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When a Patient Can’t Pay

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Doctor writing her notesThe U.S healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world. It’s so expensive, in fact, that even patients with insurance struggle to pay. There is a growing trend of placing more responsibility on individuals to contribute towards their own care. Insurers are increasing out of pocket expenses and paying for less, so even when the patient has a policy, they may be left with a large bill.

That’s why for many, paying for medical bills is difficult or impossible. In 2016, 68% of hospital bills for $500 or less were not paid off, as patients choose between paying them or buying food.

More Than Half of People’s Debts are Medical

The most frequent debts that people carry are medically related. More than half of overdue debts shown on credit reports are unpaid medicals bills, lowering credit scores and affecting their ability to obtain loans or buy a home. A similar number of people have this debt passed to debt collection agencies and risk losing their home or assets. In the past these debts would have been written off by the hospital or negotiated down, but there is a better way to deal with the problem.

How Revenue Cycle Management Can Help

Hospital revenue cycle management can reduce the number of unpaid bills and lost profit. It is a fully computerized system that staff can use to monitor patients from the first booking in phone call to receipt of payment for the final bill. The software gives the patient the option to pay online – an option that increases compliance because of its convenience. It also allows patients the chance to pay by interest free instalment so if they don’t have the funds, they can pay it off a bit at a time. As insurance details are easily accessible via the system, it also speeds up insurance claims, another bonus that keeps patients and their doctors happy.

Private or public, hospitals can’t continue serving without a continuous flow of revenue. But to ignore the fact that medical bills are now higher than ever, it would be a disservice to people who have little to spare on medicine. Revenue cycle management ensures that a practice can look forward to a steady stream of revenue while still providing medical and surgical assistance to those who need it.

The Major Benefits of Offsite Modular Construction

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Engineer and Architect PlanningYou may have previously heard of offsite modular construction or perhaps prefab, short for prefabrication. Now, it is more common as offsite constructions, which has gained popularity because it helped construction companies build projects in a much faster and safer way.

Of course, this is compared to the traditional onsite brick and block construction. And it is actually cheaper! Here is why.

Reduction of Cause of Delay

Like in factories, construction in an offsite facility is faster because you eradicate a lot of factors that would contribute to slowing down of work. The weather has always been a big headache for builders as it can indefinitely delay the project.

By prefabricating materials inside a factory, it effectively eliminates the weather factor.

Faster Turnaround

The introduction of offsite construction greatly accelerated the time to complete a project. Here’s why – while you prepare the foundation of the site, they can start work on modular materials. What’s more, you have an assurance that they will use the right mixture properly.

Once the site is ready, delivery of finished products will start to come in.

Relief to Nearby Residents

Noise and air pollution are the foremost complaints many construction companies and project builders are getting from the surrounding communities. Add to the fact that these heavy types of machinery and equipment usually causes heavy traffic, often blocking an entire section.

With the modular fabricated away from the construction site, there will be no more traffic and pollution complaints.

Safer Environment

Construction sites pose great risks to people passing by such as falling debris among other hazardous threats. Prefabricating modular offsite effectively decreases construction-related procedures that may cause falling debris.

Cheaper Labour Cost

According to many construction companies, they have saved a lot of money from labour cost after they opted to complete the modular materials off the construction site and into the productions lines. With machines creating these modular, builder only need a handful of operators, which means less labour.

In fact, studies suggest that construction companies could save up to 75 percent from worker expenses.

In this age of new construction, better and faster technologies now apply to speed up the completion of the project. It has a big, positive impact on the company in terms of revenue, while it does not cause much disturbance to the people living nearby.

Harness the Power of Exceptional Packing and Grow Your Business

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Worker Checking PackagingYour product design is the first thing your prospects interact with when they see your products. Naturally, a well-thought-out packaging design draws their interest and piques their curiosity. It increases the likelihood of buying or trying the product.

