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The Threat of Cargo Theft: Prepare Your Fleet by Improving Your Cargo Security

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Large cargo truckFor fleet managers, break-in of vehicles continues to be a major issue. If you want to boost the security of your cargo, train your team to take precautionary measures to reduce risk. Though, you would still have to employ the steps to secure the load properly with polyester composite strapping. Afterward, you can go ahead and secure your fleet. Here is a checklist to determine whether you look vulnerable to them or if you’ll make it difficult for them to reach their thieving pursuits.

Get Your Team a FOB Lock System. As much as you want your team to be responsible, there will be times when they don’t remember to lock up. This applies in particular when they’re hauling heavy loads or when they’re reflecting on the difficult task ahead.

Buying fleet that has a keyless FOB entry transmitter is the ideal means to guarantee that these vehicles automatically lock once the driver leaves. Besides, your drivers can even carry the small FOB transmitter in their pockets.

Remind your drivers to drive with locked doors. Advise them to be more cautious of carjackers who can come inside an unlocked door in an instant while the fleet is at a stop light. Reduce the threat by keeping their doors locked always.

Consider incorporating theft alarm systems. In the majority of states, insurance agencies provide discounts to fleets armed with passive alarm systems. An affordable, yet premium quality alarm system won’t be hard to find.

Don’t tempt cargo thieves. You may want to dress up your fleet for commercialism, but it also serves as a form of advertisement to thieves. Vehicles elaborately painted with impressive colours and logos are usually the target.

Cargo theft doesn’t have to be a problem if you don’t want it to be. Just prep your team on ways to prevent or face this issue and you will be delivering your haul securely, on time.

Equipment Financing: How Can It Help Your Business?

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Entrepreneurs talking about equipment financingHard assets such as equipment for a manufacturing company can be costly, and not all business owners can afford them. This is why many companies are turning to equipment financing offered by financial institutions such as TAB Bank.

This is a type of financing that gives companies the capital they need to purchase or lease the equipment necessary for the continued operation of their business. Typically, the equipment acts as collateral for the loan to ensure that the business owners will not default on the payment.

Types of Financing Equipment

The two common types of financing equipment are either to loan or lease them. While both ways achieve the same goal, they differ from each other. If business owners want to purchase the equipment for long-term use but do not have the funds to do so, they can do it through an equipment loan.

Equipment loans allow business owners to buy the equipment they need without having to pay for it upfront. Instead, you use the equipment as collateral. Most lenders will allow borrowers to borrow from 80% to 90% of the total cost.

An equipment lease, on the other hand, is for companies who do not have the money for the required down payment or they frequently need to trade or upgrade their equipment. Therefore, instead of borrowing the money to buy equipment, they are paying a certain fee to lease the equipment.

Benefits of Equipment Finance

Not all companies have the funds to purchase equipment outright, but they do need the equipment as soon as possible for their business operations. In instances like this, the most readily available option for most business owners is to finance equipment.

This way, companies do not need to shell out a large sum of money that they may not be able to afford in just one go. Small businesses can also enjoy tax breaks because the IRS has allowed a tax-exempt status for financing equipment.

Companies are allowed up to $500,000 tax deductions for approved business equipment.

Whether you should lease or buy your equipment will depend on your needs, but you should choose the lending company carefully and do not forget to read the contract thoroughly to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

What You Should Know About the API 653 Standard For Aboveground Storage Tanks

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Aboveground storage tanksOwners of storage tanks typically come across the term API 653 Standard when it comes to inspections of aboveground storage tanks. This is because API 653 design is the universally acknowledged standard for reviewing welded storage tanks that keep products at atmospheric pressure. It also focuses on the reconstruction, relocation, repair and alteration of existing aboveground storage tanks manufactured to the API 650 Standard or API 12C.

Heartland Tank Services shares more information about the standard.

