying to grip an even wider audience around the country and even around the world. Professional Bull Riding is striving for wider recognition of the sport. Just like any other often underappreciated sport, PBR seems to try to become as big as the NBA or the NFL, for example.

Practice Bull

Now, you may be interested in riding a bull yourself. You can ride a mechanical bull, which is safer than the actual thing. You can have your cowboy or cowgirl outfit ready, and yeah your way through a good time. You will have to take time to prepare yourself if you want to enjoy a real bull ride, however.

Training and Protection

You first have to practice your riding. Once you think you can hang on for eight seconds — the goal of bull riding — you can pick out your protective gear next. You need a bull riding helmet, a protective vest, and a glove for your riding hand. Other things you need are rosin, chaps, bull rope, boots, and spurs.

Under the supervision of an instructor or an experienced bull herder, you can have a taste of real, terrifying, exhilarating bull riding. Hold on for dear life!

3 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Functional

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Spacious Backyard The backyard is one of the most overlooked spaces at home. Some homeowners don’t make an effort to do something with the extra space they have there. However, there are so many possibilities if you make your imagination fly. A simple addition or buying a new outdoor appliance is enough to make your backyard miles better than what it is today. Here are some recommendations that might be perfect for you and your family:

Play Area for Kids

If you have kids, then the backyard is the ideal spot to turn into a play area for kids. recommends buying playground equipment, like rectangular trampolines. This way, you can encourage your kids to play outside and enjoy physical activities instead of playing on their smartphones and updating their social media accounts all day. This is also safer than allowing them to play outside the premises of your home.

Secret Haven for Solitude

Another wonderful way to turn your backyard into a functional space is by setting up a comfortable seating area where you can be alone with an amazing book, good music, or your own thoughts. Set up a lounge chair and maybe a small table in the middle of bamboo plantings and some other plants. This can be your special spot for when you need to relieve yourself from stress and relax outside while enjoying some fresh air.

Outdoor Grill Area

Everybody loves outdoor barbeques, so it’s a great idea to set up an outdoor grill area and some tables and chairs to host a barbeque for your friends, neighbors, or family. This can come in handy during special occasions or during random moments when you simply want to grill some meat and enjoy some drinks.

These are only some of the things you can set up in the backyard to make it more functional. Instead of wasting that extra space, be creative and make it more useful without spending too much.

3 Reasons You Should Buy Your Girl a Diamond

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Diamond Rings Diamonds are forever. You must have heard of this phrase many times. It’s actually the title of a song and a famous spy movie, which perhaps help further boost the skyrocketing popularity of diamonds. Today, most marriage proposals are marked by the offering of diamond rings as a sign of affection. The glittering beauty of the diamond adds to the allure and mystique of saying “yes” to a marriage proposal. But why is it necessary to buy the person you love a diamond?

It’s Unique

Some of you might say diamond rings are not unique; it actually has become sort of a cliché. While you may be right in saying these types of rings are not that exceptional anymore, the truth is that diamonds themselves are rare and unique stones. You might be surprised to learn that no two diamonds are alike — and that could be true.

Diamonds have unique qualities when raw, and they become rarer when handled by diamond cutters who shape them into their final form. What does this have to do with giving your loved one a diamond ring? It symbolizes that she is a unique and rare gem in your heart.

It’s Permanent

Diamonds are among nature’s hardest mineral. It took nature years to create them under extremely high temperature and pressure. The result is one of the most indestructible rocks known to man. This means it can last for a long time, even forever. This indicates permanency, a durability that's equivalent only by your great love and devotion to her.

If you don't have the budget, you can look for jewelers and pawn shops that accept diamonds. Once the person who pawned it won't be able to pay back, it's your turn to make the most of the situation and buy it at a better price.

A Fiery Glitter Like No Other

There’s a line in a song that goes, “I'll give you the stars to light your eyes.” While it may not pertain to diamonds, these rare gems do glitter and sparkle like a thousand stars on a clear night. The many facets it has and the qualities it possesses allow this special stone to take on the appearance of a glittering star. 

