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Understanding the Types of Strapping Machines

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WarehouseStrapping machines are ideal for keeping packages, bundles, and boxes tightly together. The machine creates straps, coils them around the package, and passes the tied packet into a strapping and sealing area. Heat is then used to seal the package according to a pre-set tension.

Strapping machines are important to all companies looking for the appropriate packaging equipment and solutions. There are various machine types you can get, depending on your task. Read on to learn about them.

Tabletop Machines

These are small, entry-level semi-automatic machines, approximately 30’’ high x 24’’wide x36’’ long. Semi-automatic strapping machines have strap rates of 10-15/minute, depending on the operator’s skill. They are relatively cheap depending on the features and brand and can be flexible. Tabletop strapping machines can be used as back up or the primary machine for low volume operations and off-line packaging tasks.

Arch Machines

These machines are more automated compared to tabletop ones but still require a worker for package positioning and pressing the activation button. The size of an arch machine is one of the essential considerations since the package’s size is restricted to what fits under the arch. The strap rate for arch machines is 30-70 straps/minute.

Fully Automatic Machines

Like arch machines, fully automatic strapping machines have built-in conveyors that carry packages through it. These machines need no operator, as they are activated by an automatic device, typically a photocell. They have a similar strap rate to arch machines. The conveyor speed of the machine must be fast enough to prevent bottlenecks in product flow.

Not all strapping machines are created equal. Getting the right manufacturer or distributor is key to ensuring the efficiency of your business operations. Buy your strapping machine from a company with well-designed products built to high standards of engineering for long-term operational reliability.

Study: Amazon Emerges as Most Favored US Online Retailer

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Person shopping onlineAmericans love to shop online at Amazon and Walmart more than any other e-commerce firm in the U.S., according to a Retail Week research.

The study noted that 52% of online shoppers prefer to buy items in Amazon. Walmart ranked next, followed by eBay and Wish. Even if these companies dominate the online retail market, there are ways for your business to capture a slice of consumer activity.

Competitive strategies

Point-of-sale finance providers serve as one option for smaller online retail companies to keep up with the competition. You should be aware that not everyone is keen on using a credit or debit card for their purchase, simply because of security reasons or not having either one of them.

A person who casually browses through your online catalogue will be more likely to purchase something if you offer a broad selection of consumer financing options. Most Americans have decided to shop online due to its convenience, so having a flexible payment system will be among their expectations. 

Consumer demand

An increase in demand for goods and services led to an increase in consumer spending during the last month of 2017, according to the Commerce Department. The 0.4% growth likely stemmed from the holiday season.

Still, a higher consumer sentiment served as a main factor for more purchases. Economists said that Americans used their savings to spend more as they hold a positive view of the economy. If consumers continue to spend at the same pace from December, however, they should continually earn more throughout 2018, according to Wells Fargo Securities senior economist Eugenio Aleman.

Online retailers need to think of more ways for improving customer experience, especially since consumer spending has been strong recently.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Opening a Second Location

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Woman opening a second business branchMany entrepreneurs dream of building a business empire. While growth is synonymous with success, opening a second location after making money from your initial venture won’t seamlessly take you to the promised land. It may seem a reasonable move, but take note of the following things you should not do to avoid failing or struggling unnecessarily at the very least:

Expanding too early or rapidly

Expansion is an attractive thought because it signifies more profits. However, it could come back to bite you someday if the time isn’t ripe. Rapid growth is not without challenges. Your second shop might not share the luck of your triumphant first of the added headaches of scaling up, like hiring the wrong people. You might also find it extremely difficult to keep track of your financials.

Assuming your chance of securing a loan is high

Just because you begin making money, it doesn’t mean you automatically fall under the criteria of a lender. An experienced business loan finance company would check your deposit volume and gauge your revenue’s sufficiency to approve your application. Without having a detailed business plan, pledging collateral, and building your credit, the difficulty in obtaining the capital you need would certainly increase.

Thinking your successful strategy is fail-proof

Say you secure the funding you need to open a new branch, using your tried and tested “blueprint for success” doesn’t actually guarantee success. Sure, you should stick to the practices that have made your business profitable so far, but you need to craft a fresh marketing strategy tailored to the new location and local customers. Every place is unique, which is why applying the same approach to every region, city or community is a disaster waiting to happen.

Boldness is a key quality to increase the reach of your business successfully, but reason equally matters. Exercise due diligence and take no risks except heavily calculated ones to keep your expansion aspirations from backfiring.

4 Tips to Ace your College Entrance Exam

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Students taking examDuring the late 1800s, there were no standardized college entrance exams. The schools conducted their own entrance exams. For this reason, the test difficulties varied and were influenced by faculty interest.

Thankfully, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) came into the picture. The college entrance exams have become standardized, and all that the students have to worry about is passing one of them.

There are more things you could do to get into the school you want. Here are some of them:

1. Take Supplementary Lessons

Taking test prep courses for the SAT and ACT can help you get a picture of what the questions will be like on your exam. The coaches can provide tips on how to answer difficult questions and how to manage your time during the test. It will also be helpful to download practice questions on the ACT or SAT website.

