Sergio To Take On Another Challenge: ‘Put Maserati On The Map’

MaseratiSergio Marchionne managed the impossible when he revived Chrysler, merged with the Fiat, and energized both companies with his personality, all in four short years as CEO. Now Sergio wants to add another item on his challenges list: putting Maserati on the map.

The Name

Though Maserati is a brand with some recall on US consumers, it falls short on converting it to actual sales. The American luxury market prefers the likes of Jaguar, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, but Sergio wants to change all that.

The Plan

The CEO launched his campaign through a commercial ad on the Super Bowl, which is an unusual move for an inconspicuous brand, especially when competing with Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford. But the ambitious part of the plan is yet to come. Marchionne wants to expand Maserati’s number of US dealer’s by two-thirds its current number and triple its annual global sales in two years.

Only time will tell if this aggressive plan pays off, but if there’s one thing Chrysler’s CEO has proven he can do, it’s win, and win big.

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