Doctors Design Dialysis Machine For Babies

babyDoctors in Italy have developed a mini dialysis machine for babies, which gives hope to improve treatment options.

Health Risk

Doctors often adapt standard dialysis machines for very young children, but that can have negative effects since the devices can’t always be accurately changed.

The Lancet study said dialysis machines for adults might cause complications when used in babies.

Prof. Claudio Ronco designed and created the new machine meant for babies weighing up to 10kg.

Development of Mini-Dialysis

Dr. Jan Dudley, on the other hand, praised the discovery, saying it was “not impossible” to dialyze small babies with machines.

“We do already treat about a dozen newborns successfully every year in the UK,” she said in a statement. “Even though treatments have improved dramatically in the past two decades, it’s still a very challenging procedure – there is only a 75% survival rate for these babies in their first 10 years of life.”

Even with new equipment, though, UK experts warn dialysis is still challenging.

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