Types of Materials Used in Concrete Floor Repair

Main repairing a floorConcrete floors are very trendy in constructions nowadays. This is because of the material’s durability, strength, low maintenance, upfront costs and ability to withstand various weather elements. The floors are however still prone to different types of damage.

Cracks, settlement, pitting and lifting are the common types of damage in concrete floors. Making the right choice among the many concrete floor repair products available on the market is vital for your repair’s efficiency. Here are some materials you might use to repair concrete.

Bonding Agents

These are synthetic, natural or compounded materials which join separated concrete structures without a mechanical fastener. The main categories of bonding agents used for concrete repair include latex emulsion and epoxide resin agents.

Latex emulsion agents are used to link fresh concrete to damaged parts of existing concrete structures and waterproof your floor. Epoxide resin is what joins concrete to steel and fresh to cured concrete.


There have been various chemical and technological advancements in admixtures to enhance their performance in the repair of concrete.

Contractors use admixtures to repair concrete laid with high-quality workmanship. They enhance the strength of your concrete structures and its durability by improving the bond between old and fresh concrete.

Wire Meshes

These play a significant role in arresting, reducing and restricting cracks in concrete. Used in concrete repair, wire meshes minimise separation cracks through their interdependent mesh sizing and placement.

Your repair area primarily determines your choice of the inches for your wire mesh. The 7-inch wide mesh is, for instance, used in corner walls.

The products above will not do much for your floors without expert installation. DIY repair in an attempt to save money will only leave you with costly future repairs since the materials will not efficiently repair your damage. Get an expert to assess your damage and use the right equipment to fix your floors.

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