2. Know the Differences

By familiarizing yourself with the differences of the SAT and ACT, you would be able to know how to prepare. They are slightly different from each other. Both assess your skills in Math, Essay, Reading, and Language. However, in SAT, there is a part of Math where you cannot use a calculator. On the other hand, the ACT also assesses your skills in Science Reasoning.

3. Read your Notes

Most questions that appear on the test are the ones that you have learned in the previous years of your schooling. For this reason, it is important that you read your notes.

4. Prepare Yourself

Do not forget your watch, calculator, and your snacks. Prepare your things the night before the exam and do not go out for a party. Avoid drinking coffee because it will make you feel nervous. Eat chocolate instead.

Remember that nobody fails the college entrance exam. You do not need to worry about scoring low because you would still be able to get into college. However, if you want to go to a good school, you should do your best to score high.

Are Carton Erector Machines Worth the Hype?

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Cartons in production lineMachines are here to make our work easier, right? And, most probably, that’s what all of us assume. There’s more to using machines in automating operations in your business, though. If business operations run smoothly, productivity increases steadily and, therefore, boosts your profit. A carton erector machine, for instance, is no different. Paksmart and other experts list the benefits you will gain from using it:

Minimal Freight Damages

Hand box-erecting operations can damage the structure of the box, leading to weaker structures when the cartons are on a pallet. Carton erecting equipment, however, produces perfect square boxes that will ensure the packages fit perfectly in the transit vessel in which you are shipping them. That reduces the risk of damage to the packaged items.

Reduced Chances of Repetitive Strain

An individual who does the same thing for a long time is likely to suffer from repetitive strain. Automating these operations reduces the chances of your workers suffering from this condition. You will also require fewer employees to operate these carton-erecting machines.

Boosts Business Productivity

Take, for example, an average worker who can manage to erect five cartons in a minute. A machine, on the other hand, can produce tens to hundreds of boxes per minute, which makes it more cost-effective. You can upgrade your packing and packaging equipment to enjoy increased productivity. You will then have more time to do other business operations that could have otherwise channelled in erecting boxes.

Reduces Staff Working Hours

Automating box-erecting processes allows your staff to work in other departments, such as packing, inventory taking, and loading in transit vehicles. Your workers are also likely to pack more efficiently because the cartons came out perfectly.

A carton erector machine may seem like an extra addition that’s not worth investing. Considering the time and costs you would spend on unproductive work, overtime hours, and possible injuries, however, you would not have a second guess on getting this machine.

5 Reasons Refinancing Your Mortgage is a Good Idea

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Image about refinancing your mortgageThe demand for mortgage refinances may have gone slightly colder, but they’re nonetheless popular. Of course, a refi isn’t for everyone, but discerning homeowners make the most of this option for these great reasons:

Snag a Lower Interest Rate

Refinancing your mortgage is an effective way to benefit from significantly low interest. Although the rates have been moderately increasing as of late, they’re still close to the bottom. Make sure to do the math first before exploring the lowest mortgage refinance rate in Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, or San Antonio. The effort would only be worth it if you won’t change addresses before you can actually start saving money from the deal.

Shorten the Loan Term

If you’re bent on finishing your loan faster and save on interest in the process, a refi is the way to go. It’s possible to convert your 30-year mortgage with higher interest into a 15-year mortgage with lower interest without seeing drastic monthly payment changes. Remember, though, this would only make sense if you’re still in the early years of your current mortgage.

Switch from Adjustable- to Fixed-Rate (or Vice Versa)

If you hate the uncertainty of having an adjustable-rate loan, a fixed-rate mortgage refinance can give you more peace of mind. If you like to take a gamble on an ARM in exchange for considerably low monthly payments, letting go of your fixed-rate loan with a refi can be a viable option.

Pay Off Other Debts

A cash-out refinance is ideal for debt consolidation. This financing product lets you tap some of the home equity you gained over the years and use the money to take care of your debts.

Remove Other People’s Names

Do you share your mortgage with another person, perhaps an ex-spouse or your parents as co-signers? A mortgage refinance gives you the opportunity to remove other people from your mortgage. Moreover, the chance to secure a lower rate or get a better product is a great bonus.

Whatever your motivation for considering a refi, think everything through first before making a move. Resetting the clock of your mortgage can have irreversible and long-term implications, so don’t do anything unless is the financially sensible thing to do.

Understanding Return Policies on Drilling Supplies

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Close-up shot of drill bitsWith more buyers understanding what their rights are when purchasing items, be it online or from a physical store, the number of returned products has been on the increase. You simply cannot (and should not) be with an item that does not meet the standards you expected.