With the help of the best packaging solutions in Australia, you can have your products making a statement. An excellent packaging does more than catch the eye of the prospects, it also attests to the quality of your products.

If you can observe this great level of professionalism when packing your products, then you must follow the same rigour when creating the products itself. Here are some credible ways to achieve this feat.

Be bold

In the race for new customers and greater market share, the last thing you need is a conservative approach. You need to go full out in your packaging effort. Be daring and pick a bold design.

Only be sure to come about the design from the point of knowledge. Liaising with an expert can help you come up with a packaging design that resonates with your industry.

The last thing you wish is to assume a trial and error approach when coming up with a packaging strategy. You need to hit the ground running and create a great resonance with the target market. Such an approach saves you valuable time and resources when breaking into a new market.

Consider functionality

Perception is everything when a prospect is making a choice between two related products. Naturally, you want them to pick you up over the competition every time. To inspire brand loyalty, you need to go the extra mile and address some of the nuanced yet vital consumer preferences that make a difference.

In addition to making the packing visually appealing, you need to address functionality. You want to make it easy for your customers to open, use and store the product.

You don’t want people to fight with the packing to access your products as that might amount to a major turn-off. The same case applies when it comes to storing the unused product after opening.

The way you package your products bears a considerable impact on your ability to sell your products. With the right approach, you can create a great resonance between your products and the target market and build brand loyalty.

Types of Materials Used in Concrete Floor Repair

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Main repairing a floorConcrete floors are very trendy in constructions nowadays. This is because of the material’s durability, strength, low maintenance, upfront costs and ability to withstand various weather elements. The floors are however still prone to different types of damage.

Cracks, settlement, pitting and lifting are the common types of damage in concrete floors. Making the right choice among the many concrete floor repair products available on the market is vital for your repair’s efficiency. Here are some materials you might use to repair concrete.

Bonding Agents

These are synthetic, natural or compounded materials which join separated concrete structures without a mechanical fastener. The main categories of bonding agents used for concrete repair include latex emulsion and epoxide resin agents.

Latex emulsion agents are used to link fresh concrete to damaged parts of existing concrete structures and waterproof your floor. Epoxide resin is what joins concrete to steel and fresh to cured concrete.


There have been various chemical and technological advancements in admixtures to enhance their performance in the repair of concrete.

Contractors use admixtures to repair concrete laid with high-quality workmanship. They enhance the strength of your concrete structures and its durability by improving the bond between old and fresh concrete.

Wire Meshes

These play a significant role in arresting, reducing and restricting cracks in concrete. Used in concrete repair, wire meshes minimise separation cracks through their interdependent mesh sizing and placement.

Your repair area primarily determines your choice of the inches for your wire mesh. The 7-inch wide mesh is, for instance, used in corner walls.

The products above will not do much for your floors without expert installation. DIY repair in an attempt to save money will only leave you with costly future repairs since the materials will not efficiently repair your damage. Get an expert to assess your damage and use the right equipment to fix your floors.

3 Ways to Start Building Your Dream Home

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Modern houseAre you hesitant to start building your dream home because you’re unsure what to do first? Here’s a guide to the initial steps you should take to turn your dream into a reality.

1. Make concrete plans

The first step to materialize your dream home is to sit down and make concrete plans. Here are some of the specific plans you should consider:

  • Set your estimated budget.
  • Pick out a location to build your home.
  • Select the type of house and the design you want to achieve.
  • List a breakdown of expenses.
  • Make a timeframe to accomplish your goals realistically.

Be sure to plan these things to have an initial overview of how the construction of your house will go about.

2. Choose your team

The reality is, the plans you have made are not final, and you need a team to help you with it. You will need to select professionals in your team such as architect, engineer, designer, and the like so that you may finalize the blueprint of your house and the construction may finally begin.

They will also help you oversee your budget and guide you in choosing a property where you could best build your house. It is necessary that you consider their vantage point when it comes to improving your plans since this is their field of expertise.

