20 Strangers Kissing: Tatia Pilieva’s Short Film Went Viral


Image by 日:Muramasa | Wikimedia

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva paired up with Wren Studio to bring 20 strangers together and kiss for the first time in front of cameras, which became a viral hit.

Awkward result

The result seems like real-life romance. The twenty strangers talked  to each other awkwardly at first.

But once they’ve kissed, they suddenly became intimate and even compassionate toward each other.

After the awkwardness, the pairs just go for it.

Instant hit

“It’s cute to see the strangers be all hesitant at first (as most sane and sober people would be!) but once they go for it, it’s like watching fireworks, man (as barf-fully cheesy as that sounds),” Gizmodo’s Casey Chan said in a statement. “It’s unexpectedly touching, like watching a documentary turn into a romantic comedy that doesn’t suck.”

The post has received more than 4 million views since it was uploaded and is still climbing.

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