Comparing Return Policies

This issue of quality of work that you can accomplish with the items you purchase is critical when buying any construction product. These include the abrasive and finishing materials, fasteners, hand tools, drilling supplies and other power tools, lubrication, inspection instruments, and janitorial supplies. But, although it will help to know how suppliers price these products, Herrick Industrial Supply noted that it’s better to check whether the ones you will shortlist to supply you with construction products have return policies. You will also want to confirm how the different suppliers’ return policies compare.

Money-Back Guarantees

When considering return policies, be keen and know if the supplier you’re planning to work with offers money-back guarantees on returned items. This is especially true if you can’t get the exact same item. Typically, that will depend if they have a similar stock to the ones you’ve returned, so they can ship back a replacement.

If you insist on having your money back, your supplier should have a provision in their return policy. You should also consider the duration; how long your supplier offers money-back guarantees and when you will get your money back.

Studying the return policies of your suppliers is critical when purchasing drilling supplies, inspection instruments, lubrication, hand tools, and other construction products. It will help if you know what to expect from your suppliers once you realize they delivered the wrong items or that they do not meet your expectations.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Taking a Master’s Degree

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MBACongratulations on your decision to take your education a notch higher with a master’s degree! Whether it is a master’s in Singapore, UK or your own country, preparation is a crucial aspect of the process. Do the following things ahead of time:

Get your documents ready.

When you arrive at the campus for registration or consultation, it would be embarrassing to discover that your records or forms are incomplete or missing, especially in front of the registrar or bursar. Fill out all the forms you need and submit them on time.

Settle the required payments early.

Go to the bursar’s office and settle the required fee so you can begin with setting up your student account. If possible, pay the tuition fee as early as possible so you can avail of the early bird or discounted rates.

Research the curriculum.

Visit the school’s website and download the course syllabi so you can have a clear grasp of what and how the discussions will go. Through this, you will also learn the available electives based on your chosen course and prepare the textbooks and other materials as early as possible.

Meet your would-be adviser.

If possible, make an appointment with your would-be adviser and professors. This is a welcome gesture from all incoming students, familiarising themselves with the campus and its residents. You may also feel more at home come the start of the class.

After finding the right school and program and registering your name on the course you want, you should start the preparation. Going to the campus itself in advance is highly recommended so you can get yourself acquainted with the university and the people you would get to meet there regularly once the school year starts.

For More Water Adventures: Your Short Guide to Boat Upkeep

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covered boatsYour boat will always be the perfect boat companion. Treading the oceanic waters will always be fun if yours is running smoothly. A boat that is properly taken care of gives you more fun and memorable adventures that you can share with your family.

Taking care of your boat is also a must, knowing that it is a costly investment. And this endeavor should not make you scratch your head. It is always easier than you think. If you are looking for ways to make your boat last longer, you are at the right place.

Here are some useful pointers that you will surely find handy.

Wash it regularly

The water your boat is treading on may be friendly and gentle, but over time, it can cause damage that you may not have expected. For one, if you use your boat for sea adventures, the salt residue may get stuck on the surface, making your boat unsightly. To maintain the boat’s finish, only use soaps and cleaners designed for the job.

Check the engines

Your boat is very much like your car. You always have to check the engine of your boat, especially if you have not used it for a long, long time. Check the lube and the oil. If you are not sure of how to check it, you can always have a mechanic to help you out with it.

Cover it

If you are not using your boat for some time, do not just park it. If it is going to remain stagnant in your garage, make sure that it is properly covered. There are individual elements that can damage and make the boat unsightly, such as dust and mold. Look up online the costs of WALK-WINN boat covers.

These are just some of the things that you should keep in mind if you want to retain your boat’s appearance and performance. Remember, a boat that is properly taken care of will take you to more adventures.

How to Get Approved for a Mortgage When You Have Bad Credit

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pproved Mortgage loan application with rubber stampKeeping up with monthly bills and financial commitments is challenging. You can say “out of sight, out of mind” but you cannot easily ignore these kinds of responsibilities. These missed payments can reflect badly on your credit and can affect your future financial ventures.

This, however, should not stop you from getting mortgages. Here are some tips that can help you get that mortgage:

Get a co-signer

If you decide on getting home loans in Ogden from institutions such as Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, get someone that can help you avoid a bad mortgage credit. However, this would mean that if you default on payments, it will affect your co-signer’s credit too.

Save up for a higher down payment

When you have bad credit but have a strong financial portfolio, you can get approval by putting more cash on the table. A large down payment can attract lenders because you would need less money from them to seal the purchase. Remember, you can be more credible if you have a lot of money on reserve.

Make it temporary

Getting a mortgage with low credit would be expensive. You will end up with a higher interest rate. If you decide to do it, this can be your chance to improve your credit score by paying other bills and debts on-time and then move into a better loan as soon as possible.

It is really not ideal to get a mortgage when you have bad credit. When your credit is better, you would be able to get the best possible interest rate. Experts say that you just have to avoid mortgage delays.

If it happens, you have to wait until you have made enough on-time payments before getting a new mortgage or refinance a loan. However, if you decided to take a chance, some institutions can support you. Maybe with this, you can start turning your credit over.