3. Seek assistance

Lastly, another crucial thing you may do is to seek help. You may have saved some amount of money in preparation for building your home, but you may find yourself not being able to save enough. That is, you may seek down payment assistance for your chosen Ogden property or the construction of your new home.

For instance, if you are residing here at Ogden, there are full-service, financial service providers that residents trust. You can apply for a loan to aid you in financing the building of your home.

These are only three among other initial steps you can do to start building your home. Do begin taking those little but necessary steps now to turn your dream home into a reality.

5 Steps Your Importation Agent Will Follow When Doing Imports

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Oil PumpImporting goods is a way to increase the range of your products especially when you build your business presence locally. In Australia, industry-specific regulations, however, govern the importation of products.

As industrial pump manufacturers, you will want to understand what exactly your importing agent handles when they order from countries overseas:

Being Up to Date with Importation Laws

One of the tasks of the Department of Immigration is to clear import goods. You will need to pay customs duty to this department as well. These laws keep changing. So, your importation agent keeps reviewing them every time he wants to import goods.

Checking for Special Permits

Individuals and businesses do not need any specific requirement before importing goods. However, some products are exclusive and have import restrictions. Therefore, if your importation agent is clearing any of these types, she will require a permit.

Correct Labelling of Goods

Any goods coming into the country should contain a clear label with the details of the sender, receiver, country of origin, and a description. These labels should be legible and in a strategic position for faster clearing.

Paying Import Duties

Of course, your importation and distribution agent will incur a cost to bring in goods. The price, however, varies with the type of products, quantity, and value, among other factors.

Capitalising on FTAs

A free trade agreement between countries aims to enhance their trade association. Usually, FTAs reduce the cost of importing and exporting goods. Your importation agent always confirms whether the country you are sourcing products from has an FTA with Australia to qualify for reduced fees.

If you are planning to introduce or expand your product line in Australia, you can consider working with an importation and distribution agent. As manufacturers of industrial pumps and other products for construction and mining applications, this could be your best bet. That is because these agents are well-versed in the importation and distribution process here. Their experience in this area will also save you time and the stress that comes with importing products by yourself.

How to Get Rid of Your Sliding Door Problems Easily

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Sliding DoorProblems may soon arise if you fail to maintain any of your house’s parts, including its doors. That is why an internal sliding glass door also needs its much-deserved maintenance cleaning every once in a while to ensure it will function properly.

But what should you do when you find it difficult to slide your doors?

Clean the tracks

You may want to check the sliding glass door track and clean it thoroughly. Keep in mind that the sliding tracks can accumulate grime and dirt over time. Keeping it clean will keep the roller wheels run smoothly as people use the door. You may want to use an old toothbrush or even a wire brush to clean the track.

Keep the tracks lubricated

Once you have cleaned the tracks from all the grime and the dirt, you may want to consider spraying lubricant to keep it running smoothly. A silicone-based lubricant spray may do the work since dirt will not be able to stick in the lubricant.

Ensure that you wipe away all the overspray on the floor so there would not be any accidents.

Check the rollers

You may also want to check the rollers if it still works properly. There may be times when you need to adjust them from time to time. To do this, you can easily turn the adjusting screw between the sliding door track rails.

Turning it counterclockwise lowers both the door and the door wheels, making it run more smoothly. If you see that it is already cracked or broken, replacing it would be the best option.

These are just a few of the things that you may want to consider to maintaining your sliding doors properly. It is always important to clean it properly from time to time to ensure that it will not jam up or cause any problems in the future.

3 Car Insurance Questions You Shouldn’t Forget to Ask

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Car AccidentMost people often choose to go the easier route when it comes to car insurance by picking either the ones their friends already have or whatever they see on TV ads. But choosing auto insurance in Chicago is much more complicated than it seems. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before making a decision:

Will it cover other drivers who use your vehicle?

