3 Cosmetic Treatments for Millennials, Moms, and Men

a woman touching her faceWe have heard of these maxims: “love yourself,” “beauty is from within,” and the like. These sayings preach the idea that you are enough, flaws and all. However, that should not stop anyone from accentuating their natural beauty with a procedure or two.

After all, what you do with your body is nobody’s business but yours. This is why we have drag queens; men who celebrate the power of feminine beauty. Today’s technological advancements in the beauty industry are something to celebrate too.

Here are three of the cosmetic enhancements you can try today.


Basically, coolsculpting works by “freezing the fat off”. Known formally as “cryolipolysis”, this procedure is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. The doctor places a device similar to a large vacuum cleaner on the problem areas that contain fat, like the belly.

It then selective injures the fat by freezing them. After they are frozen, the body naturally gets rid of them. Be it in New York or Salt Lake, coolsculpting is making waves in the cosmetic industry.


This chemical injectable breaks down unwanted fat in the chin or “submental fat”. It is nonsurgical, so you are awake while the experts administer them. Doctors consider some factors before using this drug, such as finding out if the patient’s chin fat is weight-related or genetic.

Depending on the fat amount, you may need several vials of Kybella, but it is worth it.


For those worried about under-eye dark circles, Juvederm is the way. It is an under-eye dermal filler that erases the dark circles and reinvigorates the eyes’ appearance. Doctors recommend this for people who are dark-skinned.

Juvederm is a robust filler because it is highly capable of lifting the areas that cause dark circles.

These are just some of the treatments you can do today. Whatever you decide on, make sure you are getting it from a professional.

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