Doors Throughout History: A Portal Through Time

Sliding door
In many places, doors usually have frames to protect themselves from the change of humidity and temperature. History did not list a certain account to describe the first manufacturers of doors. They did, however, find ancient civilisations who began to use their own version of internal cavity doors back in the day.

Historical Accounts of Doors

  • King Solomon had temple doors that were made of olive wood, which was the most common wood they used for doors back then.
  • Ancient Indians created doors out of ancient stone that had pivots on every end that they place in the sockets. Their doors resemble the saloon doors of the old west wherein it swung open and shut.
  • Romans and Greeks manufactured doors of different designs, including folding, sliding, double and single. You can find these styles of doors all throughout European history, and most were made of bronze. Historical records show that this was the trending material before.

Different Doors of Today

  • Doors today can be divided into interior and exterior groups. Interior doors are those inside your home, while exterior doors are those exposed to the external environments.
  • Both people and animals use doors, but those for animals are less complicated than for people. Doors for people usually have knobs and handles, while animal doors usually have a flap, like those cat and dog doors. Manufacturers usually cut holes for animals in the doors of people, or in the wall of a home.
  • There are also manual and automatic doors now. Some require residents to turn a knob or lift a lever before they can manually push or pull it by hand. On the other hand, automatic doors have sensors equipped that activate the opening.

These days, carpenters usually make doors out of any type of material that you can find, including fabric, paper, glass, plastic, metal and wood. They have served their purpose of keeping something in and out throughout the depths of time.

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