Storage Tank Reconstruction and Relocation

Since welded storage tanks became more popular between 1960 and 1990, manufacturers had to reconstruct and cut down several remaining riveted tanks. In 1986, however, they faced a terrible failure with one of the reconstructed tanks. This is why they had to create a guideline to reconstruct and relocate the tanks safely. By 1991, the industry introduced API 653, which precisely attends to the reconstruction and dismantling of aboveground storage tanks.

As stated in Section 10 of API 653, an API-certified engineer or inspector with previous experience in storage tank design must approve all reconstruction work. Section 10 gives the API 653-certified tank engineer or inspector control regarding the process of dismantling the different parts of the tank. They will have guidance over how the company uses alignment markings and tank piece identification. They will also supervise the reconstruction of the tank and analyze dimensional tolerances on the tank reconstructed.

Storage Tank Alteration or Repair

Another significant part of API 653 is Section 9, which focuses on the alteration and repair of aboveground storage tanks. As mentioned in Section 10, an API-certified engineer or inspector must approve all repair work.

Section 9 of API 653 specifies the requirements the tank engineer or inspector must observe when doing tasks, including replacing or removing shell plate material. They must also follow the regulations when installing or repairing a new tank bottom and setting up a door sheet.

Whether you need an API 653 tank relocation, repair or inspection, this standard declares how you can safely complete these processes. Ensure compliance to avoid any problems in the future.

Guidelines for Gold Business Newcomers

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GoldThe rising price of gold has been catching the attention of more investors over recent years. At the same time, however, those new to the business may find themselves intimidated by this kind of venture. If you are one of these people, here are four suggestions from British gold coins experts.

Go for Reputation

Because any investment can pose certain risks, you should make each decision with caution and assurance. Take the time to make a list of established gold dealers to do business with. Do extensive research on their track record.

Keep Your Gold Safe

Unless you decide to invest in gold-related stocks or funds, you would need a safe place to store your gold bars or coins. While you're looking for a dealer, you might want to see if they have a vault and extra security measures. Better yet, invest in your own vault or security system. Either way, it's best to acquire a vault within the city or country that you live in.

Control Your Purchases

For starters, limit your gold purchases to a small number of items or amounts. Large purchases can be a security hazard for the newbie trader. Also, try to buy from more than one dealer. Practising wise decision making and self-control will help you withstand the effects of sudden price changes.

Be Patient

Gold is not for people who want to make fast and easy money. While gold prices are predicted to keep rising in the next few years, it will take a while. Be patient and avoid panic buying or selling. Remember that gold is a long-term investment.

Think of buying gold as a time deposit. If you have the patience and money for it, and you wish to invest for the long term, buying and selling gold is an option you can consider. You can also combine this with other kinds of investments for larger profits.

Steps to Manually Estimate Your Payments on a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

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Mortgage loan agreement and a keyYou might want to do the estimation manually or take advantage of online mortgage calculators. Nevertheless, it’s important that you figure out the precise monthly payments on a mortgage before you sign the paperwork.

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. notes that with a fixed rate home mortgage, you will have to pay a specific amount every month until you have paid the entire debt. Ensure that your household income is enough to settle these monthly payments to avoid defaulting on the loan, which could eventually cause foreclosure. Here’s a guide for you:

To estimate your monthly payments on a fixed-rate mortgage, use the P= L[c (1 + c)n] / [(1+c)n – 1] formula.

For “L”, put the rate equal to the overall sum of your mortgage

In the formula, substitute “c” with the monthly interest value. Divide your yearly percentage amount by 12 to get the interest rate. Before starting the calculation, change the interest value from a percentage into a decimal by dividing the interest value by 100.

For “n”, swap the total number of months of the loan and multiply this by 12

To determine your monthly fixed-rate mortgage payments, solve for “P.” Keep in mind that “n” is an exponent in this equation. If your scientific calculator doesn’t have an exponent function, then use an exponent calculator online instead.

