Boating Etiquette: 3 Tips Every Boat Owner Should Know

Couple on a fishing boatExcited to head out on your personal fishing adventure on board your very own bass boat? Among the first things any new bass boat owner needs to do after buying a boat is to invest in a top quality waterproof bass boat cover. A cover helps protect your beloved sea craft from the elements. Aside from protecting your boat, you must also do what it takes to protect yourself and others. As such, it is vital and most often mandatory to take a short boating safety course before you hit the waters. You must also ensure that your boating license is in order, of course.

Additionally, to enjoy smooth sailing, you should observe a list of written and unwritten expectations. Here are three of them.

1. Don’t spend too much time at the fuel dock

Often, you’ll find that there are many other boaters waiting in the line to refuel their boats at the fuel dock. Depending on the size of the boat, this can take quite some time. What you want to do is be in and out of the dock within the shortest period possible. Avoid making calls or running to the store to buy a few things while your boat is being fueled up – stay alert and ready to move once the task of fueling is done.

2. Be willing to help other boaters

If you are at a marina and see another boat that’s about to dock, it is always a nice gesture to lend a helping hand. Tell the skipper that you would be happy to grab a line to help their boat dock smoothly. Keep in mind that even for a seasoned boater, docking a boat can be a little challenging.

3. Respect other boaters and their vessels

Experienced boaters know that courtesy is the key to great boating experience. Avoid petty squabbles. Give other boaters the space they need, especially if you are passing a slower moving vessel. Also, if you happen to be in a powerboat and encounter a sailboat, you must give it the right of way.

Common courtesy is the best way to ensure a fantastic boating experience for you and for other boaters. Observing proper boating etiquette can go a long way towards keeping everyone safe and happy while out at sea.

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