3 Reasons You Should Buy Your Girl a Diamond

Diamond Rings Diamonds are forever. You must have heard of this phrase many times. It’s actually the title of a song and a famous spy movie, which perhaps help further boost the skyrocketing popularity of diamonds. Today, most marriage proposals are marked by the offering of diamond rings as a sign of affection. The glittering beauty of the diamond adds to the allure and mystique of saying “yes” to a marriage proposal. But why is it necessary to buy the person you love a diamond?

It’s Unique

Some of you might say diamond rings are not unique; it actually has become sort of a cliché. While you may be right in saying these types of rings are not that exceptional anymore, the truth is that diamonds themselves are rare and unique stones. You might be surprised to learn that no two diamonds are alike — and that could be true.

Diamonds have unique qualities when raw, and they become rarer when handled by diamond cutters who shape them into their final form. What does this have to do with giving your loved one a diamond ring? It symbolizes that she is a unique and rare gem in your heart.

It’s Permanent

Diamonds are among nature’s hardest mineral. It took nature years to create them under extremely high temperature and pressure. The result is one of the most indestructible rocks known to man. This means it can last for a long time, even forever. This indicates permanency, a durability that's equivalent only by your great love and devotion to her.

If you don't have the budget, you can look for jewelers and pawn shops that accept diamonds. Once the person who pawned it won't be able to pay back, it's your turn to make the most of the situation and buy it at a better price.

A Fiery Glitter Like No Other

There’s a line in a song that goes, “I'll give you the stars to light your eyes.” While it may not pertain to diamonds, these rare gems do glitter and sparkle like a thousand stars on a clear night. The many facets it has and the qualities it possesses allow this special stone to take on the appearance of a glittering star. 

According to Business Insider, this unique quality of the diamond allows dealers to tell if it’s fake or not. What has this got to do with giving your girl a diamond ring? It kind of tells her that you’re willing to harvest the stars in the sky — that is not possible, so you give her a diamond instead.

While there are a few who fail to see the connection of diamonds to devotion and love, almost all understand how important diamonds are in a relationship. Best of all, they are real and are sold at a discount in some stores.

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