Crack the formula by working outwards. Primarily solve the calculations inside the brackets and parentheses to further simplify the formula. It will depend entirely on the number of decimal places that you take in the estimation. The rate would be somewhat different from the real payment amount of your fixed-rate mortgage. Nevertheless, it will still be within USD 1 of the mortgage rate.

If you are unsure about your calculations and would rather not do it manually, there are several online mortgage calculators to choose from. It will still be able to figure out your monthly mortgage payments.

Ways to Ensure Your House Can Withstand a Quake

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Crack in the wall after an earthquakeNot every place on the Earth experiences earthquakes on a regular basis. But, that does not mean that there will no longer be risks of this catastrophe from happening in other places. Earthquakes, after all, are notorious for happening all of a sudden and without warning.

The structure of the buildings plays a crucial role in minimising casualties. The suggestions below are only some of the practices and ways to prepare your home against the negative effects of a tremor.

Check that corner pillars and framework are strong

The columns and framework that make up the house will play an essential part in ensuring that the structure will not suffer destruction by the strong jolts that are characteristic of earthquakes. One way to make sure that there will be a more solid foundation for the building is by using formwork.

Formwork for sale – offered by firms such as – will be able to help in supporting the concrete construction.

Go for trusted quality materials

The materials used in construction are as important as the actual construction process itself. If the house is to have any hope of surviving an earthquake, go for materials trusted by the consumer.

Reinforce concrete

Reinforced concrete adds the ability to withstand pressure and sustain tension for the cement. It can add up to as much as ten times more protection compared to the regular concrete used by most construction firms.

Draft an evacuation plan

Even when you trust the structure of the building so much, it will still be advisable to make an evacuation plan just in case the worst happens.

The suggestions mentioned above may not be able to eliminate all the possible risks involved with earthquakes, but it can definitely save some lives and properties by ensuring the house is well-equipped to handle sudden jolts. Lessening the casualties is not only a noble cause; it is a priority for people.

Second Look Financing: What Is It Exactly?

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Business men reviewing financesWhenever a window breaks, the home’s residents usually get a replacement as soon as they can. The problem is, most families don’t have enough cash lying around in case of a window emergency. Not only that, recent statistics suggest that nearly half of Americans don’t have prime FICO scores. This means that several people aren’t even qualified for any prime financing option.

To be able to access this customer fragment, most dealers provide a second look financing option, as offered by platforms such as Vyze. This lets them to accept more customers who were previously declined by a major financing company.

The Basics

The possibility of a second look finance will be beneficial for people who find themselves in a financial rut. They have low credit scores, thereby prohibiting them from getting prime credit. Fortunately, some providers allow financing for clients who have FICO scores of at least 550. They use an underwriting system. That system employs information besides their FICO score to discover their capacity to pay.

Dealers analyze more than their FICO score. They will be able to approve 50 percent of clients whom a prime lender initially rejected. Of course, this will depend on the second look provider, region and price points.

The Benefits

Customers who are in a severe financial crunch can take advantage of this financial option. Providers who offer these services can also benefit from forming their business in several ways. When they get a massive amount of loan approvals, individuals can achieve heightened sales and improved business. Ultimately, clients that get the chance to qualify for credit through these lending companies also display a sense of loyalty. This will eventually turn into a profitable business scheme for companies.

The dealers who employ more effort with their customers on financing deals don’t only get a sale, but also referrals and brand ambassadors. Search for such agents that will be able to help you achieve your financial goal.

Get a Good Record: Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

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Approved Mortgage Loan ApplicationIf you are planning to buy a new home using a mortgage loan, a good credit score will help you land a good deal. In the eyes of the lender, a bad credit means that you do not know how to manage your debts. A good credit rating, on the other hand, tells that you are responsible when it comes to handling your finances.

Fixing your credit score should not be as difficult as many people think. The first thing you will need to do is organize your deals and agreements. Know your financial standing and then make a move to fix your dwindling record before you even think of getting a new loan or mortgage in Portland.

