Secure Your Cargo and Prevent Accidents on the Road

cargo movingThere are many factors why road accidents occur. However, when you carry cargo in a heavy vehicle, you have to be more careful and make sure that you follow the necessary precautions. Sometimes, even that will not prevent road mishaps.

Road accidents are sometimes inevitable in Australia, even when motorists follow safety driving measures on the road. However, a truck driver’s careless manoeuvre is not the main reason truck accidents happen; rather, many drivers fail to secure their cargo properly.

Many cargo-related accidents involve flatbed delivery trucks carrying steel, concrete, or any heavy material. The Government briefs all heavy vehicle drivers to follow the safety precautions they have set, but there are other ways to ensure your cargo will not be a hazard to other motorists.

Carry What the Truck Can

Every vehicle has a maximum load capacity. If your truck can carry loads of only up to 10 tons, make sure your load will not reach that limit. You must also factor your weight to the truck’s load, in addition to the actual cargo. So this means that if the maximum is 10 tons, the load threshold should only be within the range of nine to nine and a half.

Avoid Overloading

When you exceed the maximum load limit, your delivery truck may become difficult to manoeuvre. Statistics show that overloaded trucks still prove to be a danger on the road. While you can always compensate this with your expert driving skills, you can never tell what can happen to the cargo. It may wobble and tilt to one side until it breaks free from your truck—hitting other vehicles and motorists.

Fasten the Cargo

Make your load part of your delivery truck. You can use a strapping tool to fasten your cargo together, and then secure the entire load to the truck. The latter can be done using chains, tie downs or woven lashing straps. For instance, if you are carrying steel rods or pipes, X-Pak recommends that you use corded poly strapping or high tensile steel strapping to bind the cargo. You can then secure the entire contraption to the flatbed using lashing straps, effectively making the cargo part of your truck.

Transporting steel, concrete, and other heavy material is a dangerous enterprise, especially if you pass through Australia’s long highways. Failing to secure your cargo properly can cause serious road accidents not just to you, but also other people. Take the necessary precautions, and make sure that your long truck drive is a safe one.

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