Steel or Plastic Water Tank: Which Is the Better Option?

a man working on a water storage tankWater storage tanks come in different varieties. In terms of placement, there are above-ground and underground tanks. Regarding purpose, some tanks store water from a household’s water line and tanks that harness rainfall.

When it comes to composition, there are steel tanks and plastic tanks. If you are considering outfitting your house with one of these storage tanks, it is important that you know a thing or two about the options available to you.


For years Steel has been the favored option when it comes to water tanks, and that is for good reasons. For starters, steel scores high in terms of durability compared to plastic. Its ability to postpone wear and tear is exceptional.

Furthermore, steel proves cost-efficient in the long run since they are easy to clean and maintain, and, more importantly, their hygienic composition disallows spoilage of your stored water supply.

Lastly, steel is considered an environmentally-friendly material given how it causes the least production and consumption-related carbon footprint. It is also easily recyclable.


Perhaps the biggest selling point of plastic as a water tank material is the fact that it weighs less than steel. This means that they are more portable and thus less demanding come installation or relocation.

Plastic tanks also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes compared with steel, which is normally circular topped with a cone cover. These varieties allow you to pick a tank that can best blend in with your house’s design. Lastly, plastic does not rust.

While many advocates for plastic tanks’ sheer dependability, others remain wary considering how most plastic products nowadays are made from materials with known health risks, such as Polyethylene (PE), Bisphenol (BA), and Polypropylene (PP), among others.

To make the most out of your water tank, start by ensuring that you make the right purchase. With all the options out there, it pays that you thoughtfully decide which ones will best suit your needs.

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