Better Ways to Clear Your Driveway from Snow

clear drivewayWinter is coming.

While kids often find the winter season fun and enjoyable, many adults may see it as a challenge. Driveways in Kent and many other cities across the country are likely to see snow again, and it is your responsibility to clear a path through the ice around your home.

No to Rock Salt

People often use rock salt to get rid of snow, but it is not exactly ideal for the environment. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Salt residue stops plants from absorbing nutrients and moisture.
  • Excess salt accumulates in the soil.
  • Salt can seep through heavy metals and eventually enter your water supply.
  • Salt can injure your pets if it stays in their paws.

Better Alternatives

There are better ways to melt snow, so just stop the salt method. One way to minimise ice and snow is by shovelling them. The sooner the snow stops, the better. You can also use an electric snow blower if shovelling is too hard of a task for you.

Go for Sand

Scatter more solid and firmer materials on your driveway, like sand or birdseed. These grains will not melt the ice or snow, but they will help you get a better grip on icy surfaces.

No to Products with Nitrogen-Based Urea

Products with nitrogen-based urea are expensive and ineffective in temperatures lower than 20°F. Moreover, the application rate during a single melting can be as much as ten times greater than what is needed to fertilise a yard.

No Effects

Contrary to popular belief, wood ashes and kitty liver do not melt ice and snow. In fact, they have a high tendency to get messed up when the weather starts to warm up.

Knowing how to handle ice and snow better will not only help you, but will also help the environment. Never use salt again. Instead, go for more practical and eco-friendly alternatives.

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