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Leaving Your Safe Heaven: Ways to Push Through Your Plan of Moving Out

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boxesNo matter how tight you are with your family, there will come a time when you will feel the need to separate from them. It could be the day you will start a family of your own, or it could be becoming independent from dad and mum.

It, however, pays to be prepared before you bolt out of the door of your parents’ house. Before you hire that man with a van, here’s what thinks you need to know.

You’re On Your Own

For one, you should be 100% sure that you can manage on your own. Plates don’t wash themselves—and the same goes for your laundry. Made a mess? Clean it up yourself. Unless you have a house helper at hand, everything about maintaining your home will depend on no one but you.

Money Really Matters

Of course, similar rules apply when it comes to overseeing your finances. Remember, using utilities comes with a price, so better gauge how you will budget your income for your expenses. Take note of your electricity and water consumption. Don’t forget to allot money for your daily commute to work, as well as the food you will put on your table. Keep in mind that your folks are no longer there for you to support you when it comes to finances.

Speaking of money, you should also have enough to spend not only for an apartment that you will call your own—but on furniture as well. What’s a house without much stuff, right? The fun part of moving out is having your own items and transforming a space into something that will fit you and your personality.

Your old stuff will seemingly always belong to your parents’ home, but you could bring them to where you’re going. The trick, though, is knowing what to bring—and knowing which ones should be left. You have to make sure that you only take what you really need.

If you read it this far and feel like you’re ready, better hire that a van and welcome your independent phase. But, of course, it always boils down to how okay you are from being cut from your safe haven, and how well you could adjust.

School Starting Soon? Back To School Activities To Do With Your Kids

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Back to School in  UtahWhen school is right around the corner, parents feel a mix of dread and excitement. On one hand, the house will be cleaner and much more peaceful with the kids in school most of the day. On the other, it will be too quiet and eerily peaceful. If you’re having these jitters, take advantage of the remaining weeks to connect with your kids!

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Do a short day trip.

This is one of the activities you need to do now because when classes start, you won’t have time. You and your kids will be too tired or too preoccupied to even consider spending a day at an amusement park — so better do it now! In Cottonwood Heights, you can visit the Butler Park or Skate Park and play some sports.

2. Take them shopping for school clothes and things.

For kids, the best thing about going back to school is the shopping. You know how excited they can get when they see all the new bag designs.

3. Take them to their checkups.

You don’t want your kids’ school year to be bogged down by flu or a toothache. Take them to their pediatrician and dentist a few weeks before school. If you haven’t found a kids’ dentist yet, there are great choices around the Cottonwood Heights area.

4. Do a big sleepover.

To your kids, school means sleeping early and waking up early every day. Plan a big sleepover just a week or two before school starts. Organize a fun slumber party with at least 10 kids. It’ll be a blast!

5. Plant a tree

Teach your kids about nature and conservation by planting a tree. Choose a low maintenance or no maintenance tree like cherry. Your kids will forget about it at some point; it will make for an amazing surprise when school comes to a close and the tree has grown!

These activities get you and your kids ready for school. Use this time for you to bond and create memories together.

Food Gift Guide: What to Give a Foodie Friend on Their Special Day

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Chocolate GiftFoodies have discerning taste when it comes to everything that involves food. You can’t just bring them to any restaurant or make them try a cheap food brand. So if you’re planning to gift them for their upcoming special day, you might want to take time looking for the best gift.

Here are some great gift ideas for foodies with a distinct interest in particular types of food.

For the Wine Connoisseur

The easiest gift idea would be a bottle or two of your friend’s favorite wine, but of course you want a more special present. If you want them to enjoy their special day, a wine tasting package is a great idea. These packages let wine lovers experience everything from white wines such as Riesling and Chardonnay, to red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Trips to vineyards and wineries are also a great option. This is a great idea if your friend loves to travel, too. Most trips also include wine tasting.

For the Sweet Tooth

A basket of sweets and candies is always the perfect gift for someone with sweet tooth. This is also a great option if you want to personalize your gift. Just toss their favorite candies and baked goodies in a basket, put some ribbons, and your friend will surely find it sweet, suggests.