According to Business Insider, this unique quality of the diamond allows dealers to tell if it’s fake or not. What has this got to do with giving your girl a diamond ring? It kind of tells her that you’re willing to harvest the stars in the sky — that is not possible, so you give her a diamond instead.

While there are a few who fail to see the connection of diamonds to devotion and love, almost all understand how important diamonds are in a relationship. Best of all, they are real and are sold at a discount in some stores.

3 Western Australian Attractions for Nature Lovers

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Nature TripWestern Australia is a wonderful destination for all kinds of tourists because of its many attractions and sights to behold. If you are a nature lover, though, then you’re in for a treat because of the many places you can visit that will give you unforgettable experiences involving nature. Here are some of those beautiful places you can go to for rich and one-of-a-kind experiences when you visit Western Australia.

Whale Watching

Whale watching in Western Australia is considered by most tourists as one of the most memorable moments you can have during your trip. The Southern Ocean offers one of the longest seasons for whale watching in the entire world, so you can definitely see it for yourself. Get close to these playful gentle giants and take pictures alongside them. You can also hop of a whale watching cruise for a luxurious experience. These are available in Augusta, King George Sound, Busselton, Dunsborough, and more.

Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus is the largest monolith in the entire world, making it a must-visit for mountaineers. You can access its 49-kilometre picturesque base trail using a four wheel drive and you can see the sky change from greens to blues to gold when you reach the summit at 860-meter high. With native trees and shrubs, Mount Augustus is a haven for kangaroos, emus, goannas, honeyeaters, and kookaburras.

Kariini National Park

Visit one of Australia’s most breathtaking national parks that serves as a playground for all adventure hunters. With challenging hiking trails, crystal clear waterfalls and rock pools, massive gorges, narrow tunnels, awesome landscapes, and some of the oldest rock formations in Australia, you’ll definitely never run out of pictures to take and adventures to experience.

These are just some of the most amazing attractions you can visit when you go to Western Australia. If you’re a nature lover who’s eager for adventure, then you will definitely be more than satisfied.

The Shuriken: Everyone’s Favourite Ninja Weapon

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ShurikenThe shuriken, more commonly known as ‘throwing stars’ is one of the most famous and recognisable ninja weapons in the world. These small, flat, multi-edged knives resemble four-pointed stars, with a small hole in the middle so that it spins more evenly as it flies.

Popular among ninja enthusiasts and knife hobbyists, you can purchase shuriken anywhere online, one site to visit is Global Gear. Though the shuriken is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan, the weapon is shrouded in myth.

Historical Shuriken

In Japanese, ‘shuriken’ actually refers to any small, concealed weapon. They may be slashing, stabbing, or thrown weapons, and can be any hard item such as knives, coins, and nails.

The throwing star shuriken that Western people are familiar with are familiar with is known as ‘shaken’. While the modern shaken is a small, flat, star-shaped blade, traditional shaken looked very different.

Shaken gathered by historians during the Edo period of Japan, which lasted between 1604 to 1867, were larger and heavier. They resembled two, sharp, narrow spikes that form a cross.

There were also other types of shuriken that came from the same period, called bo-shuriken. These weapons resembled large, metal darts.

Were They Thrown at All?

While shaken and other types of shuriken truly did exist and were used by the Japanese ninja there are no records of these weapons being thrown at all. Though modern people know them as ‘throwing stars’, no one really knows how they were used. They could be used to slash or to stab, or merely as a form of intimidation or distraction.

Yet, the popularity of the shuriken show no signs of waning. In Japan, a theme park called ‘Nikko Edomura’ offers ‘Edo Work Experiences’, which teaches children Edo-era skills, including ninja fighting techniques.

The famous ninja star may not be the most historically accurate piece of weaponry, but will forever be associated with these stealthy warriors of old.

Buying & Selling of Gold: Is It Worth It?

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Gold InvestmentGold has been of great value ever since ancient times. There are, in fact, evidence citing gold’s role in representing status and power. Until now, it still holds the same value it has since. That’s why it is not surprising to see people getting worked up about investing in one.

Before you even start towards this path, however, you must learn a few valuable things about it.

