Subdividing Land: A Brief Rundown of a Lengthy Process

What do you do with a large tract of land when you only need a portion of it at present, or even in the future? You can Huge Space of Landsubdivide your property into several sections that you can sell. Alternately, you can subdivide the land, building houses in each new section that you can put up for rent or sale.

Subdividing Land

Subdividing land obviously means dividing land, but it also means each new section gets a separate legal title. Before you learn the process of subdividing, you can first remember that the Resource Management Act of 1991 controls the subdivision of land. The Act regulates land planning and subdividing through District Plans and resource consents.

The Professionals You Need

To subdivide land, you can start working with a lawyer to check the permissibility and feasibility of the subdivision. The services of planners, surveyors and the like are also required, but make sure to choose the competent ones. Industry leader Cato Bolam Consultants insists you choose “problem solvers” instead of problem chasers, and preferably those equipped with the latest technology in land development. These consultants can help you plan the subdivision as well as provide civil engineering services and other services you may need.

Be Certain and Patient

Now, to prepare you, the subdividing process can take years. It is best to be certain that you want to subdivide your land. When you are definitely sure you want the subdivision, you can become patient as the subdividing process goes on.

Stages 1 and 2

To begin the actual process, you can apply for resource consent from your local council. The procurement of resource consent is a process in itself that you yourself can research in depth. Once you obtain the resource consent, you can finalize the subdivision plan with your consultants and comply with regulation.

Stages 3 to the Final Stage

For the third stage, you can present the final plan, along with the changes to comply with regulation, to your local council for approval. Once your plan passes, the Land Information New Zealand reviews your plan for approval and deposit. When your plan passes the LINZ, each section of your subdivision will have new titles.

You can research the subdividing process in order to study all details in-depth.

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