3 Driver Commandments to Avoid Road Rage

Driving Lesson in HammersmithOne of the threats to highway safety is road rage. There really are aggressive drivers everywhere. Even if you may not be one of them, there is still a probability that you can be involved in a road rage incident. Driving too slow, making eye contact, or accidentally taking a parking slot meant for another car can all be reasons to infuriate other drivers.

Here are general rules to avoid road rage.

1. Be present.

Awareness is key to avoid enraging other drivers. Always focus on driving, and avoid multi-tasking. When you do other things like texting or making calls, putting on make-up, fumbling for your things in the compartment, chances are, you lose focus on your driving. This can lead to missing warning signs or not noticing other cars. Avoid offending other drivers by always being present.

2. Never engage.

Don’t give in to hostility. So you’ve angered one aggressive driver because you had a delayed reaction to a green light or because you cut off. Stay away from him or her. You don’t have to retaliate because it will not go down very well. Others may just be innocently screwing with you, but you never know what some are capable of doing, so ignore it. Be the bigger person to give way, calm down, and breathe.

3. Relearn the basics.

Sometimes, overconfidence can push you to cut corners, which may result in a bad road rage situation. Craig Howie of CNN suggests taking a refresher course. You might just be surprised to learn that you have been doing some driving habits wrong. You can take driving lessons in Hammersmith, such as Westway Driving School, to relearn traffic rules and regulations and other basic road principles that you have forgotten or taken for granted.

Road rage is and will never be cool. Steer clear from it in any way you can. Avoid being either a victim or a member of the road rage club. In the end, it always comes down to having the right attitude.

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