You may also add California dried fruits, jellies, vanilla marshmallows, or the famous English toffee from Colorado for more variety of flavors. You sweet tooth friend will surely love the many choices they will receive.

For the Chocoholic

For someone who loves chocolate, the best gift will be an evening chocolate party. Throw a surprise party and invite other close friends to celebrate. Buy the best chocolate cake in town or some chocolate cupcakes. A chocolate fondue is never a bad idea, too. Just don’t forget to grab some fresh fruits that go the best with hot melted chocolate.

Never mind the calories for that day and enjoy all the chocolates. Remember that you’re there to make your friend feel special.

Whether you wish to send a gift basket or spend an evening together while indulging on their favorite food, the key is to make sure your present will be appreciated.

Safety in Drinking: Methods to Filter and Purify Your Water Supply

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Water FilterWater is the source of life. Nonetheless, even if the Earth has 75% of water, only 2.5% of it is potable and safe for consumption. How do you make sure that your drinking water is safe and clean? This is when filtration and purification comes in. explains that water filters and purification systems have been a part of the development of ancient civilisations. The Greeks and the Egyptians have filtered and purified water with the use of different systems. Through the years, technology has greatly improved the process of filtering and purifying water.

Here are some of the common methods of water filtration and purification:

1. Distillation – It is the oldest method of purification. The process includes boiling water to remove impurities. The water molecules evaporate and condense, leaving behind the impurities in the original water source.

2. Ion Exchange – This process replaces unwanted ions in the liquid. There are two main applications of ion exchange: softening and de-ionisation. Softening reduces water hardness, removing the trace minerals present. De-ionisation, on the other hand, exchanges hydrogen ions for cations, or hydroxyl ions for anions.

3. Carbon Filters – It is the process of removing sediment, silt and other large particles from water. With carbon filters, water smells and tastes better. The filters reduce the amount of chlorine and other contaminants by absorbing these particles.

4. UV Filters – This is one of the latest methods in water filtration. It sanitises water by using ultraviolet radiation that destroys harmful bacteria.

5. Reverse Osmosis – This removes all kinds of contaminants that can be a danger to your health, as well as keeping the water clear and odour-free. Reverse osmosis is the best method of removing 90% to 99% of contaminants in your water supply. This process involves drawing water through a fine membrane under high pressure.

These methods ensure your supply is safe for you and your family. Before you drink straight from your tap, make sure your water undergoes any of these methods.

Home Sellers: Make Sure the Plumbing Works before the Sale

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FaucetSelling a home can be just as stressful and daunting as buying a home. Aside from deciding your selling price, think about how low you can afford to go as well. Always keep in mind that many factors influence the selling and purchase price of a property, with one of them being the overall integrity of the house.

One way to get a fair price for your home and give potential low ballers no reason to bring the price down is to ensure the plumbing system is working at its best.

General Trades lists the most important steps you should take to make certain your property does not have plumbing issues.

1. Honestly assess this part of your home.

Pipes, drainages, and other components of the plumbing system should be inspected on a regular basis. So if you haven’t had a plumber check your system for years now, this is the best time to do it. Many buyers nowadays usually hire their own team of home inspectors, and if they find out your  plumbing is a cause of concern, you can expect the offer to go down considerably.

2. Check all plumbing-related fixtures.

Taps, sinks, toilets, and shower heads should be working properly and smoothly. The taps and shower heads should be producing adequate amounts of water with proper pressure. When you flush the toilet, make sure that the water goes down easily, and that the cistern refills quickly.

3. Make sure that all lines are clog- and damage-free.

Hard water, dirt, debris, as well as small organic and inorganic materials may have already accumulated in your home’s pipes and drain lines over the years, especially if you have not been maintaining it regularly. It’s important you get rid of these build ups, as they can cause serious problems for the new home owner.

Best leave this in the hands of professionals, though, not only because these parts of the system are difficult to access, but also because one wrong move can damage them or further aggravate existing problems.

