Putting it All Together: Nuts and Bolts

Bolts and NutsChoosing the right fasteners are one of the most important things that would make your construction or home improvement project a success. Nuts and bolts are the most common ones, and many suppliers of construction hardware such as Timberfix cite three areas of considerations when you are choosing your nut and bolt system.

The Type of Material

If you are working on metal, bolts are the best option for joinery. Nuts and bolts hold pieces firmly together, leaving little to no chance of slipping. While you can use nuts and bolts to join wooden parts, nails and screws are the better option for wood, also when fastening building components to walls, floors, and ceilings.

But whatever fastening system you will choose, It’s useful, time-saving and of great convenience to understand the different sizes of various fasteners that will suit your building project.

The Thickness of the Materials

The thickness of the parts you are fastening will determine the length of your fasteners. It is advisable that you first measure the size of the pieces you are joining, or how far inside you want the fastening to go before you place your order for nuts, bolts, nails and screws. Doing so will help you avoid the inconvenience of having to return these fasteners.

Determine the strength and weight requirements for your project. Unlike nails and screws, nut and bolt fastening systems are better to secure structural steel and other substantially heavy parts. Also, the location of your project will determine if you will use regular or plated fasteners. These are less prone to rusting and harsh weather elements. You should get the advice of reputable suppliers of construction hardware so you’ll be sure of the fasteners you buy.

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