Here are some tips that may come in handy:

Look at Your Reports

The first action that you need to take is to check your financial standing, and you can easily do this by looking at the credit reports. Sometimes, you get a negative record. Check for disparities and inaccuracies and fix them as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Payments Properly

A bad credit history usually stems from late payments and defaults. As such, you may want to exert extra diligence when it comes to payments. Set up reminders so that you will not get late. Paying your dues on time will help reduce the amount of debt that you have, which in turn will improve your credit history.

Control Your Use of Credit Card

There is nothing wrong with credit cards; the problem is some people lose control when they get a hold of this plastic card. Curb credit card use and prevent unnecessary purchases by bringing cash whenever you go out. Use your credit cards only for travels, big purchases, and emergencies.

Fixing your credit history will help improve your financial mindset and behavior. You may consult a financial advisor to get more ideas.

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign: Which is Best For You?

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Woman showing her upper front teeth bracesHow many people do you know have dental braces? Orthodontic braces are becoming more popular these days as more people in the UK aim for that near perfect smile. This guide discusses the common options to help you find the right type of brace that would fit your needs and budget.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have changed so much in the past few years. Brackets are small metallic pieces that stick to your teeth and they can come in a variety of materials, including ceramic, silver, gold and tooth-coloured resin. Wires are usually made of titanium alloy or stainless steel because of these materials’ durability, but they can also be tooth-coloured for aesthetic reasons.

Traditional dental braces could be your most affordable option, depending on the materials used and other factors. Ask your dentist if these types of braces are right for you.

Invisible Braces

One more technology that has been taking the dental world by storm is Invisalign. This type of dental appliance is nearly invisible. Invisalign braces include clear aligners that you can remove when you are eating or drinking. Their effectiveness compares well with that of traditional braces, and while they are removable, patients must commit to wearing them for the most part of the day.

The main selling point is their ‘invisibility’, meaning your friends and family would hardly notice you are wearing Invisalign braces. This option is more expensive mainly because they require plenty of replacements as your teeth gradually moves into place. If you are thinking of getting these innovative dental appliances, you may choose among different Invisalign providers in the UK.

The growing need for a stunning smile means you can expect more people to wear braces in the coming years. With thorough research, you can find the right option. Your dentist can provide more information and answer your questions.

Common Dangers Untreated Water Can Bring to Your Family

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Father and son drinking waterEnsuring that the water your family uses at home is clean and safe is a top priority for most homeowners. Untreated water is a leading cause for many of the health cases in hospitals around the world.

Here are the reasons you should invest in a water treatment clarifier if you do not already have one. You can actually get one from firms such as Ashton Tucker Water Treatment.

Unclean water can cause intestinal diseases

Many of the pathogens that cause intestinal diseases come from untreated water. You can kill the bacteria, worms, protozoa and viruses that cause dysentery, cholera and hepatitis through simple water treatment procedures.

Get a professional to install a water treatment facility in your home and ensure all the water your family drinks pass through there first.

Unsafe water could lead to cancer

The chemicals commonly present in untreated water can easily cause cancer. Organophosphates, in particular, are highly dangerous. Unfortunately, you can find these chemicals in most pesticides you use at home. Ensure you treat each drop you use for domestic purposes to avoid this problem.

Untreated water could harm your infant

Drinking unclean water causes many of the cases of the blue baby disease. This fatal disease prevents adequate oxygen from reaching the baby’s brain. The nitrates present in water causes this condition.

Unclean water can harm your CNS

Lead, which is one of the commonest impurities in untreated water, can prove detrimental to your central nervous system. This mineral slowly accumulates in your body. Once there is sufficient amount of it, you begin to experience CNS problems.

The issue is particularly common among pregnant woman and children.

The hazards that unclean water exposes your family can prove costly not just financially, but health wise. By taking early steps to protect you and your family, you can avoid the havoc that dirty water can wreak.