“Buddymoon” is Now a Thing, and it Lets Buds Tag Along Your Honeymoon

Couple standing together enjoying a wonderful viewCan’t get enough of your friends? Invite them along on your honeymoon.

Today’s weddings are getting farther and farther away from conventional. You may have seen rustic weddings more than once, set in barns and old warehouses, with real livestock as part of the entourage. Instagram-worthy weddings also grew in popularity, leading couples to seek the help of companies like cgliv.com in booking an open-air chapel that provides a breathtaking background for photos.

Personalized weddings have gone up a notch, as “buddymoon” is now a thing, and it lets newlyweds extend the wedding fun by inviting friends to join their honeymoon.

Call Bestie, It’s Time for Honeymoon

Just as its name implies, buddymoons entail inviting besties to join the romantic escape traditionally reserved for newly-wed couples. This keeps the ball rolling as well as lets friends relax and have fun.

While the term is relatively new, couples have apparently been doing it for a long time. According to a survey by travel website Priceline, about 12% of the 1,000 Americans they surveyed said they had attended a group honeymoon in the past five years.

Even celebs had jumped in on the trend, after Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux brought their closest pals Jason Bateman, Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler when they jetted off to the Four Seasons Bora Bora after their secret Bel Air wedding in 2015.

Is Romance Dead?

According to director of the National Marriage Project, sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox, buddymoons may have stemmed partially from the fact that many couples now choose to live together before their wedding, which leaves the honeymoon feeling a bit less precious. In some ways, he adds, having friends for their honeymoon even makes the occasion more exceptional for the couple.

Buddymoons are most popular, moreover, among couples who opted for destination weddings. As guests have already invested money and time to travel across states and even continents for the wedding, couple extend the opportunity to catch up with old pals for a time longer than what the reception offers.

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