Drones, A Future Car Accessory

Renault released a concept SUV that’s getting a lot of attention for its travelling friend, a drone.

The Flying Companion

Future Car AccessoryAccording to a Slashdot report, the “flying companion” takes off from the vehicles hatchback to check on traffic conditions and off-road hazards. Controlled by a dashboard tablet or GPS system the drone will feed images back to the vehicle, much like the early missions of its military counterparts.

But, analysts note that the drone is more gimmick than an actual production proposal at this point. The possibility however, is already raising red flags among those concerned about how it might affect driving if it becomes a reality.

Safety Concerns

Driving concentration will undoubtedly be affected, as solo drivers will refer to the images now and again. Air traffic control will also be an issue, as multiple drones will vie for air space with each other, as well as Amazons delivery drones, if that becomes a reality too.

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