Types of Carbon Steel and Their Applications

Carbon steel pipesCarbon steel is the steel that contains carbon as the main alloying component. Manufacturers use it for producing carbon steel pipes, which are known for their power, strength, endurance and shock resistance. Sometimes, chromium is added to carbon steel to enhance its durability.

Carbon steel pipe manufacturers and suppliers use different types of carbon steel depending on your pipe supply needs. Here are the four kinds of carbon steel, their properties and applications.

Low Carbon Steel

Low carbon steel, which is also referred to as mild steel, contains 0.05-0.3% of carbon. This type has moderately low strength, but it may be tempered and quenched to increase its power. It is low-cost, weld able and has exceptional ductility. Low carbon steel has various uses in the manufacture of automobiles, domestic appliances and ship hulls.

Medium Carbon Steel

This steel contains 0.3- 0.6% carbon and 0.5-1.65% of manganese. It is stronger compared to low carbon steel but is more difficult to weld or form. These steels are usually tempered and hardened using heat treatment. Medium carbon steels are used in the automobile industry and for making heavy machine parts that require strong steel.

High Carbon Steel

Often referred to as “carbon tool steel,” this type of steel contains 0.6-1.5% carbon and 0.3-0.9% manganese. The high carbon content makes it difficult to weld, cut or bend. It becomes brittle and tough after heat treatment. It is incredibly strong with excellent resistance to wear. It is ideal for the manufacture of strong wires, springs, masonry nails and cutting tools.

Very High Carbon Steel

Very high carbon steel consists of 0.9-2.1% of carbon. This extremely high carbon content is responsible for its high strength. It, however, requires exceptional handling because of its brittleness. 

Different projects need diverse types of carbon steel. Reputable and experienced carbon steel pipe suppliers can help you find the most suitable grade of carbon steel for your project.

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