Uruguay FA Board Resignation Might Jeopardize The Country’s World Cup Place

Image by Jimmy Baikovicuis | Flickr

Image by Jimmy Baikovicuis | Flickr

The recent resignation of Uruguay’s Football Association (UAF) board has fueled World Cup fears. The South American country is set to feature in Group D alongside England, Italy, and Costa Rica.

 Barras Bravas

The reported cause of the move seems to be the decision of the country’s government to withdraw police protection in high-profile matches involving big clubs Nacional and Penarol. Called the “barras bravas,” the fans of the two football clubs are infamous for their violence.

Violent incidents have marred recent football matches. The latest was in the 4-2 home defeat of Nacional to Newell’s Old Boys in a Libertadores Cup match.

World Cup Fears

In the resignation letter, Sebastián Bauzá said, “The well-publicised acts that have occurred in recent times show the need for [the AUF board to take] a step to one side and allow other political views to govern our football.”

This has prompted speculations about Uruguay’s chances at the World Cup. Other fans, however, believe otherwise. “Fifa is a bit more serious. I don’t think Uruguay’s place at the World Cup is at risk,” CONMEBOL President, Eugenio Figueredo, said.

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