Determining the Price

The value of the gold item depends on the process it has undergone. Be informed that trade of bullion coins are at a lower premium compared to spot gold price. This is because they have been minted by sovereign governments that usually charge a fabrication fee. Moreover, the price may vary depending on the size, quantity, and type.

Identifying Bullion from Collector Coins

Whether you’re selling or buying gold coins, learn to distinguish the difference between bullion, which is generally cheaper, and rare coins, which possess historical significance and are scarce in terms of supply and demand.

Choosing the Dealer

Gold coins are not hard to find, Atkinsons Bullion says, especially if you’re buying. Most of them, you’ll notice, are readily available in the market. It can be from a private dealer, standalone jewellery store, antique shop, pawn shop, or government mints. In the end, however, you still need to buy from a trusted source to get precisely what you need.

Learning the Trade

Test your trading skills before you get involved in any of this. Entering and reading some information about the whole industry will improve your understanding, or join online message boards and learn from people or experts in the trade. This is so you can be fully aware of how the whole industry works.

While gold investment has its own complexities, a little effort in learning the basics will certainly save you from its pitfalls. It is difficult when you’re starting, but as you continue, things will be much easier to handle and negotiate.

3 Driver Commandments to Avoid Road Rage

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Driving Lesson in HammersmithOne of the threats to highway safety is road rage. There really are aggressive drivers everywhere. Even if you may not be one of them, there is still a probability that you can be involved in a road rage incident. Driving too slow, making eye contact, or accidentally taking a parking slot meant for another car can all be reasons to infuriate other drivers.

Here are general rules to avoid road rage.

1. Be present.

Awareness is key to avoid enraging other drivers. Always focus on driving, and avoid multi-tasking. When you do other things like texting or making calls, putting on make-up, fumbling for your things in the compartment, chances are, you lose focus on your driving. This can lead to missing warning signs or not noticing other cars. Avoid offending other drivers by always being present.

2. Never engage.

Don’t give in to hostility. So you’ve angered one aggressive driver because you had a delayed reaction to a green light or because you cut off. Stay away from him or her. You don’t have to retaliate because it will not go down very well. Others may just be innocently screwing with you, but you never know what some are capable of doing, so ignore it. Be the bigger person to give way, calm down, and breathe.

3. Relearn the basics.

Sometimes, overconfidence can push you to cut corners, which may result in a bad road rage situation. Craig Howie of CNN suggests taking a refresher course. You might just be surprised to learn that you have been doing some driving habits wrong. You can take driving lessons in Hammersmith, such as Westway Driving School, to relearn traffic rules and regulations and other basic road principles that you have forgotten or taken for granted.

Road rage is and will never be cool. Steer clear from it in any way you can. Avoid being either a victim or a member of the road rage club. In the end, it always comes down to having the right attitude.

Mortgage Planners: Their Important Roles in your next Purchase

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Mortgage Planners in Salt Lake CityBuying a new home or a new car requires thorough decision making. Naturally, there are questions you want to be answered before spending your hard earned money and getting that mortgage plan. Have access to the best mortgage rate in Salt Lake City with the help of a mortgage planner like City Creek Mortgage.

How a mortgage planner can help you

Have credible mortgage planners that are Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists (CMPS). Acquiring the help gains you access, possibly to over 50 different mortgage choices and deals (and even a sale!). Mortgage planners also have negotiating power that is geared towards finding the best deal for you. You are their priority and finding the best deal for you is their mission.

These financial professionals are specialists. They know the flow of money in the market, thus can help you with yours. They are trained to figure out the best-customized deal for you because different people have different financial capabilities, and thus different mortgage needs.

Importance of mortgage planning

There are mortgage planners because mortgage planning is important. No one wants their hard earned money to vanish just because of a wrong deal. Having a thorough understanding of a deal before taking the plunge can help minimize unnecessary risks.

You will certainly have questions pertaining to your financial decision. “How will this purchase impact my monthly financial status? Is it the best deal I can have? What is the best mortgage strategy to use?” These and other questions can be answered in partial, if not in full, with a good mortgage plan.

Lastly, deciding on the right deal can vastly affect your future. By planning your mortgage expenses well, your purchase can be one of your best assets in the future.

Educate yourself and seek the help of a professional to make the right investment.