Privacy Policy

Nihon Magazine takes your personal privacy and safety seriously. Read this statement carefully to understand how we collect and use your personal information.

Collecting and Using Your Personal Information

Nihon Magazine does not collect your personal details when you visit our website, unless you intend to provide it voluntarily. We do not sell or share your personally identifiable information to other organizations without your permission.

We will only collect the personal information you voluntarily provide through:

–          sending e-mails

–          filling out membership or subscription forms

–          registering for accounts

–          joining our surveys

We will use that information to communicate with you, send you regular updates, and inform you about our current and upcoming events, promotions, and other programs or activities that may interest you. We may share your personal details with third parties that offer certain services on our behalf, but they may not use that information for other purposes.

Information Collected and Stored Automatically

We collect and store the following information automatically when you visit our website:

–          Your computer’s IP address

–          The domain name used to access the Internet

–          The browser used to access our website

–          The date and time of access

–          The pages, files, documents, and links that you visit

–          The Internet address of the website from which you linked to this website


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Nihon Magazine is not liable for any actions of other sites linked to our page. For your reference and protection, we suggest that you read those sites’ privacy policies carefully.