So before you advertise the sale of your home, contact a reliable plumbing expert to inspect this part of your home and make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Shopping: First-Time Experiences that Faze Even Women

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Men think nothing can faze women – especially teenage girls – in the mall or an online shop. It comes as a surprise to many, therefore, when these shopping experiences leave you dumbfounded.

All Those Baby Clothes

baby shoesBaby stores appear fun to explore, but only until you come in to purchase handmade baby shoes and adorable clothes for an expecting acquaintance. The fact that you’ve never bought baby products before only make the entire store look daunting, and it does not help that people think women only need their feminine instincts when taking on this task. Apart from a lack of knowledge on baby necessities, the awkwardness could either intensify or subside depending on your company.

Avoiding these circumstances require preparation. Even the minimal effort of asking the mother or mother-to-be of her preferences makes the experience more educational than intimidating.

The Variety of Lingerie

With your mother taking on the responsibility of shopping for your lingerie for many years, it can get difficult to get used to the technicalities involved. Exploring your preferences also feels a little embarrassing in the presence of other women who already know what brand and design they want and in what size.

Tagging along a slightly older woman or a more knowledgeable friend helps. Similar to baby products, women need knowledge and experience to make the choices that suit them most. Women who can give you advice on all things lingerie should eliminate the initial fear of committing errors in your choices.

That Upper-Lip Bleach and Other Maintenance Products

Girls feel the pressure to raise their standards of hygiene once they reach adulthood. This means frequent visits to pharmacies to purchase upper-lip bleach for facial hair, apart from other necessities you want to buy only when a female clerk stands behind the cashier. Sometimes, however, the convenience of making a purchase without thoughts of being judged never leaves regardless of the person who would package them. And the diversity of products to choose from does little to ease your worries of making a mistake.

Some shopping experiences also make women uncomfortable, regardless of age. These experiences, however, provide good memories that can either be educational or simply fun – if not a little embarrassing – to remember in the future.

The Plus Side of Your Retail Business: Why You Need to Offer Pickup and Delivery Service

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Retail Business offers Delivery ServicesThe retail business has always been a very competitive arena. It takes an edge to rise above the rest, attract customers and keep them coming back for more. As other businesses are busy with their marketing gigs, you can choose to up your service. One way is to offer a delivery service.

Here are the reasons this is the best course of action for your retail business:

Convenience for Customers

In the world of retail business, there can only be so much difference that you can offer when it comes to the products you put up for sale. A potato is still a potato, no matter how pesticide-free you claim it to be. At the end of the day, you have to add something special to the table if you want to keep your customers. That is where pickup and delivery service comes into the picture.

Delivery service means you’re giving customers the convenience to have their orders straight where they want these to be. This is especially helpful if you want to expand your target market to other locations.

Added Value that Shows You Know the Community

What kind of value should you add if you want to keep customers happy and loyal? You cannot randomly pick things for your customers; you have to provide added value that hits close to home. You have to choose a service that you know your target market needs. What else do retail product consumers want more than discounts? The answer is easy: pickup and delivery services.

Easy Transactions, Fast Business

A delivery service gives way to easier transactions in the comfort of one’s home. Your customers will most likely choose a free delivery than a discount any day, as a delivery service saves them from the effort of going to your physical store. With a delivery service, you will be a step ahead from your competition.

The great thing about offering delivery services is you don’t need to buy your own service trucks. You can simply hire a trucking service to curb the parking and maintenance costs. Coordinate with a service provider and enjoy the benefits they will bring into your business.

Be the Next Terminator: Efficiency is the Key to a Successful Pest Control Business

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RatsThe pest control business is relatively simple if you already have the skills and knowledge. In all probability, you learned about the business while working for a pest control company, and you think that you can be the go-to guy in your own community. It is perfectly feasible to start a home-based pest control business if you focus on efficiency. You can be a one-man show at first, but you might eventually need some service software once you already have so many clients.

To learn more about the process, Pest Mate shares additional information below:


One of the things you have to be as a pest control business owner is reliable. When you say, “I’ll be back,” you have to follow through with it. That is easy enough if you have a handful of clients, but you will need service software to handle your operations if you have more than a dozen regular customers. Software can help you schedule your regular visits, and if you are very lucky, you will need to route your people to several locations on a daily basis. You will also need software to keep track of invoices and to send reminders of schedules and payments.


