3 Pointers to Remember When Checking the Car’s Safety

A couple being handed over with car keysBefore applying for an auto loan, you have to make sure that the vehicle you’re planning to get has passed standard safety requirements. Common factors involved in a vehicle’s overall safety range from how it can protect occupants from a collision to its performance during emergency situations.

When choosing a model and make, it’s crucial to look at all suitable variables, including the security features and ratings. Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union, a trusted name in auto loan lending, shares what to consider when reviewing your decision:

Insurance-Industry Impact-Test Ratings

There are research groups like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) that conduct their own series of crash tests. These simulate car-to-car collisions, focusing on the front, rear, and side of the car. The results should give credit to the vehicle’s structural integrity and its capacity to keep the driver safe inside. Make sure the model you want has received acceptable ratings from any of these organizations.

Government Crash-Test Ratings

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also takes impact tests and rollover assessment. Cars can receive up to five stars, with fewer stars indicating a bigger chance for injury in case of an accident. You can see all crash-tested vehicles at one of their sites, safercar.gov.

Antilock Brake System (ABS)

Consumer Reports’ experts highly recommend choosing a unit that has an antilock brake system. All new vehicles now have this as a standard feature, but if you’re getting an older unit, be sure to check for it. During a hard stop, the antilock brake system prevents the wheels from locking up and spinning out. It helps the driver to maneuver better during a panic stop.

These are only some of the important features you need to pay attention to. There’s also the child safety, airbags, secure belts, and head restraints to consider. Whether you want something flashy or a simple vehicle to get you from point A to point B, safety should still be a priority.

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