It’s always best to know if your family members who are also driving your vehicle are covered. You should know if your insurance provider will be able to cover specific types of situations, such as accidents involving your family members. It’s never a good idea to assume that they will cover just any type of incident only because you have a policy with them.

How will you know your risk assessment?

The insurance rate that most providers will offer you will depend on several factors including the level of risk that you may pose to the company. The higher your risk may be, the higher your rate is going to be. Most insurance companies will use any of your specific information to determine your risk level including your sex, age, criminal record, driving record, and even your credit rating.

Will your job affect your insurance coverage?

When applying for a car insurance policy, insurance providers will ask you certain questions especially about driving habits. The questions will include how far you travel from school or work, as well as the tasks that you do each day for your job.

Car insurance is essential to everyone, no matter how many years you’ve been driving. It’s essential to ask as many questions as you want, especially when it’s about your car insurance.

3 Ways To Start A Sign Making Business Without Hassle

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Printing machineToday, starting a business is not as easy as it seems. You need to think about how your business will compete with the others that are already established for years.

One of the most promising and profitable businesses today is a sign making company. Many firms are always looking for someone to take care of their advertising needs. Thus, this business is surely in demand all the time.

Starting a sign-making business isn’t that easy. In fact, you may need to invest in high-quality equipment, such as a wide format UV flatbed printer, to make your work easier and better. If you’ve decided to start your signboard making business, here’s how to do it.

Create A Business Plan

In every business, you should start with a plan. In the plan, you will need to decide how big your business is and what items are you planning to sell. First off, you should decide if you’re planning to create a big business or start with a small one.

If you have all the money and resources, you can start big. But, make sure you study everything about the business to make it work. But, if you’re short in the needed money, you can start with a small one and work your way to the top.

Think About Location

After deciding on the know-how of the business, it’s time to look for a suitable location. The location of a business can affect many aspects of the business. For instance, it can dictate how it operates and how much income it will generate.

Furthermore, the most crucial consideration is the convenience for customers. The location should be accessible and easy-to-find.

Make Sure To Get High-Quality And Affordable Supplies

Other important things to consider is how to get the right supplies and equipment. Choose high-quality equipment to make sure they’ll last for years. Choose a good supplier with more affordable costs and provides high-quality supplies.

Starting a business is a tedious and long process. You should be determined to go through all the hardships just to establish your own company. But, remember that these problems will turn out to be motivations to have a successful business in the future.

4 Great Garden Ideas for Homeowners

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Woman holding a pot in the gardenWhen you have spare time, it is your home that you would like to do some improvements on. Oftentimes, working on the garden is overlooked since garden projects seem more expensive and time-consuming.

Well, here are some garden projects that are easy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket:

Fence off your garden

Installing a garden fence can improve the look of your front yard. You can choose from different materials to build your fence. Your options include wood, wires, twigs, recycled appliances, and even metal or iron. The key is to choose the appropriate design, size, and materials to fit your garden.

If you are thinking of installing a metal fence, Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. recommends looking for a trusted welding company in Edmonton to give you a quote for the design you want.

Create a workbench

Making a comfortable workbench can motivate you to keep doing other projects for your garden. You can start with a simple workbench that may not look amazing and because of its practical use, you feel comfortable while doing other projects. You can explore more ideas for your workbench from the same welding company that made your fence.

Design a flowerbed

Adding a flowerbed can make your garden more inviting. Flowers will need enough sunlight for at least two to three hours, so look for the right location for your flowerbed. Check if the soil is healthy and if there is a nearby source of water. Choose plants that are colorful and easy to grow in your climate.

Add touches of color

Putting color in your surroundings will give more life. Add little touches of color to a simple garden fence, some pots, stepping stones, gates, and dividers to make your garden more attractive. Use your favorite colors or other bright colors that make you smile, and have fun while painting.

Garden projects need not be too expensive or complicated. All you need is your own creative ideas and the willingness to complete the project you started.