When people ask for your assessment of their pest problems, you need to be equal to the task. You may have acquired some knowledge from your old job, but you have to go further and get in-depth training. If you encounter anything unusual, you will not feel out of your comfort zone. You’ll know exactly what you need to do, and this can help you build a good reputation in your community.


You also need to be ready to handle anything pest-related. You have to be fully equipped to use toxic chemicals or handle dangerous situations when needed.

If you know what you are doing, and you have the systems in place, your pest control business will surely flourish. The important thing to do is to streamline your processes, so you can get the work done quickly and efficiently.

More Than Academic Failure: Repercussions of Underage Drinking

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Drunk AlcoholicWhile adolescence and teenage years can be a wonderful time for growth and discovery, things can also take a wrong turn—especially when alcohol is involved. Underage drinking is a widespread problem that can cause serious physical, mental, and legal consequences. It also encourages risky behavior, as alcohol drinkers are more likely to use tobacco and illicit drugs.

Non-profit organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and CarsForMadd share more information about the repercussions of underage drinking.

Vehicle Crashes

Young adults are the least experienced drivers on the road. When they drink alcohol, it impairs their judgment and coordination, increasing the risk of crashes. Vehicle crashes can result in injuries, wounds, disabilities, and even death.

The Brain Suffers

Underage drinking does not just increase the risk of academic failure. As the human brain continues to develop until a person is 25 years old, underage drinking may impair neurological development. This may cause the teens to make bad decisions, encounter memory lapses, and process neural impulses more slowly.

The Mood Changes

What young drinkers fail to realize is that alcohol also alters the way they view a situation. Teenagers don’t usually understand the consequences that their behaviors will have and may take risks, as they believe that nothing bad will happen to them. This is why physical consequences such as death from alcohol poisoning, traffic crashes, and homicide happen.

Stop Underage Drinking

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), along with CarsForMadd, aims to stop impaired driving and to support victims. Parents and guardians can take part in this mission by guiding their kids and limiting youth access to alcohol. Donating old cars is also a good idea, as it can help rebuild lives affected by drunk driving. This can help MADD and their efforts to support law enforcement and awareness to prevent drunk driving.

Young adults today are bombarded with media and advertisements about alcohol drinking. In most cases, the commercials make the practice look cool, fun, and even sexy. This influences the behavior and perceptions of young people, causing them to try drinking illegally. Parents and all adults have a role to play to stop the negative effects of underage drinking.

Forget Newton! What Goes Up Need Not Go Down

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officeIsn’t it annoying when you hear stories about companies that prospered then plummeted on freefall? What’s even more heartbreaking is you are also one budding entrepreneur who wants to carve a niche for yourself while hearing it.

You start to wonder, thinking that your company may one day be just another good story gone bad. That just can’t be all true. Well good news for you, there are always excellent ways to dodge the freefalling negative energy everyone entrepreneur worth his name in salt is worried about.

Keep the Dream Alive

To keep your biz burning, always keep the money rolling, NetStrategy recommends. Obviously it is difficult to keep it steady; the market changes could happen as fast in the blink of an eye. Fret not, however, because all you need to do is adapt.

Think ahead. Money will not come if you fail to evolve. Strive not to be a one-hit wonder by adding new things into your biz every now and then. It is likewise important to keep the news around your business always and give off an aura that you are as good as you were the first time.

Brace Yourself for Storms

It is certain, no matter how careful you are, that you would always come across those that will give you hiccups. This does not necessarily mean instant disaster, but it means that you can solve it before it spirals out of control.

Invest in business insurance. Getting to know the types of insurance should be your first move, so you know what is best for your needs. Second, empower your employees, as they are the backbone of your business. Get them ready to face the storms like Boy Scouts. Formulate a good business continuity plan so they would know what do when challenges arise.

As always be on trend and keep a positive view towards anything. And you will be good to go.